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Ori warship
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Technical specifications




Engine unit(s)
  • Sublight engine
  • Ori hyperdrive
Hyperdrive system


Power plant

Ori power generator


Ori shielding system

Sensor systems

Ori sensor array

Targeting systems


Control systems

Ori Control chair




Primary beam weapon
Ori pulse weapons


500 Ori fighters



Minimum crew


  • Ori soldiers
  • Priors
Other systems

Transportation rings




Ori Army

The Ori warship (also known as the Ori mothership) was the standard attack vessel used by the Ori during their crusade in the Milky Way.


The central screen on the bridge

These white colored vessels are some of the largest ever encountered by Stargate Command being much larger than the Daedalus-class and Ha'tak vessels. They consisted of an oval shaped structure with a large Stargate styled ring in the center which glows with a white light. Two engines are present at the back of the vessel. Though quite large, they were capable of entering a planet's atmosphere and landing, where they towered over the landscape.

A window from the interior of the Orici's chamber

Upon their completion, a Prior is required to bring the ship online through an activation ceremony. They are piloted by the Prior himself, who commands a crew of an unknown number of warriors from the Ori army, and is tasked with bringing planets under the banner of Origin.

Ori warships appear to be smaller than Wraith Hive ships and Ancient City-ships.


Ori warships are among the most advanced ships ever encountered by the Federation, and other races in the Milky Way galaxy.

Offensive and defensive features[]

The ship firing its main beam weapon

Each Ori warship is equipped with a powerful primary weapon fired from the dish on the front. This weapon is capable of destroying a Ha'tak with a single shot and heavily damaging the Asgard shield of a Daedalus-class vessel. For secondary weaponry, the ship features several pulse weapons placed around the ship, allowing for complete coverage of the vessel. While these weapons are much weaker than the main beam weapon, they are still able to overwhelm a Ha'tak with only a handful of shots. Ori warships also store a large number of fighters for attacking planetary targets and other fighters. 

For defense purposes, Ori warships make use of a shield as equally impressive and capable as their weapons. They are able to survive weapons fire from multiple vessels with little apparent degradation in their performance, even from Asgard weaponry. During the Ori assault on Chulak, a fully functioning Ha'tak was rammed into an Ori warship at full speed, but it merely impacted against the shield, causing no apparent damage. 


An Ori warship being destroyed by the unstable vortex of an activating Supergate

While at first Ori warships seemed to be unbeatable, ways of destroying them were finally found. During the Battle of P3Y-229, the crew of the USS Korolev discovered that the shields of the Ori warships fluctuated whenever their primary weapon was fired. While an Asgard transporter couldn't punch through, the ring transporter utilized by many races could. SG-1 later tried to use this weakness by ringing a bomb on board one Ori ship, but although the bomb seemingly arrived it didn't explode. 

The first destruction of such a ship occurred when one of them was lured into the unstable vortex of their own Supergate, which literally cut the ship in half.

The Dakara superweapon was capable of killing the crew of an Ori warship, but did no damage to the vessel itself.

In an alternate reality, it was stated that an Ori warship attacking Earth was driven off by Drone weapons from the Antarctic outpost, but whether the vessel was destroyed or if its shield was just depleted is unknown.

Later, the Asgard granted Earth their latest technology. The quantum phasers, which allowed the Odyssey to destroy more than one Ori warship with relative ease. These weapons are the only known weapons to be able to penetrate an Ori warship's shields. 

Other systems[]

Control system[]

Ori warships are controlled by a single Prior, who uses a Control chair to control every aspect of the ship. Adria has shown the ability to activate the ship without sitting in the chair, and Colonel Samantha Carter was able to operate the ship without using the Control chair.

Energy generator[]

Energy for the ship is supplied by an advanced power generator located in a large room. It is powered by zero-point energy. 


An Ori fleet in hyperspace

The Ori warships are equipped with a hyperdrive which allowed them to travel around the galaxy. Furthermore, they were capable of traveling between neighboring galaxies, as seen by their ability to reach Orilla, and nearly matching the speed of an Asgard hyperdrive, though it seemed to be slightly slower, as it took an Ori warship a few minutes to arrive after the Odyssey dropped out of warp. They made use of the Supergate to travel between the Milky Way and Alteran Home Galaxy, however, which implies that the distance is too great for extragalactic hyperdrive travel.

Transportation rings[]

Like a Ha'tak, an Ori warship is equipped with Transportation rings, whose design varies from the already known variants. Nevertheless, both variants can be linked with one another.



A Prior on the bridge of an Ori warship

The bridge resides at the front of the ship and consists of a single Control chair which has been specifically created to be controlled by a Prior of the Ori. This means that the ship is entirely controlled by the Priors rather than the Ori soldiers. The chair itself appears somewhat differently compared to an Ancient Control chair and appears to resemble the symbol of Origin. 

By the side of the chair is a computer screen that displays a constant stream of data. Several additional controls are present that can potentially be rigged to allow for manual control of the vessel.


