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"Love's the most powerful emotion. And that makes it the most dangerous."
— Sara Lance to Oliver Queen

Captain Sara Lance (b. December 25, 2351-October 8, 2380; resurrected November 2381) is a female Human in the 24th century who is the daughter of Quentin Lance and Dinah Lance, and the younger sister of Laurel Lance, and the leader of the Legends following the departure of the team's founder, Rip Hunter. She is the captain of the Waverider and a member of the Crisis Team, as well as a former member of the League of Assassins and Team Arrow, Sara is the girlfriend of Ava Sharpe, she's also the ex-lover/close friend of the late Oliver Queen and the ex-lover of Nyssa al Ghul. She is also the close friend/sister-figure of Cindy Simone and a good friend of Felicity Smoak, Typhuss James Kira, John Diggle, Thea Queen, Kendra Saunders, Ray Palmer, Jefferson Jackson, Nate Heywood, Amaya Jiwe, Barry Allen, Zari Tarazi, Zari Tomaz, Kara Danvers, and the late Martin Stein.

After the Queen's Gambit went down in 2373, Sara was presumed dead but in reality, had been found by Anthony Ivo and spent time on the Amazo and Lian Yu. A year after the sinking of the Amazo, Sara was rescued by the League of Assassins, whom she then joined and trained with for five years, after which she left the organization and returned to Starling City under the vigilante moniker the Canary, a translation of her League name, Ta-er al-Sahfer (Arabic: الطائر الأصفر; for Yellow Bird). Sara stayed to protect her sister, Laurel, before she was forced to leave due to the League following her, trying to bring her back. She was eventually released from the League of Assassins by her lover, Nyssa. Following this, Sara joined Team Arrow and rekindled her past relationship with Oliver. She soon rejoined the League as her part of a deal for their help in defeating Slade Wilson. Sara eventually returned to Starling while following Malcolm Merlyn but was killed by Thea Queen's hand, manipulated and drugged by him. Over a year after her death, Sara was resurrected by the powers of the Lazarus Pit, and with the help of John Constantine, her soul was restored when Laurel and Oliver risked their own to bring hers back. After joining Rip's team, the Legends, she became known as White Canary. Sara became the leader of the Legends when Rip was presumed dead and eventually left the team.

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Sara was revealed to be the Paragon of Destiny and she and the rest of the Paragons defeated the Anti-Monitor and created a new universe, with the help of the Spectre.

After a fight gone wrong against Atropos, Sara becomes blind. Sara began to receive visions and realized that she had gained the power to see into the near future.

Sara was killed in the England Zombie Apocalypse while protecting her team, but revived by Charlie with the Loom of Fate. Once Atropos was killed, Sara's eyesight was restored but she was also stripped of her powers. After the Legends stopped the Fates and bid farewell to Charlie, Sara was sucked up by a beam by aliens without the others noticing.


Biography[edit | edit source]

Original multiverse[edit | edit source]

Early life[edit | edit source]

Sara Lance was born on December 25, 2351, Christmas Day, to Quentin and Dinah Lance in Starling City and has an older sister, Laurel. When she was little, Sara would play dress up with her sister. One time, they pretended to be all grown up as a doctor and SCIS officer, respectively. The two would also race to see who could climb to the top of a tree first and Sara won every time, which she took great pride in. Years later however, Sara suspected that Laurel deliberately threw the races, knowing the former was a sore loser. When Sara was 10 years old, her father bought her a pet canary which she loved, but it drove everyone else crazy. Sara attended Starling City Elementary, where she once starred as Peter Pan in the school play. When it was time for her to come onstage, Sara suddenly blanked and forgot her lines so she spontaneously did a tap dance before running off in embarrassment, crying.

At some point Sara met Tommy Merlyn and Oliver Queen. As a teenager, she was rebellious and a troublemaker, which often got her into tricky situations, subsequently putting her at odds with her father. Thus, Sara was closer to her mother growing up due to her and Dinah's shared free-spirited natures.

During her high school years, Sara faced bullying from a classmate, Gwen, and the latter's two friends because she was making a move on Gwen's boyfriend. The frequent occurrences of harassment created behavioral issues in Sara and caused her grades to drop, worrying her parents. This eventually prompted Quentin to teach Sara and Laurel how to defend themselves. Afterwards, the sisters worked together to fight off Gwen and her friends.

In her teens, Sara dated many delinquents, much to her father's chagrin, from whom she learned skills such as hot-wiring a car. Her dates also tried getting her drunk in hopes of coercing Sara into having sex. However, Sara proved to have an abnormally strong tolerance for alcohol and always drank the guys under the table.

At some point in 2370 Sara met Typhuss James Halliwell and they became friends.

Sara soon developed a crush on Oliver and in 2371, she snuck out of the house to go to a secret party Tommy held to see him. However, Oliver was too drunk to acknowledge her and ended up spilling his beer on Sara, much to her embarrassment. She was then pulled in by the SCIS and grounded by her father for a month. Sara later believed that Laurel called the SCIS to ruin her chances with Oliver, since he and her sister got together not long after. In late 2373, Oliver started pursuing Sara after having second thoughts about moving in with Laurel. Excited that her crush was paying attention to her and wanting to get back at Laurel for what happened at Tommy's party, Sara quickly began sleeping with him.

In late 2373, Oliver started pursuing Sara after having second thoughts about moving in with Laurel. Excited that her teenhood crush was paying attention to her and wanting to get back at Laurel for what happened at Tommy's party, Sara quickly began sleeping with him. Later, Sara returned home from college to spend time with her family during a three-day weekend but was secretly texting Oliver. Oliver had invited Sara to come with him on the Queen’s Gambit voyage, though she was initially hesitant. That night, Sara attempted to caution Laurel against her expectations of getting engaged to Oliver, a known playboy, since he wasn't the type to take such a big step yet. However, an outraged Laurel perceived this as her sister being a “bitch”, upsetting Sara and spurring her into accepting Oliver’s offer.

On the day that Sara was to leave, her mother came home early and caught the former packing her Starling Rockets baseball cap into a bag for the Queen's Gambit trip. Dinah initially objected to Sara going, but Sara managed to convince her mother otherwise by claiming that she was in love with Oliver, needing to follow her heart and do what she felt was right. During their sail at sea, Sara and Oliver were in bed together. While Sara was somewhat nervous about the storm and Laurel finding out of their affair, Oliver assured her they would be fine. Suddenly, the yacht (which had been sabotaged by Malcolm Merlyn) sank and Sara was pulled under, causing Oliver to believe that she had drowned. However, Sara managed to swim to the surface on the other side of the wreck and was marooned on a piece of the ship for days.

Sara's apparent death had multiple effects on the Lance family. For Laurel, she found herself unable to grieve because Sara betrayed her by sleeping with Oliver but found herself unable to be angry because she had died. Quentin fell into a deep state of depression which saw him become an alcoholic and would often pass out in the bar and became obsessed with his work to ignore the pain and took every case without pause. Sara was also the first and last thought of Quentin's mind everyday and took him years to get past that point. His drinking and work obsession leads Dinah to divorcing him and left for Central City.

The Amazo[edit | edit source]

Anthony Ivo

A few days after the Gambit sank, Sara was found by a ship called the Amazo, who took her on board but they imprisoned her in a cell. Later, the crew dragged Sara out of her cell and were going to take her away, but were stopped by a grey-haired man, who brought Sara to his quarters. This man introduced himself as Dr. Anthony Ivo. Ivo claimed that he was going to save the human race, and asked if Sara would join him. Ivo explained to Sara that he was looking for a serum created by the Japanese in World War II called Mirakuru (Japanese for Miracle), which could increase muscle strength, enhanced senses, and regenerate cells, but the submarine sank somewhere in the chain of islands nearby. For the next year, Ivo protected Sara from the cruelty of his men and taught her many skills in the fields of biology, chemistry, and technology. Sara assisted Ivo in torturing his prisoners through his experiments, though only because she was secretly terrified she would be the next test subject. Sara still felt a sense of loyalty towards Ivo for saving her life, no matter how cruel he became.

A year later, Sara reunited with Oliver when he was brought aboard the Amazo. Confused, Oliver tried to talk to her but Sara was scared of Ivo and his men and wanted to protect Oliver by not disclosing their friendship. She kicked Oliver in the stomach, knocking him down, and acted cold when she saw Ivo approaching. Later, Sara helped Oliver while he was a prisoner on the Amazo. She tricked Ivo to think that she is helping him to find out if Oliver's friends, Slade Wilson and Shado, were still alive on Lian Yu, but this also was a way to help Oliver escape from the Amazo and reunite him with his friends. When the ship captain tried to kill Oliver, Sara instead suggested keeping him alive to find the gravesite, which Ivo agreed to.

Time on Lian Yu[edit | edit source]

Sara, Oliver and Slade on Lian Yu

Sara went with Oliver, Ivo, and the crew of the Amazo onto the island to the plane, and watched as Ivo ordered his men to attack Slade and Shado after Oliver screamed for them to run before Ivo left a bomb in the plane and had Oliver lead them to the gravesite. But Slade and Shado were no longer there as Oliver's call warned them about the danger.

When they arrived at the cave, the guards started questioning Oliver for the hōzen on the bodies, but Shado and Slade ambushed the crew at arrow and gun point and demanded Oliver back. When Ivo released him, Oliver punched the Captain in the face, grabbed Sara, and escaped.

The hōzen Oliver found had coordinates on it, which was revealed to house the location of the submarine Ivo discovered with the cure to save all of mankind. After Sara revealed this to them, Oliver asked if it could cure Slade. They used the hōzen to locate the submarine, in which they found the Mirakuru. Oliver injected Slade, even when Sara told him that Slade would not survive it, Slade began to react to the serum and had no heartbeat. Then Anthony and his men came inside the room and captured them. Anthony took Sara and Shado hostage and held them in front of Oliver, telling him to pick who would die between Shado and Sara, threatening to kill them both if Oliver didn't decide within 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, Ivo aimed his gun at Sara to shoot her, only for Oliver to run in front of her in a desperate attempt to stop him from killing Sara. Taking that as his choice, Ivo quickly turned his gun over to Shado and shot her in the head. Just then, the newly-empowered Slade with Mirakuru appeared and saw Shado dead. That made him rage and kill Ivo's men and stealing the rest of the Mirakuru, but Ivo managed to escape. When Slade asked who killed Shado, Sara answered quickly that Ivo just shot Shado for no apparent reason.

