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Melinda Warner
Melinda Warner, Melancholy Pursuit.jpg
Melinda Warner in 2389
Vital statistics
Title Doctor

Medical examiner

Gender Female
Race Human
Faction United Federation of Planets,
Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service
Status Alive
Location Earth

Dr. Melinda Warner is a female Human who is a medical examiner in the Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service. After working as a doctor in the Starfleet Marine Corps and serving two tours during the Tholian War, Warner left the military to take care of her daughter, and became an Assistant Medical Examiner for the SCIS.

In 2360, having reached the rank of Medical Examiner, she was assigned to the 16th Precinct to replace Dr. Elizabeth Rodgers who had begun to work for Major Case in addition to Homicide. These two units took up most of her time, and she had to discontinue service to Special Victims.

Over the years, Warner has become an integral part of the Manhattan Special Victims Unit, and her personal skills have contributed to the unit's high success rate in closing cases. She was shot by Sophie Gerard, a troubled and grieving mother, during a standoff inside the morgue, she survived.

She is later seen back on the job and when Stabler, Kira and Benson question her ruling a death as a homicide she says "I was shot in the lung, not the head." Turns out she was right, just not in the way she believed.

In 2386, on February 8th Melinda helped her colleague Typhuss James Kira find Prue Halliwell' s murder. Melinda was able to find DNA on the murder weapon and found the murder to be Cole Turner. Cole was later arrested after a chase by Typhuss and Colonel John Sheppard. Later Olivia Benson took Cole to prison on Earth. (Star Trek: Kingston: Chase)

There is a knock on the door and Benson looks through the eye hole and sees its Melinda Warner. She gives some disturbing news as she holds Noah: The sex trafficker that they arrested today is Noah's father.

It is possible that she got promoted to Deputy Chief medical examiner after Carl Rudnick was convicted for his crimes. Benson briefly mentioned that she applied for the position before Carl got it and later suggests she apply for it again.