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For the primary universe counterpart, see Lois Lane.
Lois Lane
Lois Lane (alternate reality).jpg
Lois Lane in 2388
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction United Federation of Planets
Status Alive
Location Earth

Lois Joanne Lane is a female Human from the alternate reality influenced by Nero. As a major consequence of these events, in this timeline Lois was not Typhuss James Halliwell's cousin but his friend.

Early life[]

Lois was born on September 13th , 2338 on Earth to Sam Lane and Ella Lane.


Lois Lane in 2379

Lois's childhood and youth was spent on different bases with her father, General Sam Lane, whom she refers to as "The General." As a result of her upbringing, Lois is a persistent, slightly impulsive, if not head-strong, woman. She often uses sarcasm and random, obscure references to illustrate her point.

She takes charge of (or takes over) most situations and is wildly brave, often risking her life by crashing forward, only to have to either frantically talk her way out of or physically defend herself in dangerous situations. Lois' familiar relationships give great insight into her motivations and actions. Lois has been shown to bravely do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of her loved ones. Lois's nickname for Typhuss is "Smallville."

Lois's tough exterior seemingly covers underlying insecurities. She desperately seeks approval from her father, even though she feels like he abandoned her for his military duties after the death of her mother when Lois was 6 years old. She blames herself for her sister Lucy's failures, but is full of pride and admiration of her accomplishments. In addition, she has described herself as a "screw-up" and freely acknowledges when she has worsened a situation. She also talks without thinking, causing her to often seem insensitive, but usually regretfully so.