They buried Shado next to her father's grave and Sara warned Oliver not to tell Slade why Shado died, because he now has the Mirakuru inside of him so he is unpredictable and learning the truth behind Shado's death would not end well. As they were walking, they asked Slade where they were going.

The next weeks they spent trying to escape the island, but Slade turned slightly mad. During an attempt to take over the Amazo, Ivo manages to tell Slade that he gave Oliver an ultimatum who would live and die and Oliver made the choice to save Sara. This turned Slade against his old friend and captured him to torture him, but also cut Ivo's hand. Sara managed to escape the Amazo together with the prisoners of the ship, among whom is also Anatoly Knyazev. Back on the island Sara made a plan to free Oliver by bargaining his life for the ship's engineer.

After reuniting with Oliver, they made another plan to take over the Amazo and go home. During that time, a plane flying over Lian Yu was shot down by the Amazo and crashed. Sara attempted to save the pilot, but he was fatally injured. As he lay dying, the man asked Sara to find his daughter, Cindy, and take care of her. Sara promised to do so. The man gave Sara a picture of Cindy before succumbing to his wounds.

Sara and Oliver are again separated in the final fight against Slade for the Amazo, and the ship sank again, leaving Oliver to again believe that Sara had drowned.

League of Assassins[edit | edit source]

Nyssa, the daughter of Ra's al Ghul, found and saved Sara

After at least a year on Lian Yu, Nyssa al Ghul found her on the lost island of Lian Yu and took her in. Nyssa was part of the League of Assassins and at Nanda Parbat, Sara trained with the League and became an assassin herself by swearing her allegiance to them. She also knew Maseo Yamashiro who joined the same time she did and he admired her as a warrior.

At some point during her five years with the League she and Nyssa became lovers. During her time with the League, she was told to "choose a new name". She chose "Ta-er al-Asfer" (in Arabic: الطائر الأصفر), which is Arabic for canary ("yellow bird"), reminiscent of the canary Quentin got her when she was ten. She was also trained by Ra's al Ghul as part of her league training.

Rise of the Canary[edit | edit source]

Sara as the original Canary of Starling City

In 2378, Sara begun to hear legends of the Starling City vigilante, codename the Hood/the Arrow wearing a green hood. Sara immediately knew that it was Oliver wearing Shado's hood. After The Undertaking Sara left Nanda Parbat to see if her family was okay. However, she ended up staying in Starling City (in the shadows), unwilling to return to the League. Sara became a vigilante also who targeted mainly men who attacked women.

The Canary also saved Cindy, now known as Sin, from a gang of muggers and as she promised her father she took Sin under her care but didn't reveal her association with her father. When Roy Harper was fighting a group of men who'd been harassing a woman, the Canary swooped in and fought off the attackers before they could beat Roy. Roy expressed shock by her sudden entrance, before she quickly left.

When the Arrow was cornered by the SCIS led by Laurel, the Canary swooped in and used a sonic device to distract the SCIS officers and break the windows, they used the chaos to quickly escape the scene. Sometime later, when Roy was lured into her hideout by Sin, she knocked him out with her staff. She asked why he was looking for her, but was interrupted by a message on Roy's com device from Thea telling him that Quentin and Laurel were abducted, then took off to save them letting Roy go. Canary arrived at a foundry where she fought her family's kidnapper Barton Mathis/Dollmaker. While easily beating him Mathis managed to drop a load of pipes on her which trapped her. Before he could harm her The Arrow came in and shot Mathis. Despite the Arrow's intentions to take the killer back to jail, Canary killed him instead by hurling a baton into his chest. When she returned to the tower she was confronted by a member of the league who informed her that Ra's al Ghul wanted her to return. She declined and tried to persuade him to tell he could not find her, but killed him when he refused.

Felicity noticed a pattern in the Canary's appearance, this leads to Oliver catching her to learn her identity. Oliver unmasks her and is shocked to discover that she is Sara. Oliver then reveals to John and Felicity that he thought she drowned on the Queen's Gambit, but met her a year after being shipwrecked, however he thought she had died since he last saw her. She goes back to her hideout and shares a meal with Sin, in which she reveals to her about running into Oliver and then how her dad is a cop and her sister is a lawyer. She follows Oliver to Verdant where she asks if Oliver told her dad and sister about her, but he says he didn't. They converse about her hiding when Quentin arrives asking for Oliver's help about Laurel, Sara overhears the conversation about Laurel's depression. When Sin is injured by The Mayor, she and Oliver team up and takes on The Mayor and his cronies. Both work hand in hand together, even using each other's weapons. Sara is about to kill the Mayor, but Oliver convinces her not to. She spares him and lets him go. She is then seen watching Sin as she wakes up, with has company from Roy and Thea. As she is leaving, she encounters Oliver, the two leave together.

Sara begins staying with Oliver at his mansion. However, they are attacked by Al-Owal, a member of the League of Assassins. Oliver and Sara successfully fight him off, and later she reveals to Oliver and his team that she was once part of the League and now they are on the hunt to bring her back to their leader, Ra's Al Ghul. Oliver and Sara then hunt down Al-Owal, narrowly escaping with their lives. Fearing retaliation against Sara, Oliver decides to protect the whole Lance family, but Sara decides that it was time to reveal herself to her father. She then tells her father everything, bringing him up to her hideout where they are attacked by Al-Owal and his two companions. Oliver arrives and along with Quentin and Sara, defeat the assassins. Sara kills Al-Owal and leaves one to run to Ra's to tell him that her family is off limits. She then leaves Starling City, trying to draw the League away from her family, but not before making her father promise not to tell Laurel that she is alive.

Much later Oliver contacts Sara after Laurel loses her job and right to practice law and is now a drug and alcohol addict and tells her that Laurel needs her. Later when Laurel passes out when she gets home, Sara appears to her though Laurel thinks she is a hallucination.

Sara in Nyssa's arms poisoned by snake venom

Sara then decides to give herself over, but poisons herself with Tibetan pit viper venom as Oliver and her father arrive. The venom begins to take effect, weakening Sara and causing her to collapse. Nyssa holds Sara in her arms and cries upon realizing what she did. Once Oliver arrives he and Nyssa began to fight. Sara pulls herself up from the floor to tell them to stop. She weakly walks over to them before collapsing and passing out Oliver runs over to her and manages to counter the poison causing her to wake up and gasp for air. Sara turns to Nyssa and begs her - no more killing, then Nyssa tearfully releases her from the League as she is in Oliver's arms. Later, Quentin and Dinah arrive with Laurel.

At Laurel's apartment, Sara shared a happy reunion with Quentin and Dinah. However, Laurel rejected Sara's attempts to reconnect, bitter with her sister over the past. A guilt-ridden Sara tried to apologize, only for Laurel to throw her out. A heartbroken Sara later returned to the Arrowcave and encountered Oliver, both of them feeling betrayed by their families. Sara expressed that at least she is home now. The two of them passionately kissed and made love.

Sara officially joins Team Arrow and quickly bonds with Diggle over battle scars. She is reluctant to go to her homecoming party and tells Oliver to keep their relationship a secret. She attends the party but is disappointed that Laurel didn't come. When one of William Tockman's victims has been found, Sara and Oliver leave the party early to investigate. Sara noticed that Felicity was feeling left out and tried to talk to her after helping her punch a sparring dummy. Afterward, at the scene of another bank robbery, the Canary is able to injure William, collecting a sample of his blood. Sara later analyzes it and is able to determine that William is suffering from MacGregor's Syndrome. The Arrow and the Canary go to the address of William's sister, only to find a device that destroys the Arrowcave's computer system.

Lance family meets up for Sara's homecoming

Felicity tells Sara that she shouldn't miss her family dinner for the sake of the mission. Nervous about seeing Laurel again, Sara asks Oliver to come with her. At the dinner, Laurel realizes that Sara and Oliver are in a relationship and gets extremely angry, berating everyone at the table. When Oliver and Sara return to the Arrowcave, they find that Felicity is at Starling National Bank, hoping to catch William. The Arrow, the Canary, and Diggle meet Felicity there to help her. Felicity, saving the Canary's life, takes a bullet for her and manages to take William down by blowing up his communicator. In the Arrowcave, Sara patches Felicity up while thanking her for what she did. Sara, after getting a job as a bartender at Verdant, is able to make amends with Laurel.

Sara recognized Slade Wilson's voice from the call from Oliver to Felicity, and brings Roy and Diggle to the Queen mansion, believing Oliver and his family to be in danger. She somehow entered the house and went to the first floor, after which she descended the stairs as if she had been there all along, confronting Wilson while he shook hands with Roy.

Oliver had a nightmare in which he woke up next to Sara, touched her and found blood on his hand, after which Sara suddenly changed into Shado. Upon waking, Oliver left, leaving Sara asleep. Upon his return, Sara tried to get Oliver to talk about his problems, commenting on his lack of sleep, but she had no success. Later, she talked to Laurel, who was filling in an application form at Verdant. After Oliver collected his information from the Bratva, Sara confronted him again, telling him he needed help, and that Shado's death was not his fault. Oliver, believing Sara to be in great danger, told her to keep away from him. Eventually, though, Oliver came back to Sara, confessing that he could not get Slade on his own, and the two promised each other to do so together.

The Canary watched over Quentin Lance and his men trying to detain criminals, Frank Bertinelli included, and they quickly intervened. Quentin was injured which enraged Sara enough to force a criminal off the rooftop. Quentin then told Sara to show restraint next time and was fascinated that Oliver had a fling with Frank’s daughter Helena aka the Huntress. The Arrow, the Canary, and Roy then intercepted her car but found it to be her decoy. Sara tries to convince Laurel to drop of her current case when Adam Donner assigned her Frank Bertinelli's prosecution, knowing that it would make her a target of the Huntress. When Helena took control of the Courthouse, Laurel got into a fight with one of Helena's henchmen, forcing Sara, as the Canary, to intervene. As she made her way outside of the building with Laurel in tow, Laurel convinced her to help rescue the hostages. This led to her facing off against Helena. In the fight, she attempted not to kill Helena. However Helena was able to deprive Sara of her staff and used it against her to beat her up after which she threw Sara out of a window. Sara managed to avoid falling to death and Oliver saved her when Helena tried to shoot her. Later Oliver and Sara managed to steal Frank from the police with Quentin and arrived at a meeting place with Helena and Laurel. However, a SCIS officer opened fire on them, killing Frank and separating Oliver from Sara. The Canary then faced Helena again. Going full force she managed to win this time and wanted to kill Helena. However, Laurel begged her not to and she spared her.