Guards watch over the halls of the warship

Among the corridors of the vessel resides numerous chambers such as the hangers by the front side under the main weapon or the living quarters for soldiers of the Ori Army or servants. SG-1 infiltrated one such vessels and ambushed an Ori patrol who attempted to use the walls to hide from their weapon fire. The various doors are opened by waving a hand over a control mechanism similar to those present on Ancient City-ships. 

Power generator[]

The power core of the Ori warship

The Ori power generator is located deep within the Ori warship and acts as an energy source for the vessel. It is powered by vacuum energy. Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell attempted to place some C-4 on the core in order to destroy a captured Ori vessel, but Adria used her powers to disarm the detonators.

Ring room[]

The ring room

Similar to the vessels of the Goa'uld, the Ori warship contains a room where a ring platform resides. This allows for the deployment of forces between vessels or to be sent to planetary locations by the emplacement of ring platforms dropped into a region by Ori fighters.

It's possible to gain entry into an Ori warship through the ring platform when the main weapon fires by activating another ring platform. The energy stream bypasses the Ori warship's shields and allows either individuals or explosives to be sent to the Ori vessel.


The Ori fleet in formation

Ori ships in dry dock powering up their Ori power generator surrounded by Ori followers

After Earth made first contact with the Ori, the Doci ordered the building of ships to send them on their crusade. About one year later, four were completed and—despite sabotage attempts carried out by the Anti-Ori underground—sent through the Supergate in the Milky Way galaxy. There they defeated a combined fleet of ships from the Jaffa, the Tok'ra, the Lucian Alliance, the Asgard and Earth in what became known as the Battle of P3Y-229. Afterward, they traveled to Chulak, where they attacked the Jaffa living there. It was at this time that the new leader of the Ori army, the Orici Adria was born on one ship by Vala Mal Doran. During this short time, the Ori warships appeared to be unbeatable, wiping out any resistance they were facing. Vala and Dr. Daniel Jackson were trapped aboard one of the ships after the battle, but were rescued by the USS Odyssey.

Some time later, SG-1 tried to block the Supergate by dialing from the Pegasus galaxy. During this time an Ori ship arrived at the Supergate but was destroyed by the unstable vortex of the activating gate, marking the first major victory against the ships. 

Ori warships converging for battle

In the meantime, the Jaffa decided to use the Dakara superweapon against the Ori to capture their ships and the first such mission was carried out on a planet populated by 10,000 humans. The plan succeeded when the whole crew of the ship was killed. SG-1, who was on the planet at the time, used this opportunity to gather intelligence about the ships, but it soon turned out that Adria had also survived the attack. After finding out what weapon the Jaffa had used, she used her remarkable powers to fly the ship to Dakara, where she heavily damaged the planet, throwing the Free Jaffa Nation into chaos. SG-1 and several Jaffa were aboard, but the Odyssey beamed the team out while the Jaffa were killed by the superweapon.

The next contact with an Ori warship happened while SG-1 visited P9C-882, where they protected a village from destruction, using Arthur's Mantle. Shortly thereafter, Colonel Samantha Carter was thrown into a parallel world where she discovered that Ori warships could be driven off by Drone weapons. She again used Merlin's device, this time on the entire planet Earth, protecting it from an attack by Ori ships.

The Odyssey uses its new quantum phasers to attack an Ori warship

When SG-1 finally found Jackson (after he had been captured by Adria and turned into a Prior), he explained to them his plan of sending an Ori ship with the completed Sangraal on board to the Alteran Home Galaxy in his plan to destroy the Ori once and for all. The plan was successfully carried out, but since Stargate Command had to shut down their connection to the Supergate for this plan, it allowed the Ori to send six more ships into the Milky Way. It also remained questionable whether the Ori were truly destroyed. Nevertheless, SG-1 learned new information from Daniel about the Ori warships. 

Several months later, the Asgard summoned the Odyssey to Orilla where they gave them their newest technology, since the whole race was dying. Suddenly several Ori warships arrived and attacked the Federation ship but two of them approached to Olalla, probably to attack the planet. They appear to have been destroyed when the Asgard blew the planet. By using the quantum phasers they were able to destroy two of them. Nevertheless, the Odyssey was nearly destroyed since the Ori could detect the new Asgard computer core. Only after shutting it down was the ship able to escape. Earth now had new weapons capable of destroying Ori ships. 

The last contact with the Ori warships came in their own galaxy while SG-1 was searching for the Ark of Truth. During this time, the Odyssey was attacked by four of them and nearly destroyed, but when the Ark was activated and the knowledge about the true nature of the Ori was spread to all Priors in the galaxy, the ships ceased their attack. Since this marked the end of the Ori crusade, it is unknown what happened to the remaining Ori warships. 

Known Ori warships[]

  • Light of Origin
  • Ori warship
  • Ori warship
  • Ori warship 1
  • Ori warship 2
  • Ori warship 3