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Monique Jeffries
Monique Jeffries.jpg
Monique Jeffries
Vital statistics
Title Detective
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction United Federation of Planets

Starfleet Criminal Investigative Service (Resigned, later reinstated and transferred to the SCIS's Vice Squad)

Status Alive
Location Earth

Monique Jeffries was a female Human who was assigned to Manhattan's Special Victims Unit under the command of Captain Donald Cragen. She was partnered with various detectives such as Detective Brian Cassidy and Detective Ken Briscoe but would be permanently partnered with Detective John Munch , replacing Cassidy as Munch's partner.

Shortly after she was teamed with Munch, Jeffries was injured when a bomb exploded while she and Munch were investigating a case. This incident left her vulnerable, and she had a one night stand with a man she knew to be a suspect in a sexual assault case the unit had investigated. Shortly after this incident, she confessed the incident to a department psychiatrist, believing the confession to be confidential.

Actually, the psychiatrist had been working for a commission which was investigating problems in various SCIS units.

Elliot Stabler had confessed to the same departmental psychiatrist that he had fantasized about killing perpetrators of sex crimes, especially ones committed against children. Stabler was eventually cleared, but Jeffries was taken off active duty and placed on desk duty until she could receive treatment for her problems. Her place in the squad was taken by Detective Odafin Tutuola, and she was the first in the squad to speak with him when he reported for duty. Jeffries introduced herself and offered to help him when he entered the unit, and found out he was her replacement when she looked at his file.

Jeffries found desk duty to be intolerable and was belligerent when Captain Donald Cragen still wanted to include her in staff meetings. She blamed Cragen for supporting the decision of the commission to take her off active duty. She eventually resigned and sued the department for discrimination.

Jefferies was eventually reinstated and transferred to the SCIS's Vice Squad. She would return to help her former colleagues locate the runaway daughter of a fellow SCIS officer.