Sara provided a heavy sedative to Team Arrow when they went after Slade Wilson, after he kidnapped Thea. She was present at the confrontation with Wilson, donning her Canary-outfit. Sara was also the one explaining Quentin Lance why they brought Slade Wilson in. After Wilson's release by the police, Sara partook in the attempt to follow him, driving a motorcycle and following Felicity's directions. Wilson, however, managed to escape. When Roy planned to go after Wilson on his own, and hurt Diggle in the process, Sara aimed her bow at him, stopping him long enough for Oliver to come back. She was also present at the police station when Thea Queen was released, and later when her father was arrested for working with the vigilante.

Sara later joined Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity in blowing up Queen Consolidated's Applied Sciences Division. She also visited her father in prison while Laurel was trying to get him to give up the Arrow. When Slade Wilson infiltrated the Arrowcave, Sara, Oliver, and Diggle attempted to fight him, but they were all easily taken out. During the subsequent visit to the hospital, Laurel saw Sara's scars, leading her to figure out that Sara is the Canary. The Arrow and the Canary tried to stop Deathstroke from breaking in at S.T.A.R. Labs, but arrived too late, after which they returned to their base. Sara and Laurel both visited their father after he was attacked in prison, and Laurel managed to bluff him out, after he convinced her not to pursue the vigilantes anymore.

Sara was convinced that killing Roy is the only solution and armed up to kill him, against Oliver's wishes. When Roy comes to Verdant during Moira's campaign rally, the Arrow and the Canary confront him. After Roy starts strangling Thea, Sara almost shoots him, but is prevented from doing so by Sin, who stands between them until Oliver can put Roy down with poison arrows. Later, Sara confesses that she actually wanted to kill Roy, because that's what the League of Assassins taught her, what they turned her into, and doesn't believe she knows differently anymore. Sara breaks up with Oliver after telling him that he needs someone who can still see the good in things, not a killer like herself, and that she cares too much for him to be with him. As she gets on her bike, Sin arrives to ask how she is doing. Sara replies that she has had a rough day and hugs Sin goodbye. She then drives away, telling Sin that she is going to see an old friend.

Sara disappeared from Starling City, leaving her friends and family to wonder what happened to her, and where she might have went.

Sara and other allies of Team Arrow march to battle Slade Wilson's army

Sara arrived back in Starling City just in time to save Laurel from one of Slade Wilson's masked soldiers, after which Laurel reveals she knows about her secret identity. Laurel managed to get Sara out of her identity-crisis, by commenting on the fact that the innocence and beauty in her were not all gone yet. As the Canary, she saved a little girl from a burning building, causing citizens to comment on her as a hero.

Sara watched as the League of Assassins sedated Laurel. Afterwards, Sara, Nyssa, and six other assassins met up with Team Arrow, with Sara having promised to go back to Nanda Parbat with them if they'd help fight Slade Wilson and his army. Together, they assaulted the Queen Consolidated building and taking down Slade's bodyguards. Slade managed to escape, though. Quentin Lance joined them after one of Wilson's men managed to abduct Laurel. Sara, Oliver, Roy, and the assassins made their way to the Giordano Tunnel, via where Slade's army was trying to escape the city. After they neutralized the army using the Mirakuru cure, Sara and Oliver made their way to Wilson's hideout and with Felicity's help they managed to inject him with the cure, saving Laurel and Felicity. Once the city was safe, Sara said her goodbyes to Laurel and Quentin, before boarding the ship with the other Assassins.

Return of the Church of Blood[edit | edit source]

On the way to her next job, Sara stopped off in Starling City to pay her friends a visit. She came across John Diggle outside Verdant, who'd been beaten by an intoxicated Oliver. Felicity attempted to find out about Sara's next job, though she was unable to reveal. Sara offered to bring Ollie in, before finding him on a rooftop. They fought for a bit, before Sara knocked him out and took him back to the Arrowcave. Believing him to be dosed with something, Felicity took a blood sample, finding traces of mushrooms. As Ollie woke up, he wished to go back to find Brother Blood, though Sara would only allow Oliver to go once he'd had some rest, promising to accompany him if he did so. Meanwhile, she headed to the hospital to see her father. She was greeted by Laurel, and after weeks in the hospital, Quentin woke up to see both of his daughters.

Hunting Malcolm Merlyn and death[edit | edit source]

Sara talking to sister Laurel before her death

After five months away, Sara finally returned to Starling City to confirm rumors of Malcolm Merlyn's presence in Starling City. Searching for Malcolm she paid Quentin a visit and asked about a monk named Ken Zhi Jansen connected to Malcolm. Before leaving she was going to visit Laurel but overheard Felicity's communications helped Oliver take down Werner Zytle's thugs, as well as Zytle himself.

Laurel finds Sara's dead body

She later met up with Laurel, asking that she not tell their father that she was home. As Laurel was leaving, Sara confronted by a hooded Thea much to her confusion before being shot by three arrows from her causing her to fall off the building into an alley, where Laurel raced to find her, dead. Sara was kept in a freezer, before being buried in her previously empty grave from 2373.

After her death, Roy began having nightmares about him killing Sara. After believing himself to have killed Sara under Mirakuru induced rage Oliver used a mind calming method to make Roy confront the issue. However, Roy discovered that he had actually killed a police officer under Mirakuru rage but saw Sara, as he saw her at the time. A few months after her death, Thea was eventually revealed as the killer having been drugged by Malcolm Merlyn, and rather than have her hunted by the League of Assassins, Oliver took the fall for her as part of Malcolm's manipulations.

Resurrection[edit | edit source]

Laurel and Thea bring Sara's body to the Lazarus Pit

Over a year after her death, Sara's corpse was dug up by her sister. Sara was taken to Nanda Parbat by Laurel, Typhuss and Thea, who requested Malcolm resurrect her. Reluctant at first, Malcolm agreed and Sara was resurrected by the Lazarus Pit. As soon as she was resurrected, Sara went after Thea, but was restrained. Sara was then chained up to prevent her from causing any harm to Thea.

When Laurel brought Sara home she was forced to chain her up in the basement as she had not gotten over the effects of the Pit. When her father Quentin found out he was thrilled yet skeptical. Sara seemed to be responding but attacked Laurel instead. Quentin later came to shoot Sara but couldn't bring himself to do it. Later Sara was able to break free from her chains.

John Constantine's ritual to restore Sara's soul

Sara started killing muggers in town with no recognizable pattern. Later the team encountered Sara when she attacked a night club. Oliver and Felicity realized that Sara was trying to find Thea as she was the one who killed her originally. Sara attacked Thea in her home, but Thea was able to escape. Sara again found Thea in the hospital and attacked her but was fended off by Oliver and Laurel. Thea used herself as bait and lured Sara to Verdant where she single-handedly demolished both Green Arrow and Black Canary until Laurel pulled a gun on her and Oliver shot her from behind. John Constantine later performed a ritual on her that gave her back her soul.

The two Canaries briefly worked together on Team Arrow

Over an emotional conversation on the phone, Sara informed her mother she was now alive. She then rejoined Team Arrow in her original identity as the Canary to help save Ray Palmer. Sara accompanied the team as they broke into Kord Industries, but began beating a security guard in a rage until Laurel, Typhuss and Thea stopped her. Later when the team went to rescue Ray from the Latin Building, Sara joined them again and fought alongside Black Canary, Red Arrow and Speedy, but she once again lost control and ended up killing one of the Ghosts. Back home, Sara talked with Laurel, Typhuss and Thea about the situation, deciding to seek solitude away from the city to fight her bloodlust. She bid farewell to her loved ones, promising to make good on the "gift" Laurel gave her.

Original timeline[edit | edit source]

Some time later, Sara returned to Star City to help Team Arrow in their fight against Damien Darhk. However, Damien killed Sara, along with Laurel and Quentin. Due to Rip Hunter recruiting Sara into the Legends though, she and Quentin were spared from their fates, though Laurel wasn't.

Current timeline[edit | edit source]

Aiding Rip Hunter[edit | edit source]

Sara meeting Rip offering a chance to save the future

In January 2389, Sara was in a bar in Tibet. She helped a woman who was being assaulted by a drunk patron, easily overpowering and defeating the two perpetrators. Sara was then intercepted by Rip Hunter, who claimed he had "come a long way to meet [her]". From here, Sara and six other individuals were offered the chance to help Rip prevent Vandal Savage's rule over the world in the year 2532.

White Canary suit

Sara then returned home to Star City and visited her sister. After a sparring session, Laurel encouraged Sara to take up Rip's offer. Sara was reluctant, citing her struggle with her bloodlust, but her sister pointed out that this could be an opportunity for her to become a hero in the light. Laurel gave Sara the identity of White Canary, along with a suit designed by Cisco Ramon. Sara then joined the team and traveled back to 2358. When she, Leonard Snart, and Mick Rory were forced to sit out on a mission, they decided to go out for drinks. As Sara began dancing, a biker tried to hit on her, prompting Sara to beat up him and his friends. Leonard and Mick joined the fray and they ended up starting a bar fight.

Sara in her first adventure across time

Sara in the Waverider

As the trio returned, they were just in time helping the team fight off Chronos, a bounty hunter working for the Time Masters. The team was confused at this, to which Rip revealed they were never selected because they were legends; the group was in fact meaningless for history, which would aid in his personal mission of avenging his wife and son, whom Savage murdered. The team was shocked but after exchanging thoughts, they decided to keep going. They would stop Savage and become legends of the future, or die trying.

Still in 2358, Sara and the team traveled to Norway and attempted to intercept a nuclear warhead auction ensuing between Vandal Savage, Damien Darhk, and the other buyers. The team managed to infiltrate the place and wanted to kidnap Savage. To avoid suspicion, they began to bid as well, which resulted in them accidentally buying the warhead. Damien confronted them and things escalated quickly. In a massive brawl, the team managed to defeat the buyers and everyone present. Unfortunately, Savage escaped and activated the warhead, though the team managed to contain the blast before leaving. Sara then accompanied Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson to Ivy Town, where they met a 25-year-old Martin Stein.

