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Phase II Season One is apart of Star Trek: Phase II.




Production Title Posted Synopsis Stardate Year
001 "A New Command" 2020 When one of Branson’s old friends goes missing while on a secret mission for Starfleet, Branson has to come out of self-imposed exile. He must navigate how to rescue his friend, while struggling with what to do about his life after what happened to him a long time ago. 5474.1 2269
002 "Children of The Comet" 2022 While on a survey mission, the USS Enterprise discovers a comet is going to strike an inhabited planet. They try to re-route the comet, only to find that an ancient alien relic buried on the comet's icy surface is somehow stopping them. As the away team try to unlock the relic's secrets, Branson and Commander Chin-Riley deal with a group of zealots who want to prevent the USS Enterprise from interfering. 2912.4 2269
003 "Negotiations" 2022 5856.1 2269
004 "If The Stars Should Appear" 2022 John and the crew encounter a massive vessel adrift in space and in danger of colliding with a star; Mason, and Kara fend off a Klingon attack on the USS Druyan. Unknown 2269
005 "Under The Radar" 2020 The chase to apprehend an illegal cargo vessel is fraught with frustration and danger for the crew of the USS Enterprise. Unknown 2269
Episode 6 "Romulan Encounter" 2022 After the USS Enterprise crew defeats a Romulan attack on a brand-new colony, Starfleet Command sends John and Kyle on a dangerous undercover mission to infiltrate a Romulan ship and obtain tactical information on a brand new warship being built behind to destroy the Federation can they find away to get the data, but when they discover that their also building a neutron torpedo it's now a plan to stop them but can they do it without getting caught? 6257.4 2269
Episode 7 "Such Great Patience's" 2022 While on a exploration mission the crew of the USS Enterprise encounters a huge alien spacecraft. Commander Scott Keller comes aboard to lead an exploratory team to the alien ship. Keller and the others come face to face with an alien. Genderless yet sophisticated in design, it moves gracefully with large eyes unblinking. 6295.5 2269
Episode 8 "Blackout" 2 April 2017 6563.4 2269
Episode 9 "Poison Chalice" 2022 6892.3 2269
Episode 10 "Alea Illacta Est" 18 Oct 2017 6988.4 2269
Episode 11 "Mad Idolatry" 2022 The crew encounters a planet from another universe whose inhabitants start to worship First Officer Chin-Riley as a goddess. 6995.1 2269
Episode 12 "Ex Oblivion" 2022 After the events of the last episode Kyle goes on a rampage attacked a Andorian attack cruiser, and Captain Branson wants to find Kyle and stop him from doing what he's doing but Starfleet has reassigned the Enterprise to oversee a medical and relief convoy to Kestra IV along the Romulan border. 6988.4 2269
Episode 13 "First Duty" 2022 Following an accident during an Academy training exercise that leads to the death of her boyfriend, Tina Branson must decide whether loyalty or truth is the first duty. 6995.1 2269
Episode 14 "Ambushed" 2022 Captain Branson must find unconventional Starfleet methods to deal with a malevolent force that attacks the USS Enterprise 6988.4 2269
Episode 15 "Silentium Aurem Est" 2022 After the events of the last episode, Captain Branson and crew are reviewing the sensor data that Captain Branson was able to get from Doctor T'Ver after dropping Kyle off at the Arcamon Science Station, John is having trouble accessing the data so he must seek the help of his friend Kyle who has semi-recovered from his ordeal with the neural parasites that did damage to his neurons. After finding out that Kyle was set up John speaks with the Admiralty at Starfleet Command but when no one will listen John realizes that someone wanted Kyle out of the way but who? 6995.1 2269
Episode 16 "Into The Fold" 2022 While heading towards the pleasure planet Risa, Steven Carlson and T'Lar are forced to make an emergency landing on a Class-L planetoid, with the weather dropping each time can the crew of the USS Enterprise save Steven and T'Lar or will they freeze to death. 6988.4 2269
Episode 17 "The Storm" 2022 While on course to Earth for debriefing by the Admiralty at Starfleet Command the Enterprise encounters a neutronic storm, unable to escape the storm with their warp drive the crew is forced to ride the storm out. As their traversing the storm a serious of strange malfunctions happen on board the ship resulted in the death of a crewmen can they figure out what to do or will the ship kill the entire crew. 6995.1 2269
Episode 18 "Wargames" 2022 Cryptic orders has diverted the Enterprise from her missions and back to Earth for an explanation for a wargame exercise against the USS Excalibur under the command of Captain Lance Ramirez, but while on route Captain John Branson has a encounter with his daughter Commander Sarah Branson but when they're under heavy attack by a Klingon battle cruiser and disabled its up to Captain Branson to come up with a plan to get out of there alive. 6988.4 2269
Episode 19 "Fallen Heroes" 2022 The Enterprise is ordered to transport Vulcan Ambassador Sarek from the planet Mazar, where he has been accused of criminal misconduct. Following an attack on the Enterprise Lieutenant T'Lar defends the Ambassador and asks Captain Branson for help. 6995.1 2269
Episode 20 "Dictum Factum Part 1" 18 Oct 2017 While on a diplomatic mission that went down the drain the USS Enterprise has been ordered to Vulcan to pick up Lieutenant Commander Clarkson former Starfleet officer who was dishonorably discharged for something he didn't do, while on route to Earth the Enterprise encounters a Andorian combat cruiser after a battle with it the Enterprise approaches Earth, and Vice Admiral Heihachiro Nogura has asked Kyle to meet him and Vice Admiral Phil Curry at Starfleet Command to discuss the issue of having his career restored to some degree but when is found dead all fingers point to Kyle can Captain Branson and the crew of the Enterprise prove his innocents and get his career back on track or will Kyle be sent to the New Zealand Penal Colony. 6988.4 2269


Actor Character Rank Position
Jarvis Davidson John Branson Captain CO
Felecia Linkous Una Chin-Riley Lieutenant Commander Executive Officer
Kevin Regan Jack Mason Lieutenant Chief Tactical/Security Officer
Delena "Dee" Lusk Kara Carlson Ensign Chief conn Officer
Sadie Brickhouse-Waymire Julia Smith Lieutenant Junior Grade Chief Operations Officer
TBA Stephanie Williams Lieutenant Commander Chief Engineer
Jacob Elliot Steven Carlson Lieutenant Chief Medical Officer
Becky Elliot T'Lar Lieutenant Chief Science Officer

Recurring Characters[]

Actor Character
Mike Longo Commodore James T. Kirk
David Cheng Vice Admiral Heihachiro Nogura
Victoria Archer Lieutenant Commander Jamie Archer
TBA Vice Admiral April Herbert
TBA Vice Admiral Ashley Smith
Josh Irwin Commodore Joseph Austin
Michael L. King Vice Admiral James Branson
TBA Lieutenant Junior Grade John 'Jaff' Jaffah
TBA Commander Sarah Branson
Gary Davis Captain Jason Brousseau
TBA Cadet Tina Branson
TBA Captain Lance Ramirez
TBA Captain Jessica Smith
Fleet Admiral Maria Branson
TBA Rear Admiral Ronald Tucker
Jeremy Regan Lieutenant Commander Kyle Clarkson
TBA Captain Jamie Towe
TBA Captain Brianna Branson
TBA Subcommander S'Lok

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