Mike Dodds

Sergeant Michael Dodds is a male Human who was second in command at the Special Victims Unit. He was transferred to SVU by his father, Deputy Chief William Dodds when Olivia Benson was promoted to Lieutenant.

He was shot in the shoulder by serial killer/rapist Greg Yates during a manhunt in upstate New York after Yates and fellow serial killer/rapist Carl Rudnick escaped from prison. Dodds and Chicago P.D. Detective Erin Lindsay pursued Yates after he attacked Rudnick and left him to be recaptured. (SVU: "Nationwide Manhunt")

He is temporarily made acting commander of SVU after IAB suspends Benson for being involved with Ed Tucker, who was a suspect in the investigation. (SVU: "Manhattan Transfer")

He was shot during his final day at SVU by corrupt prison guard and serial rapist Gary Munson after he had taken Dodds and Munson's wife hostage. He later succumbed to his injuries. (Star Trek: Intrepid Season 9)

Mike was remembered fondly by his squad and co-wokers after his death. (Star Trek: Intrepid)

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