The older Martin Stein was largely annoyed when Sara started to shamelessly flirt with his younger self to get into his good graces. The younger version invited them all at his place. As they talked about his inventions Sara shared a joint with young Martin. The older Martin angrily ordered Sara to stop flirting with his younger self, to which Sara retorted that as young Martin was flirting with her. Martin explained he could not have "a sexy assassin from the future" distracting his younger self, as he was about to meet his future wife, Clarissa, at a faculty mixer. Sara was amused at Martin calling her "sexy". As they tried to steal the device from young Martin he came in and told them he doubted if they were actual scientists. As he threatened to call the SCIS Sara knocked him out. Older Martin was shocked that she just knocked him out. The group tracked down the missing piece of Ray's suit and Sara defeated the guards and took the piece back. The group then left for the ship. Young Martin barged in the ship, old Martin gave him the device and wished him the best. They then learned Leonard, Ray, and Rory were in trouble. The group went to the mansion and fought Savage and his troops. Carter managed to stab Savage, but Savage revealed the dagger had to be wielded by Kendra. Savage stabbed Carter in the chest and killed him. He then injured Kendra and was about to kill her when the rest of the team saved her and left. The group conversed as they expressed doubt about if they could even do anything useful. Rip told them Savage was still in play and asked them if they would help him trying to stop him. The group agreed and promised they would take down Savage for Carter.

The group traveled to Leipzig, Germany. Rip explained to the group that Kendra had fragments of the knife in her arteries which had to be removed to save her. He mentioned that they could not timejump since Kendra would not survive this. The team was skeptical but Rip told them his idea was still to stop Savage and save the future. Rip said that he had explained darker times and had seen men of steel die and Dark Knights fall and had still completed his missions. Sara spoke with Rip in private and told him that she knew he did not have a plan and that his rousing speech was only to convince himself. Sara opted that since they could not kill Savage they could perhaps slow him down. Quoting Ra's al Ghul, Sara informed Rip that they could cripple Savage's financial resources to slow him down for decades. They found out Savage stored his assets at the Bruemberg Group. Rip initially wanted to go alone, as he did not want more people to die on his mission. Sara, Leonard, and Rory all wanted to join. However, Rip told them Sara was enough.

At the bank, Rip and Sara met Mr. Blake and handed him valuable doubloons to deposit in an account. As Blake, left they checked the computer. However Sara realized the bank's employees were Savage's followers, noting to Rip that Blake was a Kuroda-trained swordsman, his secretary armed, and his guards were South African mercenaries. Just then, the group confronted the duo. Sara drew out her hidden stash of knives and she and Rip engaged the group in a fight. Sara killed all of them and Rip calmed her down just in time before she murdered Blake as well. They took Blake to the Waverider, where Rip questioned Sara on her murderous rage. Sara revealed she was suffering from bloodlust since being resurrected, sadly believing herself to be a monster. Rip and Sara then started to question Blake and offered to let him leave unharmed if he helped them. Blake mentioned that Rip was known to Savage and his followers as "the Gareeb" (the stranger). Blake told Sara that Rip had tried to kill Savage 4,000 years ago in Egypt. Rip was known to them as a devil or monster and that he would not protect them as Rip was only bound on killing Savage. Sara talked to Rip and he told her that he had tried to kill Savage before but failed as he hesitated. Sara and Rip continued questioning Blake who told them they could find Savage his treasure at a gathering this evening. Rip asked about the most prized treasure of Savage; the vessel. Blake revealed the "vessel" was actually Carter's body.

Carter Hall and Aldus Boardman's funeral

Rip was bound on going to the meeting but Sara told him they should bring the entire team. However they were gone or helping Kendra they were forced to go by themselves. Sara posed as the lover of Blake as they infiltrated the gathering. They left Blake tied up in the trunk and went into the gathering. Sara and Rip danced as they checked out the meeting. Rip mentioned he did not consider her a monster but that she was just a person haunted by a past. He told her that just like him she would get better and her drive to improve herself would allow her to better herself. Sara took out two guards and they found a hidden room were Khufu was displayed. As they wanted to move the body they got cornered by Blake and his men and were quickly overpowered and tied up. Brought before Savage he told them about his past with Jack the Ripper and that by using the blood of Khufu and Kendra he can share it with his followers which expands their lifespan with hundreds of years. Savage questioned Rip and realized that he was hating him for what he was about to do to his family. He took the watch of Rip containing pictures of his wife and child. As Savage boasted the rest of the team suddenly burst in and engaged the followers of Savage. During the massive fight Sara faced Mr. Blake while Rip fights Savage. Sara managed to overpower Blake, but restrained from killing him. Rip injured Savage but Savage mentioned he will heal and come after his family. The team talked with each other and Rip mentioned each of them inspired him as they held a funeral for Carter.

Traveling to the Cold War[edit | edit source]

The group traveled to Washington D.C. in 1986. Rip Hunter explained to them they would steal information from the Pentagon regarding Vandal Savage. Splitting up Palmer and Snart managed to steal a key card which allowed Sara and Kendra dressed up as soldiers access to the secret files while Rory provided a distraction. However as the alarm went off Sara and Kendra got confronted by security. Forced to fight Kendra lost control of her Hawk side. Kendra began to injure soldiers but the team managed to retrieve her and busted their way out of the Pentagon. Back at the ship the team began to argue about what went wrong and their mistakes. Rip told them he had managed to wipe the video footage of the Pentagon. From the stolen file the team learned Savage had gone to Russia.

As the team traveled to the USSR they got followed by the bounty hunter Chronos. Rip lured in fighter jets of the USSR and tricked them into shooting down Chronos. However, in the process their ship was forced to crashland. The team learned that Savage is involved in a project of building some kind of weapon. Snart wanted to kill the female lead scientist to stop the project, however Palmer wanted to talk to her.

As Snart and Palmer went out, Sara talked to Rip and told him Kendra was growing unstable. Rip told Sara to talk to her as she had experience in getting her warrior side under control. Sara was hesitant but agreed to try. She talked to Kendra and invited her for a training match. During the sparring, Kendra turned into her Hawk form and knocked down Sara. Sara lost control and nearly killed Kendra before controlling herself and running off.

Sharpening her knives, Sara was sad but Kendra came to her and wanted more training. As Sara told her she doubted she was still human behind her bloodlust Kendra explained that she believed Sara needed to regain control of her human side while Kendra would need to control her warrior side. The two started sparring in an attempt to find out if this is true. Sara and Kendra later learned Palmer, Stein, and Rory had been captured while trying to stop project Firestorm. Rip explained that if Stein would tell his secrets to the Russians they would create an army of Firestorms and destroy the world.

The team learned that their friends had been captured in a Gullag. Snart and Rip argued but Sara told them they could contact the Bratva in order to get in the prison. Rip, Snart and Sara confronted a high ranking member of the Bratva. He distrusted them and ordered his men to attack. Sara defeated his men and they managed to convince the Bratva to help them. Using their information, the team made a plan to attack the prison. Rip did not want Kendra and Jefferson engaged in the mission as they could not get captured by Savage.

Rip later talked to Sara and showed her that Star City as well as the rest of the world would get destroyed by Project Firestorm if Savage would succeed. Rip told her that if they could not get Stein back she would have to kill him. Sara talked to Snart, who knew Rip wanted her to kill Stein if necessary. Snart told her that Rip considered them as pawns who are expendable, however Sara told him she would kill Stein if necessary to save the future.

Snart and Sara infiltrated the prison, however Snart told her he would save Mick and she could get Stein. Sara was left by herself to save Stein. She managed to take down multiple guards but Stein got moved into the lab out of her reach. Sara took out a sniper and prepared to use his rifle to kill Stein, however Jefferson managed to get close and took out the power of the prison. Creating a massive prison riot, Sara could take the shot at Stein but Snart convinced her not to do it. Jefferson managed to save Stein, and the entire team made it out alive. The team shared a bottle of stolen vodka and they celebrated their first victory as a team. Sara mentioned to Rip that when serving the League of Assassins it was unthinkable to not take out a target. Rip complimented her and said that it was her humanity getting on top again. The ship was then attacked by Chronos and during the attack they got knocked out of the time stream.

Star City 2412[edit | edit source]

The team found themself in Star City and noticed the city was heavily damaged. As they wondered why there was Smoak standing on the Palmer building they learned that they were stranded in 2412. The Green Arrow appeared but he did not seem to recognize Sara or Ray and he attacked them. During the firefight Sara was skeptical that the Green Arrow was actually Oliver Queen. The team was forced to retreat. Sara questioned Rip about Star City being wrecked. Rip explained to the team that this future is not bound to happen, if they would defeat Savage and return back to their own timeline they can avoid any of this.

Sara arrives in 2412

The team deduced that they can use some of the Palmer technology to get the ship flying again. Sara insisted that she would come with the rest of the team to get the tech. Rip was against it as she is to connected to this city. Sara threatened to fight him if he tried to stop her.

Rip, Rory, Snart and Sara made their way through the ravaged town and Sara noted that this would never have happened unless her father and Team Arrow would all have been killed. As the team made their way to the former building of Palmer tech a massive firefight between two gangs broke out. The team hid away in the bus and they saw the Green Arrow engage the gangs. As the Green Arrow got shot Sara ran out to help him. Finding the Green Arrow she learned that he was in fact Connor Hawke, Oliver Queen had been killed and he had assumed the mantle of the vigilante. The two got confronted by Deathstroke, Sara asked who he was but learned the man was the son of Slade Wilson and had destroyed the city with an army and turned it into chaos. Rip, Connor and Sara were forced to retreat as his gang closed in on them.

Sara with Connor and Oliver at the Arrowcave of 2412

Connor explained to them that Oliver had tried to raise an army against Wilson but the city had started to evacuate. Rip tried to tell Sara to not get involved in this as this future could be prevented if they would take down Savage. Connor brought them to the Arrowcave where the technology of Felicity Smoak was stored. The team got greeted by Oliver Queen who was in his sixties and missing his left arm. Oliver argued with Connor and told him he was named John Diggle Junior, a name Connor did not want to use anymore as he had failed to save John Diggle.

Oliver told them that 8 years ago Ray and Sara had left and that the city could have been saved if they had been present.

At Smoak Technologies Rip tried to convince Sara that this future will be avoided after they take down Savage and Ray and Sara will be back to avoid the city from getting ruined. They found the technology but got attacked by the forces of Grant Wilson. As they were outnumbered, Snart and Rory showed up and helped them, however Connor got defeated and got taken away.

Sara wanted to save Connor, but Rip told her that this future will not happen. Sara however told Rip that she would save Connor as it was not sure she would survive her fight against Savage and that she might never return. Rip told her that she could go and help Connor, but the ship would leave in one hour. Sara went to Oliver but he did not want to help her as he was handicapped and lacked spirit. Sara encouraged Oliver and the two prepared to save Connor.

