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Danube-class runabouts

A runabout was a small warp-capable vessel, similar to a shuttlecraft, but providing for more interior space and crew amenities for extended interstellar trips.


The Federation Starfleet Danube-class of starships were refered to as runabouts. A type of runabout was assigned to the USS Voyager. The Cardassians also operated runabouts, such as the defense runabout. By 2409 the Romulans had their own model of runabout, the Kestrel-class.

Alternate timeline[]

In an alternate timeline, in 2372, Starfleet also developed the Yellowstone-class runabout; a very similar design to the Danube-class, featuring tetryon plasma warp nacelles.

Alternate reality[]

In the alternate reality created by Nero and Spock, Starfleet used runabouts.

Runabout classes[]

Federation Starfleet[]


  • Defense runabout


  • Kestrel-class

Runabouts of unknown class[]

  • USS Brin
  • USS Colorado
  • USS Dordogne
  • USS Hippocrates
  • USS Hudson
  • USS Madeira
  • USS Platte