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This page details Samantha Carter in alternate universes; for Samantha Carter in the primary universe see Samantha Carter; for the Samantha Carter in the mirror universe see Samantha Carter (mirror); for Samantha Carter in the alternate reality created by Nero's temporal incursion see Samantha Carter (alternate reality).
Samantha Carter
Sam carter.jpg
Samantha Carter from an alternate reality
Vital statistics
Title Colonel, formerly Major
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction United Federation of Planets

Starfleet Marine Corps

Status Married
Location USS Intrepid-A

In an alternate reality Samantha Carter is a female Human who is a Colonel in the Starfleet Marine Corps. Samantha is an astrophysicist, engineer and pilot, after playing a key role in bringing the Stargate Program into existence as a member of SG-1. Samantha Carter has collabortated on almost all of Earth's advanced technology from the Daedalus-class battleships, Naquadah generators, the F-302, and many more and a host of other alien technology, Jack O'Neill once emphatically proclaimed her brain to be a national resource. Her expertise has saved Earth from attack numerous times and her knowledge, wisdom and courage have held her in high regard among many other Humans. Major Carter was developing a new power source to help protect Earth from the Xindi. In 2383 Samantha Carter was promoted to Colonel after coming to another alternate reality by Captain Typhuss James Kira.

Background information[]


Carter is the daughter of Debra Carter and Jacob Carter, a Starfleet marine Major General. She was born on December 29th, 2333. She has a brother named Mark Carter, who is married and has children, David and Lisa. As a child, Sam often sat on the willow tree in her backyard. On sunny days, the wind blowing through the leaves sounded exactly like rain when she closed her eyes. Replicator Carter later possessed this memory. Her mother Debra Carter sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to her when she was a child. In 2366, she told Aden Corso that she was named Samantha as her father had wanted a boy. Her mother died in the early 2340s when she was twelve. She blamed her father who was supposed to go pick her up at the spaceport but didn't, forcing Mrs. Carter to take a transport and have the accident that killed her. Eventually, Sam forgave her father, although Mark didn't until after many years of estrangement. She was exceptionally bright and went on to get a Ph.D. in Astrophysics with extensive knowledge in quantum mechanics while attending Starfleet Academy and logged over 100 hours in enemy space during the Federation-Cardassian War.

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