As Grant Wilson was about to publicly execute Connor, Sara and Oliver attacked him and his gang. During the fight the rest of the team showed up and helped Sara and Oliver. Oliver and Connor managed to defeat Grant and his gang fled.

Sara said goodbye to Oliver and Connor as they would try to save the city while she would work on stopping Savage. Sara thanked Rip for having helped her and Oliver. Rip mentioned that he had learned from her that each future is worth fighting for.

Marooned[edit | edit source]

As the ship needed a software update they got stuck in space. Sara and Snart played cards while she noted that Rory seemed angry at the situation and at Snart. The team received a distress signal from a ship and decided to provide aid. Jefferson, Rip and Rory checked out the ship but ended up captured by time pirates. Palmer, Snart, Kendra and Sara got contacted by the pirates who demanded they handed over the Waverider. Rip activated the Waverider to fight against the pirates.

Sara and Snart tried to fix a hole in the ship but got locked up by the ship as it tried to lock out the breach. Unable to open the security doors Snart and Sara started to suffer from hypothermia. They talked about how Sara experienced her death when she got killed by Thea. Snart told her how Rory saved his life in prison. Sara told Snart that Rory was stuck in a dark place and Snart realized that without him Rory could be highly dangerous to anyone around him. As they were about to freeze to death Ray saved them by sealing the breach.

They learned that Rory had escaped capture and was on his way to the Waverider. However, Rory had betrayed them and had brought a band of pirates to take the ship. As Rory demanded them to surrender the team fought back and engaged the pirates. Sara confronted Rory as he wanted to activate the timedrive. Rory told her he liked Sara, but then tried to kill her with his Heat Gun. Sara was able to disarm him and engaged him in a fight. Rory managed to disarm Sara and threw her to the floor. As he was about to shoot her, Snart showed up and incapacitated Rory.

The team managed to defeat the pirates and get the software needed for the Waverider. As they talked about how to deal with Rory now he had betrayed them, Snart told them he would handle Rory.

The Hawks at Harmony Falls[edit | edit source]

The team traveled to 1958 to investigate the appearance of Savage at this place. They discovered several people have been murdered by someone who appears to be an expert at knives. The team decided to split up and Ray and Kendra went to live in the house of a victim while posing as a couple. Sara and Stein posed as a nurse and doctor in the hospital. Rip and Snart posed as FBI agents.

Sara, Jefferson and Stein talked about this timeline and they noted that the town was not friendly towards black or bi-sexual people. Sara was hesitant about the use of posing as medical personnel but Stein liked it and ordered her around since he posed as her superior. Sara helped a nurse Lindsay Carlisle that was getting bothered by a doctor, the nurse showed her around the hospital and Sara learned that there were some special treatment rooms for certain patients and realized Savage was working as a doctor in the hospital.

As Sara searched offices, Carlisle approached her again and asked her to join her for a drink. The two talked, and Sara told her she should not stay in this town as there is a whole world out there. Sara mentioned that she knew the nurse was not into guys and that she knew she liked women. As the nurse was a bit uncertain, Sara tried to comfort her about her sexuality.

Stein interrupted Sara and told her she should not be seducing young nurses as in this time homosexuality is not accepted and it would only harm her to seduce her. Sara considered it to more like liberating the nurse. Sara talked to the nurse again and the two ended up kissing. Sara got struck by emotion and left.

The team learned that a meteorite had landed here similar to the one that gave Savage his powers. As Ray had stolen the dagger ,the team prepared to kill Savage. Sara noted that an all-out attack would not work against Savage and they decided Kendra would try to seduce Savage and then kill him with the dagger. Sara spoke with Stein and told him that she freaked out when kissing the nurse. Her kiss felt like she had been kissed by the first time and it made her realize how much she can hurt her feelings. As the plan to kill Savage failed, Sara was just in time to save the nurse from the patients injected with Hawk powers. The team managed to save the situation by working together. Sara met with the nurse. They kissed, and the nurse thanked her for helping her. They said goodbye, and Sara told her she might meet her again sometime.

As Sara, Kendra, and Ray went to the Waverider the ship suddenly took off and vanished, leaving the three of them stranded in 1958.

Return to the League of Assassins[edit | edit source]

Realizing that Chronos had taken the Waverider the three decided to leave. Sara told them to move out of Harmony Falls, or Savage could track them down. The three stayed in a apartment but after ten days, Sara told them they were not coming back for them as they all had been killed. Sara told them to accept the situation that they were stuck in this time. She wished them good luck as she had to find someplace where she belonged.

Sara made her way to Nanda Parbat and became a member of the League of Assassins. Ra's al Ghul was impressed by her progress and Sara learned how to control her bloodlust. Ra's told his daughter Talia to take example from the progress Sara had made.

In 1960, Rip entered her bedroom and told her he had come back for her. Sara quickly overpowered him and alarmed the guards who captured the rest of the team. Bringing them to Ra's al Ghul, she mentioned she had found peace here and as trespassers, they have to be executed.

The team got brought before Ra's al Ghul, who mentioned Sara had chosen for them. As Rip demanded a trial by combat, Ra's chose Sara to represent him. Rip chose Kendra to fight Sara.

Sara and Kendra dueled each other using swords. During the fight Kendra tried to remind Sara of who she was and knocked her down with a move taught by Sara. Sara was knocked against the wall as Kendra took her up into the air, but managed to stab her wings and defeated her. As Sara wanted to kill Kendra she was reminded of who she was.

Nanda Parbat was then invaded by Chronos who fought his way past the assassins. Sara told Ra's al Ghul to free the team to fight Chronos then tried to fight Chronos but got knocked down. Ra's agreed and freed the team. Working together, the team managed to overpower Chronos. As they were about to kill him, Snart ran in and revealed Chronos was Mick Rory.

Ra's deduced Sara was from the future as she clearly had already undergone the training of the League. Sara explained she believed the League was the only place where she could truly belong. Ra's al Ghul said her soul was divided between killing and showing mercy and the league is not for her. Ra's then released her from the League and gave her back her past life. Sara thanked him and told him to send his daughter to Lian Yu in 2374. Ras wondered why he would send his daughter Talia towards that island. Sara told him she meant his daughter Nyssa who was still to be born.

The Kasnia Conglomerate[edit | edit source]

The team set off to 2513 to the Kasnian Conglomerate. As of 2446 governments would turn more into corporations and outside the Conglomerate, there is a lot of poverty. Rip informed them that Vandal's rise to power would start here. In 20 years time he would take over the world and their mission is to investigate how so they can try to stop him.

The team looked around and Rip informed them over five years a ruthless dictator known as Per Degaton will rise and take control. The team saw robots flying around similar to the Atom suits killed a mugger as he tried to run off. Palmer wondered what had happened to his technology. Snart mentioned that executing criminals on the spot did not seem like a lot of progress. The team split up with Sara, Rip and Snart infiltrating a meeting where Savage would attend while Palmer and the others would investigate the origins of the robots.

Rip attended the meeting but Sara and Snart could not as they posed as his accountant and bodyguard. After the meeting Rip informed the rest of the team that Per Degaton will unleash a the Armagedon virus which will decimate the planets population. After preparing the world for conquest Savage will then kill Degaton and take control. Rip and Snart mentioned that if they kill Per Degaton who is just a boy now they will stop the rise of Savage.

The team has a heated argument if they should kill or spare this child since he will become a menace to the world. The team agreed to just abduct Degaton. Snart, Sara and Rip ambushed Degaton and his bodyguards as he was on his way to gymnastics. They put him in sleep at the waverider. Sara wonders about what he dreams and Gideon revealed she can see what they dream and knows Sara had a fantasy of a nurse last night. The team discussed what to do with the kid as Savage might still rise to power. Sara mentioned that Degaton might still be able to change. Sara spoke to the captured Rory about the situation and if they should kill the kid. She told Rory that Snart had spared him and reminded him of how they used to be friends.

Rip then departed with the jumpship while taking Degaton with him. Unable to find Rip the team waited and Sara talked to Snart and mentioned how he should perhaps talk to Rory about their situation. She reminded him about how they used to be partners and told him to talk with Rory.

Vandal Savage holding a knife on Sara

The Waverider then got attacked by armed forces led by Tor Degaton and Vandal Savage. The team engaged the troops and Ray managed to take out the robots. During the fight Sara got overpowered and captured by Savage who demanded they gave Rip Hunter or he would kill her. Rip showed up with Per Degaton and offered to trade Per for Sara. Per Degaton and Savage wanted to kill Sara and the team. Tor declined and forced Savage to let go of Sara and trade her for Per. The team retreated with the Waverider, and Snart managed to make Rory remember who he was and he rejoined their team. Rory warned them that since he had failed to take them out, the time Masters would now send highly ruthless mercenaries after the team to have them killed.

Laying low in the Wild West[edit | edit source]

Sara and the team arrive at Salvation

To avoid the hunters coming for them the team went to Salvation in the year of 1871. Rip explained that the timeline is constantly changing and this why Savage is hard to hunt down. By hiding in the Wild West they are in a temporary blind spot for the timemasters until the time has hardened. Rory expressed his fear for the hunters but Ray and Sara were quite excited to look around in the Wild West. As Rory mentioned he would look out for the group Rip agreed in that the group could spend some time sightseeing the old west.

The Waverider created clothing for the group to blend in this timeline. They also got provided with sixshooter guns as they would be unable to use their own tech to avoid changes in the timeline. Rip mentioned he would stay on the ship and put his time to good use to avoid the hunters. The group assured him they would not get in trouble but Rip had a hard time believing that.

The group went to the town and visited the saloon. Stein remembered the group that they should avoid trouble. Sara and Rory talked at the bar where Rory mentioned how he had not drank any alcohol while staying at the direction point while with the Time Masters. Sara asked about his time as Chronos as she believed it had made quite an impression on him and had changed him. Sara mentioned she had outdrunk any guy that had tried to get her wasted during her college years and Rory challenged her for a drinking game. Stein got into an agreement during the card game against another player who attempted to shoot him. Snart beat the man to the draw and killed him before he could shoot Stein. The killed man was part of a large gang and the gang quickly turned against the team. Stein and Snart tried to calm the situation down but the gang attacked the team.

