The Starfleet tricorder in 2378

Its medical counterpart

Starfleet's Mark XI tricorder or TR-600 tricorder was introduced as late as 2378, yet another iteration of Starfleet tricorder departed from the distinct, flip-open style preceding it. It largely did away with the antiquated button and toggle controls replacing these with a large touchscreen resulting in the tricorder resembling a PADD more than previous tricorders. Like previous versions, such as the TR-590, the Mark XI could be used to control starship systems such as force field controls, as well as various devices such as breaching charges and transport inhibitors, and has all of the previous versions scanning capabilities plus additional capabilities.

The Maquis discovered flaw with the TR-590 has been addressed with this model of tricorder and a high enough concentration of thoron particles no longer prevents credible readings.

Unlike previous models of tricorders the standard and medical editions are the same tricorder. The enhanced medical scanners of the Mark XI are built directly into the unit instead of being located in a hand scanner.

Distinguished by a slim, PADD-like appearance, the tricorder in use aboard such Starfleet vessels as the Enterprise-E in the late 2370s featured a large touchscreen interface. Silver in color, it was trimmed with black pads at the bottom and sides, with several buttons at the top. These buttons could be covered by a small hinged door, lined with indicator lights.

Among common data-gathering tasks, this version tricorder could be used to interface with starship systems including force field control.

The medical tricorder of the same make was identical. Starfleet's current standard issue tricorder is the TR-600 tricorder. Unlike earlier models , the standard TR-600 tricorder can handle both standard tricorder and medical tricorder functions, eliminating the need for separate devices. It also has a larger touchscreen interface, similar to a PADD, to provide users with more versatility. This new form factor has led to some officers referring to the TR-600 as a triPADD.

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