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Nora West-Allen
Biological Information
Gender Female
Species Meta-human
Status Alive
Universe Information
Home universe Earth-88
Current universe Earth-1
General Information
Occupation Vigilante
(in secret)
Member of
Team Arrow
(in secret)
Affiliation Team Arrow
(in secret)
Relationship Information
Marital status Single
Spouses None
Boyfriends None
Girlfriends None
Lovers None
Family Barry Allen
(father; deceased)
Iris West-Allen
Alter ego XS
Code name XS
Actor Jessica Parker Kennedy

Nora West-Allen is a female Meta-human who is the daughter of the late Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen. In 2449, Nora found out her powers that was inherited from her father, Barry Allen, also known as The Flash. Later, she became a vigilante known as XS, with the nickname given by her mother.


Nora is a bubbly, optimistic, and responsible young woman who always tries to follow her family's number one rule of protecting the timeline. Nora also appears to be careful and calculating, often yelling at her teammates when they pull crazy stunts or make impulsive decisions.

Nora has a strong and healthy relationship with both her father, Barry Allen and her mother, Iris West-Allen. She has an especially strong relationship with Typhuss James Kira, having his back and always being honest with him. Nora also has strong familial ties to each member of her extended family, appearing especially close to Cecile Horton, as well as close ties to some of the members and allies of Team Arrow such as Amanda Davis, Barbara Gordon, and Helena Kyle, respectively.

Powers and abilities[]


  • Speed Force connection/Meta-human physiology: Nora possesses a natural connection to the Speed Force, giving her the powers of incredible speed. She noted that she isn't as powerful or as capable as her father, Barry Allen in using these abilities, as she can only learn so much from Eobard Thawne and the Flash Museum. Nora is the daughter of Barry Allen, a speedster, inheriting her father's genes and the connection to the Speed Force.
    • Superhuman speed: Nora can move at such vast speeds, indeterminable to the naked eye. According to herself, she is "The Fastest Woman Alive", which if true, means that Nora's speed already surpasses all other female speedsters. Her speed is proven to be somewhat able to keep up with her father and she was also able to easily outrun Godspeed, an impressive feat as he was able to unleash an electric output that was greater than Barry's current top power level (three billion joules); which was a result of the Velocity-9 serum. However, despite this, Nora is not as fast as Barry at his current top speed.
      • Time travel: Nora's speed can breach the temporal barriers and travel across time in the Speed Force.
    • Superhuman stamina: Nora can handle the stresses of extreme racing without any noticeable distress, letting her function much longer than normal humans unhindered.
    • Electrokinesis: Nora could produce purple electricity from her body. Nora also has control over the lightning she generates, which enables her to produce lightning constructs, such as lassos.
      • Speed Force aura: Nora is protected by an aura of invisible energy, protecting her from burning due to extreme friction and from gravitational forces.
    • Accelerated perception: Nora is able to perceive actions and words that appeared for a brief moment in time.
    • Superhuman momentum: Nora is able to withstand extreme kinetic energy. She is also able to stop completely even running at a superhuman speed.
    • Superhuman reflexes: Nora's reaction time is augmented to superhuman levels, allowing her to react to danger and events far faster than normal humans. Nora is able to respond to attacks quickly.
    • Superhuman durability: Nora possesses inhuman resilience, most commonly seen from being unaffected by momentum build-up. She can take attacks and exertion, even survive impacts that would easily kill normal humans. Nora was shown to be able to survive a hit from Godspeed with no visible injuries.
    • Accelerated healing factor: Nora is able to heal from injuries in short time and at a higher rate than Humans.
    • Bodily vibration: Nora can vibrate at superhuman speed and create visual illusions.
      • Intangibility: Also known as "phasing", Nora is able to go through solid objects by vibrating at the frequency of air.


  • Acrobatics: While distracting Vanessa Jansen/Block in order to tire the latter from overusing her powers, Nora was able to successfully evade all of her attacks, displaying expertise in flips and other maneuvers.
  • Drawing/Sketch artist: Using her speedster powers to preserve quick memory, Nora is a talented sketch artist; she was able to quickly complete a drawing with elegant detail in seconds.
  • Genius-level intellect/Forensics: Like her father, Barry Allen, Nora is very intelligent, having graduated from college with a 5.6 GPA. From a young age, Nora was a keen-minded individual, displaying a natural understanding and quick capacity to learn. Like her father Barry, Nora is a highly capable forensics examiner. From a single glance at the crime scene, she can quickly determine much of the events that transpired. Nora understands and writes time language, used to record events regardless of changes to the timeline, which even the combined efforts of Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow had difficulty deciphering. Nora also exceeded the expectations of her future's advanced education system, having studied neuro-regeneration in her fifth-grade STEM class. Nora's intellect earned praise from both Eobard Thawne and Harrison Wells.
    • Bilingualism: In addition to English, Nora knows the mysterious language that Barry learned when he was trapped in the Speed Force for six months. It was revealed to be known as "time language", which Nora used to communicate through time with the imprisoned Eobard Thawne. When questioned by Harrison Wells Nora claimed to have developed the language herself, which the former was skeptical of.
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Initially, Nora was unable to fight, losing to Godspeed once and ultimately taking him down without combat. Later, Nora has improved and shown to be adapt in unarmed combat as she was able to hold her own against a future version of Grace Gibbons and even briefly push her back. Later, Nora's skills greatly improved, allowing her to quickly defeat two guards without using her powers. Nora was trained by Barry Allen on fighting his opponents using his superhuman speed.