In a massive brawl, the team took down the opposition and the fight then got broken up by Hex. Hex revealed that he knew they were out of the future and demanded to speak with Rip. The team learned that Rip had been in this time before and he and Hex were old friends. Hex told them that the team had killed a member of the Steelwater gang and that the gang will take revenge on the town. Rip told the team that they had placed the timeline at risk, but Palmer told them that they should save the town from the Steelwater gang as they were put together to act like heroes.

Sara talked to Kendra who told her she wanted to talk to a woman she had met in town and had given her flashes of her past lives. Sara told her she would accompany her. Traveling by horseback, Sara and Kendra talked and Sara mentioned she enjoyed the nature in this time as it was so pure and simple. Kendra told her she had more and more memory flashes recently.

They found a home and were greeted at gunpoint by the woman. Kendra and Sara tried to calm her down and they realized the woman was a former incarnation of Kendra. The woman told how she had met Carter's former incarnation before he got killed by Savage. Kendra asked about a bracelet that had been present during their first lives. The woman told Kendra that she should stop fighting destiny as they could not avoid getting born, meeting Carter, and end up murdered by Savage. The woman explained that after Carter had been killed she had tried a relationship with another man but it failed because Carter was her soul mate.

Back at the ship Sara comforted Kendra and told her that things might have gone wrong for her former incarnation but Kendra is someone else and she should live for herself and decide for herself if she would want a future with Palmer.

They joined the group as Rip was about to duel the leader of the Steelwater gang to finish the quarrel and set Jefferson free. Rip beat the leader on the draw and killed him with a single shot to the chest. After the death of the leader, the gang fled. However the hunting party of the Time Masters showed up and attacked them with their modern weaponry. As the hunters used modern tech the team used their own weaponry as well. A massive fight erupted which resulted in the team killing all the hunters. The team was a bit concerned about changing the timeline but Rip assured them that no one would believe what had happened. Back at the ship ,the team talked about their new destination. However Rip and Rory told them that the Time Masters had activated an order which resulted in a certain agent called the Pilgrim would kill them. Snart mentioned they could take her out, however Rory told him that the Pilgrim would not come after them but would try to kill their younger selves in order to erase them from the timeline.

Stopping The Pilgrim[edit | edit source]

Sara talks to her younger self and Mick's younger self

Gideon predicted The Pilgrim would target Mick Rory in 2342 and the exact moment. The team showed up at the house of Rory which had just been set on fire and killed his parents. Rory was watching from a distance at the burning house and got saved just in time by Palmer as The Pilgrim was about to kill him. The team brought the young Rory on the ship and made up a story that they worked for the secret agency A.R.G.U.S.. Sparring with Kendra, noted how she had made improvement on her combat skills. Kendra told Sara that she had not yet told Palmer about her conversation with her prior incarnation. Sara mentioned that perhaps she should be honest with Palmer.

The team learned from Gideon that The Pilgrim had now traveled to Starling City in 2373 to kill Sara. Sara and Rory went to the SCIS station where The Pilgrim took out Quentin Lance and the SCIS officers and was about to kill the younger version of Sara. Sara intervened and engaged The Pilgrim in a brutal fight at close range. During the fight Sara managed to disarm The Pilgrim from her gun, however The Pilgrim deprived Sara of her batons and began to overpower her. Sara was able to throw the Pilgrim to the floor despite the latter's powers, with the Pilgrim recovering her lost firearm. However, Mick was able to blast the Pilgrim before she could shoot Sara. Older Sara put younger Sara in the cargo with younger Rory. As the team discussed how to deal with The Pilgrim, Rip mentioned only Kendra and he were safe and The Pilgrim had now concealed her ship, which made all of them vulnerable as they did not know when and where The Pilgrim would try to kill them. Sara noticed younger Sara and Rory fighting and broke it up. She told younger Sara that she should trust her as she tried to keep her safe.

The team was barely able to save Palmer as The Pilgrim tried to kill him in 2380. They then discussed that their best option was to keep themselves safe was to abduct themselves as babies. Rip mentioned that the risk was that if they did not brought their younger selves back in time their timeline would get damaged beyond repair. Sara talked to Kendra who told her she and Palmer were now engaged. Sara and Kendra then worked together and abducted baby Snart in 2345, while they both were amazed at how cute baby Snart was. Rip brought the team and their younger selves to his adopted mother who had raised him. The team was doubtful but Rip explained this place was a refuge and in a unknown part of history, the Time Masters would not be able to find them here. Rip explained that the Time Masters fill their ranks with orphans and that his mother would be able to take care of the children.

Legends fight the Pilgrim

The team got contacted by The Pilgrim, who demanded that they surrendered themselves to her or she would kill their loved ones and everyone they ever cared about. Rip countered her offer by offering his younger self so that if she killed him the team would never be found. The team went to an outpost to make the trade. The adopted mom brought the younger self of Rip to him. The Pilgrim showed up and told her she would kill as many people as needed to complete her mission. During the trade, the team attacked her. However, The Pilgrim was able to stop all of their energy attacks with her hands and freeze them all in time. But the younger Rip stabbed her which distracted her and she got reduced to dust by the combined energy attacks of the team. Sara talked to Quentin on the ship. He mentioned that he would always knew that she would end up caring for people and protecting them. He then swallowed a pill that made him lose memory of the events that had happened.

Rip explained that the time of their younger selves is now getting reset and that since they are out of time they have to attack Vandal Savage fast. The only place they know where to find Savage is at 2532 when Savage is at the height of his powers.

2532 Reign of the Monster[edit | edit source]

The team traveled to London in 2532 three days before Savage would murder the family of Rip Hunter. After they avoided the artillery shooting at the Waverider, they landed down and Rip selected Sara, Rory and Snart to assist him as Savage would be giving a speech in front of his army that evening. The team listened to his rousing speech and then followed him. The female associate of Savage spotted Snart but the team was still able to ambush Savage his team of bodyguards. Snart and Rory exposed Rip to distract the bodyguards and then engaged them. During the fight Sara fought the female and Kendra told her to get the bracelet the female was wearing. As more bodyguards showed up the team was forced to retreat.

At the ship, Rip was angry as Rory and Snart nearly got him killed. Rory responded that he never mentioned it worked perfectly. Sara and Kendra told the team about the bracelet and that since it was worn during the first death of Kendra, it could be used as a weapon against Savage. Gideon informed the team that what was left of the resistance against Savage was nearby. Rip and the team would visit them while he ordered Sara and Kendra how to find out how to kill Savage with the bracelet.

Snart and Rory created a plan to steal the bracelet by walking in the citadel and taking it from the female. Sara and Kendra decided to check the research on Savage. Kendra was touched as they saw Carter's weaponry, but she mentioned that this time she is with Palmer. Sara mentioned that perhaps such a long time relationship might be hard to forget. Kendra remembered of how in a past life his mace and told Sara that she might know how to kill Savage.

Snart and Rory brought the female and the bracelet and revealed she was the daughter of Savage, Cassandra Savage. Sara mentioned that Cassandra could be a risk as she could give Savage vital information about them and their ship. Rory suggested they could cut of body parts of her and send it to Savage to force him to surrender. Stein mentioned he did not want this as he preferred to keep his honor during this war, after which Rory remarked he wanted to keep his life. Sara mentioned she could also have vital information over Savage his empire and Snart told them he would talk to her.

Melting the bracelet, the team was able to weaponize Carter's mace so it could harm Savage when wielded by Kendra. However they soon realized the Leviathan (an enormous robot) was coming for them and the refugees. The team took in as much refugees as they could but they then got attacked by the robot, who hurled them through the air and forced them to crash. As the Waverider needed time to recover, Rip suggested they should escape with the jumpship before the robot would kill them. However Stein refused to leave the refugees and then went in shock. Palmer managed to make himself and the suit bigger and engaged the Leviathan and killed him after a long fight. Meanwhile, Snart managed to convince Cassandra that Savage was a monster and had caused the deaths of thousands.

Cassandra led Rip, Sara, Kendra, Rory and Snart in the bunker of Savage and talked to her father. However he quickly saw through her lies and realized she had turned on him. Cassandra told her father that he was a monster but a squad of his bodyguards came in. Kendra attacked Savage while the team engaged the bodyguards. The team learned Carter was one of the soldiers of Savage and was loyal to him. Kendra was unable to kill Savage and the team took Savage prisoner and locked him up in the Waverider. Cassandra joined the resistance to aid them against Savage's forces.

Towards the Vanishing Point[edit | edit source]

At the Waverider, the team discussed how to deal with Savage. Sara, Snart and Rory wanted to kill Savage as he was a threat to everyone and killing him was the plan since the start. Stein wanted to avoid killing, and Kendra did not want him dead until they have reversed the brainwashing of Carter. Rip mentioned they found out Savage had used technology from a century later and was able to travel through time, since this was forbidden they would bring him to the Time Masters and he would be convicted for illegal time traveling, justifying the actions of Rip and his team.

Sara questioned the speed the Waverider was moving and wondered if Rip was not pushing the Waverider too hard. As Rip mentioned Savage was a threat and as soon as they reached the Vanishing point, all would be well. However the ship then stopped working as the time drive had failed. Rip told Sara to check on Savage as he would restore the time drive.

Sara talked with Savage who asked if she had spoken to her sister Laurel Lance. He mentioned that he had studied the team and had learned a lot about them. Vandal mentioned that Rip would lead them to their deaths as he had chosen them because they could be manipulated by him. Sara mentioned she did not believe his lies and then left Savage.

Rip and Sara learned from Gideon that the timeline was unchanged and that his family was still about to die. Sara told Rip that Savage told her he would sacrifice the team to save his family. Rip told him that Jefferson was damaged by radiation and that it might be because he exposed him instead of himself. Sara was shocked as she mentioned Rip was caring more about himself then his crew.

Snart and Rory confronted Rip and told him Savage had to die as he was the threat. They mentioned they had lost faith in him after what happened to Jefferson. Rip told them they could take the jumpship to get back to 2532. Snart and Rory said goodbye as they went to the jumpship but Sara mentioned she would stay with Rip. As Stein had used the jumpship to send Jefferson away in an attempt to save his life, they were unable to leave.

Palmer walked in and told them Savage had escaped. Gideon mentioned that Carter had been set free as well. Gideon then fell out and Rip told Sara and Stein they would have to help him navigating through the timestream. Palmer, Snart, Kendra and Rory got send to take out Carter and Savage. As Savage was winning the fight Rip came to their aid and left Sara to pilot the Waverider. With Carter regaining his memories and turning on Savage they managed to knock out Savage and capture him. Sara learned that in the process Rip had injured himself while shielding Kendra from a laser shot.

The team got contacted by the Time Masters as they got near the vanishing point. Rip told them he would justify his actions which were considered crimes by the Time Masters. As Rip brought Savage to the Time Masters, the team stayed at the Waverider. Sara played cards with Snart, who suddenly realized there was something wrong and told them they had to hide.

Retrieving free-will[edit | edit source]

Snart and Sara hid in the Waverider to avoid the soldiers looking for them. Snart mentioned that he had checked every inch of this ship to check if there is anything to steal in case things got wrong. Snart told her they should leave with the Waverider and fight their way out of it. When Sara refused to abandon the team. Snart aimed his gun at her and told her he would kill her if she would not help him. Sara told him she did not believe him to be a killer anymore as he had stopped her from killing Stein in Russia. Snart mentioned he only did that because she did not seem a killer like him. As Sara dared him to shoot her, the phone rang. Picking up, Sara found out it was Gideon who had avoided getting deleted by the Time Masters. Sara told her to tell her war stories later and wanted to learn where the rest of the team was. Gideon told her they were alive for the moment.

Sara and Snart put electronic devices on the other ships as part of a plan of Gideon. Snart was highly skeptical, but kept helping her. At the Waverider, Sara got annoyed with Snart as he played with his ring. He told her it was a reminder of his first job he had done with Mick. He told her he kept it as a reminder that the best plans can fail because at their first job after weeks of planning they had been forced to abandon the job and he had only managed to snag this ring. With the time drive back online, Sara and Snart flew away in the Waverider. As the Time Masters tried to follow them, the devices sabotaged their ships and they were unable to take off. Splitting up Sara fired the Waverider at the place where the team was held captive, allowing Snart to burst in and save them.

The team back in the Waverider they tried to take off but the Time masters used remote control trying to force the Waverider to land. Rip told Sara to keep piloting the ship as she was doing a great job Mick was able to use his Chronos suit to over ride their order and the team took off. Rip informed the team that the Time masters used the Oculus to seeing the future and that every action of the team so far had played exactly what the Time masters wanted them to do. All their attempts at killing Savage and the death of Rip’s family had all been part of the plan. He also mentioned that he watched in the Oculus and saw Ray Palmer getting killed. The team talked about what to do now and mentioned that each action could get anticipated by the Time masters. The team decided that their best move might be to try to destroy the Oculus and destroy the ability of the Time masters to manipulate them. Rip agreed and told them they would try to get their destinies back.

Snart met up with Sara and invited her for a game of cards. He apologized for having threatened her but she told him he was a jerk. He asked her what she thought of the plan of Rip but she mentioned it all seemed pre-determined already. Snart told her he always considered himself like a guy that did not play by the rules, but each of his steps had been manipulated by the Time masters. Sara told him she felt responsible for all the things she had done. Snart mentioned it were the things he had not done that kept him awake at night. He flirted with Sara and asked about their future together. Sara coldly replied that he must be a really good thief if he is able to steal a kiss from her.

Sara and Rip Hunter at the Vanishing Point

As the team arrived at the Oculus Stein explained the Oculus took his energy from a supernova. As the team made their way to the Oculus they got ambushed by the soldiers of the Time Masters and Time Master Druce. Rip told them what the Time Masters did was just cold blooded murder. As the soldiers were about to kill them Jefferson showed up and shot them with the jump ship. Jefferson and Stein merged and the group made their way to the Oculus.

Palmer, Mick and Rip prepared to blow it up while Sara and the others held off the soldiers. While preparing to blow it up Palmer realized he had to keep a safe switch pressed to make sure the Oculus would explode. The team realized that whoever would keep it pressed would die in the blast. Mick knocked out Palmer and ordered Rip to take him away while he would sacrifice himself. Snart told Mick to go but as he refused he asked him for forgiveness before knocking him out. Snart then went on to keep the button pressed himself, ordering Sara to leave with Mick. As Sara realized he wanted to sacrifice himself for the rest she kissed him farewell and then took off with Mick. At the Waverider the team was grieving for the death of Snart. They mentioned he was a hero as he had died to set them free from the Oculus. Rip confirmed that since the Oculus was destroyed they now had their free will back thanks to Snart.

At the Waverider, the team grieved over Snart's death, with Sara even shedding a tear hinting she more than liked Snart. They mentioned he was a hero as he had died to set them free from the Oculus. Rip confirmed that since the Oculus was destroyed, they now had their free will back, thanks to Snart's sacrifice.

Killing the immortal[edit | edit source]

Rip brought the team back to 2389. He explained that the timeline is now unclear and Savage is gone in his timeship, because of this he will leave them in May 2389 five months after they departed with him. The team refused to let him leave alone, however Rip revealed he deceived them with a holograph and is actually already on the ship. Rip flied away and the team is left behind.

Going to the Arrowcave Sara saw her father. Quentin revealed that the rest of Team Arrow is after Darhk.

Sara meets the rest of the team who have made a beacon to signal Rip to get back. Rip showed up in the Waverider and the team is a bit angry at him but wants to join him again to take down Savage. Rip mentioned he did not make a lot of progress but that he did not make any problems like the ones they caused during their missions.

Sara furiously attacked Rip and held a knife at his throat. She blamed him for bringing her back too late, she demanded him to bring her back in time so she could help Team Arrow. As the team tried to calm her down Rip stunned her and locked her up in the holding cell. Rip talked to her and told her that by taking her with him on his missions he had actually saved her. If she had been present with the confrontation against Damien Darhk Laurel as well as Sara and her father would have been killed. Sara told him she could not do this without her sister. Rip comforted her and told her she was one of the strongest persons he knew and that Kendra and Carter could still be saved.

Gideon told the team Vandal Savage had traveled to France in 1944. The team attacked him and his forces as he was intercepting a German convoy transporting a meteorite. A massive fight ensued between the team, Savage’s forces and the Nazi soldiers. Jax managed to free Kendra and Carter but as they escaped Kendra got shot and captured by the soldiers of Savage. Outnumbered Rip ordered the team to retreat as they would try to save Kendra later.

At the ship Carter was confused about the situation as the team tried to remember him about his past life where he was part of the team. Carter told them Savage was collecting three meteorites which contained technology from another species. The team learned that Savage wanted to use Kendra and Carter’s blood in a ritual to erase time and bring the entire world back to 1700 BC.

Stein figured out that Savage wanted to explode the meteorites in three different time periods in which the Earth was aligned with Thanagar. Savage contacted himself in the other time periods, then traveled to 2387 to cause the explosions at the same moment in all the three time periods. Stein explained to the team that the meteorites had given him immortality but because he would expose them in three different time periods at one he would make himself vulnerable. Stein explained that they could split up in three teams and kill all three versions of Savage at once. Palmer and Rory in 1958, Sara, Stein and Jefferson in 1975 and Rip, Kendra and Carter in 2387.

Sara fighting Savage

Sara, Stein and Jefferson watched themselves as they fought at the auction and Stein and Jefferson flew away with the armed nuclear bomb and absorb the explosion. As Savage activated the meteorite Jefferson, Stein and Sara revealed themselves. Savage tried to shoot at Sara with a rocket launcher but Jefferson and Stein blocked the shot. Sara blocked the throwing knives thrown at her and engaged Savage in close combat.

Using her staff against the knife wielding Savage Sara managed to gain the upper hand, after disarming him she then killed him by breaking his neck with her staff. The meteorite was about to explode but Jefferson and Stein managed to use their new found power and changed the meteorite into water. Sara jokingly remarked that they made her boots wet. They regrouped in 2387 but the meteorite there had advanced to far in the radiation. Palmer was unable to shrink it and Jax could not transform it. Rip told them that the earth would get blown up by the meteorite. As the team tried to think of a way Rip transported the meteorite on the Waverider and threw it in the sun. Rip returned with a timejump and explained what he had just done. The team talked about the situation and Rip informed them his work was far from done as he would now have to protect the timeline since the Time Masters were disabled. Rip asked the team if they wanted to join him.

Sara talked with her father and told him she wanted to help him with Darhk. Her father told her that it seemed the work she had done with Rip was important as well. Sara remembered how it was Laurel who convinced her to join the team of Rip as she would not have gone without her. She would continue her work for Laurel.

The team went back together, only for Kendra Saunders and Scythian Torvil to tell them they would not join the team as they wanted a new start. After saying farewell they both flew away. The team wanted to leave but then they noticed another version of the Waverider which crashed from the sky. A unknown man stepped out of the ship and asked if this was 2389. He then told them that if they left in the Waverider they would all die. As Rory questioned him the man told them that it was he who had send him to 2389. Rip asked him who he was and he identified himself as Rex Tyler, a member of the Justice Society of America.

Guarding the timeline[edit | edit source]

Replacing the Time Masters the team began to undertake several missions in order to keep the timeline secure. The team went to France in 1637 to avoid King Louis getting assassinated by Cardinal Richelieu’s men. Posing as a servant Sara was with the Queen who that day would have intercourse with the king that would produce his heir. If this would fail the timeline would get disturbed. The Queen asked about Sara's pendant and then began to seduce Sara. Giving in to the Queen's advances Sara and the Queen began to make out on the bed. Meanwhile the team fought Richelieu's assassins who were in possession of highly advanced weaponry from the future. The team defeated the assassins and Sara told a confused King Louis that the Queen was ready for him. Jax made a teasing remark but Sara told him to shut up.

At the ship the team evaluated their situation and Sara remarked that the Cardinal’s soldiers had been armed with laser guns. Rip mentioned that Sara should not have seduced the Queen to which Sara replied that it was the Queen that had seduced her. As they argued Gideon reported that there had been a timequake. A change in the timeline had been caused and in 1942 an atomic bomb had destroyed New York. As the causes of the change still had to move through the team talked about stopping the event. Rip mentioned Rex Hunter had warned them they should not go to 1942. Sara and the others mentioned that they could not do nothing or New York would get destroyed. Rip was skeptical and mentioned that things could perhaps go even worse if they interfered. Sara told him she had it under control. Talking with Gideon who told her Damien Darhk was in New York during 1942. Ray Palmer showed up and Sara hid the information. Palmer mentioned he was worried since her sister was attacked, Sara told him she was fine. The team learned Einstein had gone missing just before the attack in New York and they realized Albert Einstein had been abducted into helping the Nazis in building the bomb. The team then traveled to New York 1942. As the others were looking for Einstein Sara told them she was going to visit an ancestor. However she went off to hunt for Damien Darhk. When she found him she was prepared to shoot him with a gun but got interrupted by Ray. They then saw that Darhk was meeting with Nazi's and was supplying them Uranium to build their atomic bomb. She explained she wanted to kill Darhk in 1942 so he would never be able to attack Laurel in 2389. Ray mentioned it was better to first track the uranium before killing Darhk. Sara reluctantly agreed and the two headed back to the ship. Having taken Einstein to safety the team learned that the timeline had not changed and New York was still about to get destroyed. They learned Einstein’s ex wife Mileva Maric had been abducted and she was a nuclear expert as well. The team learned Darhk was in New York as well and Ray told the rest of the team Sara was secretly trying to kill him. Ray accused Sara for being irresponsible in trying to change the timeline. Sara in turn shot back that he was just a rich boy in a suit, acting like a boyscout. The team then decided they could track Darhk as he had spend a lot of time with uranium by Ray's suit.

Sara fighting Damien Darhk

The team tracked Darhk and the Nazis as they were about to board the ship with Einstein’s ex-wife Mileva Maric and they moved to stop them. Sara attacked Damien with her bo staff, however he easily fended her off and mentioned he recognized her technique as taught by the League of Assassins. Sara kept trying to fight Damien but was outmatched by the superior fighter who disarmed her and knocked her down. Rip ordered the team to retreat and Sara obeyed and escaped the scene. Using the Waverider the team chased Darhk in his submarine containing the nuclear bomb. Darhk was able to fire the torpedo containing the bomb towards New York. Without any other options Rip decided to use the Waverider as a shield to stop the torpedo. Realizing this might kill them Rip transported the team out of the Waverider to different periods in history.

Sara ended up in Salem in 1693. Joining the community she began a relationship with another woman which got her accused of witchcraft. A rioting mob captured her and prepared to hang her. However Sara broke free and prepared to fight them. The team showed up and picked her up. Sara got introduced to their newest member Nate Heywood. The team learned that Rip Hunter was missing and were unable to find him anywhere in history.

Gideon gave them Rip’s final message in which he complimented them as the best crew despite their individual flaws. He gave them the responsibility to now guard the timeline by themselves. The team convinced Einstein to contribute part of his discoveries to his ex wife Mileva Maric which would keep them both safe from the Nazis.

Sara told Palmer he was more than just a boyscout and he assured her there would be justice for Laurel. As the team wanted to leave they got confronted by the Justice Society of America.

Becoming the new Captain[edit | edit source]

Sara in the JSA Headquarters with the Legends

Nate Heywood tried to talk with them. However he got knocked down by Commander Steel, prompting a battle between the two teams. Sara engaged Vixen in a hand to hand battle, being able to keep up with her. Sara was able to knock her down but she got blindsided by Stargirl who attacked her with her staff. This allowed Vixen to recover after which she swiftly defeated Sara. Overpowered and captured the Legends got taken back to their headquarters where they argued, showing their disorganization to the JSA who still didn't believe their story about being time travelers. However, Nate proved it when he revealed that he was the grandson of Commander Steel as he had his dogtags on him. The team then met Rex Tyler again though he claimed to not know them. Rex then got called by the President and the JSA received the order to go to Paris to take out Krieger. The Legends offered to help but the JSA told them they didn't need their help.

Back on the ship, the Legends were amazed at the JSA's teamwork and efficiency and they deduced it was because they had an actual leader, unlike them now. Stein mentioned he would be a fine leader and Sara agreed since they could use some adult supervision. Sara talked to Nate who was impressed that he had met his grandfather. Sara told him it was time to get him home as their work was far too dangerous for an untrained historian without any powers. Nate then noticed the dogtags were gone and the team learned that history had been changed and the JSA would get killed during their mission in Paris. Sara noticed a injury on Nate's chest as he changed but he shrugged that he must have sustained it during the mission. With Stein pretending to be Max Lorenz the team infiltrated the Nazi nightclub in Paris. Though, after they found Vixen, their cover was quickly blown and a fight broke out just as the rest of the JSA arrived. Revealing that history had changed, the JSA decided to work with them. The teams learned that Krieger would go to a certain exchange point to retrieve the Askaran Amulet which would have some sort of powers.

Rex Tyler and Sara aboard the Waverider

Sara then noticed that Nate was still bleeding from a cut he got hours ago. She realized he was a hemophiliac and that he would be vulnerable to minor wounds. She then ordered him to stay back during the missions. The teams ambushed the Nazis at the extraction point but during the fight Krieger took something that transformed him into a creature and enabled him to take down the team and capture Ray and Amaya. Back on the ship, the teams argued about what to do next about their captured teammates even though they managed to get the amulet. Stein then said that the decision should be with Sara as she was the only one keeping a level head and was the right choice to be their captain. She decided to lead a rescue mission against the Nazi base and they managed to save their friends as well as defeat Kreiger and stop his production of the super serum but Nate was injured. Ray, who had stolen the serum and made adjustments to it to give himself powers gave it to Nate instead and saved him. The Legends left the amulet with the JSA and left 1942.

High tech shogun[edit | edit source]

As the team traveled on the Waverider Vixen managed to sneak on board. Vixen began to systematically subdue the Legends and Sara got knocked out with a surprise attack. Vixen fought Rory and using her Totem she was about to kill him. Heywood stopped her using his newly found ability to turn himself into steel. Sara questioned Vixen who told them Rex got murdered and with his last words told him his killer was a time traveler. Vixen believed Rory had been the killer but Sara convinced her this was not the case as he was loyal to the cause of the Legends. Sara explained that they had to found out the real killer if they had a change to stop him from killing Rex. They then saw Palmer blasting Heywood to test his metal. As they began to exchange punches the door of the ship got knocked open. The team tried to close the door but Heywood fell overboard into the timeline. Palmer tried to save him but got lost as well.

Sara took back control of the ship and ordered Gideon to find out where Palmer and Heywood went. The ship turned out to be heavily damaged and Stein and Jax stayed on the ship to repair it while Sara, Vixen and Rory began to track down Heywood and Palmer. Vixen was hostile towards Rory calling him a thug who cared only for himself. Rory mentioned he was loyal to the team since they saved him as well. The two then got into an argument if Ninja actually existed which Rory believed did. Sara told them both to stop talking or she would dump them somewhere in time. Dressing up in Japanese the three tracked Palmer's suit. Vixen tried to convince Rory that Ninjas were not real and secret groups of assassins did not exist. Sara told her she was a ninja herself. The group entered a castle and thought they had founded Palmer. However it was the local Shogun who had donned Palmer's suit. The Shogun's right-hand man introduced himself and challenged them for single combat.

Sara fights against the ninjas

Sara accepted and fought him using her batons against his sword. Sara was unable to deal with the man's fighting style and got overpowered. As she was about to get killed Vixen saved her by knocking the man away. The Shogun replied by using the blasters from Palmer's suit and the Legends retreated. On their way out they found Palmer and ran off. The Legends found Heywood who was with a woman intended to marry the murderous Shogun. Heywood told them the entire history was at risk now he had the Atom's suit. Sara took charge and made a plan to defend the village while ordering Palmer to train Heywood in summoning his metal form when he needed it. After having taken the villagers to safety Sara talked to Vixen about her history and how she gained the Totem. As the Shogun and his troops attacked the village the Legends engaged them. Sara confronted the right-hand man and his warriors. He asked her who her master was and she claimed she did not have one. As his warriors attacked Sara quickly killed them using their own swords against them. A new wave of warriors surrounded Sara but Vixen helped her and both women fought side by side fighting waves of Samurai. During the fight Sara saved Vixen and Rory showed up wearing a Ninja suit, exclaiming that Ninjas did exist. Sara ended up fighting the right-hand man again. This time she used a sword as well as a knife and was able to kill him in a single stroke. The other Legends managed to defeat the Shogun but blew up the Atom suit in the process. Back at the ship Sara asked Stein and Jax how they fixed the ship and the group then took off to a new destination.

Zombies in the Civil War[edit | edit source]

The Legends received a distress signal by a time pirate who had stranded in Mississippi 1863. Sara noticed that Stein was now calling her Sara instead of Miss Lance. The Legends realized that the pirate or his technology could cause massive change in the timeline. Sara ordered Ray to stay on the ship while the rest of the team would go in the field. Sara informed the team that their objective was to secure the target and destroy the ship. Vixen complained about the dresses she and Sara were wearing to blend with the time period. Sara shut off the communication devices as Ray kept commenting on the time. Finding the ship Rory set it on fire and destroyed it. As the team wanted to leave they saw an Afro-American getting chased by Southern soldiers. Despite the objections of Jax Vixen wanted to interfere. Sara ordered Stein and Jax to take out the soldiers. The legends realized the man they were chasing was a former slave who was now providing information for the Union army. The man introduced himself as Henry Scott. Vixen wanted to stay and help but the rest of the team wanted to leave. The Southern soldiers rose back up like zombies and charged the Legends.

A massive fight ensued in which the Legends managed to kill the zombies but Henry Scott ended up fatally wounded. With his last words he gave them his message to deliver to the Union troops. Back at the ship the team informed Ray about the zombies and learned that this originated from a bio weapon from the ship of the pirates. The team then learned that Rory had been bitten during the fight and was now infected. Sara and the team learned that the timeline had changed and the Union army had surrendered against the South. They learned that Henry Scott was supposed to deliver vital information that would help the Union army to tip the war in their favor.

Jax offered to steal the information in Scott's place to save the history. Sara agreed when he offered that Vixen would help him. Sara and Nate then took out to fight the Union soldiers. Nate told Sara that since gender equality was still hundreds of years away it would be best if he took the lead. The two of them got captured by Union soldiers and Sara remarked that he could do the talking. They got brought before General Grant who threatened to kill Heywood as he tried to tell him he was a colonel without uniform. Sara quickly took over and told him that a horde of zombies was preparing to attack the Union army. As the General was skeptical, Sara told him she would show him and if she would not return he could kill Heywood. Sara founded a group of zombies outside the camp of the Union soldiers. She killed one and brought the still growling head towards the General and convinced him about the threat. As the camp got attacked Sara advised the General while the soldiers kept the zombies at bay.

She tried to get help from Stein and Ray but they were busy with Rory who had turned into a zombie.

Sara in the Civil War

Heywood, General Grant, and Sara tried to come up with a plan as the ammunition was running low and the zombies would overrun their defenses. Sara noticed a large amount of nitroglycerin and came up with a plan. Sara ordered the soldiers to cover the lights and Heywood used a torch to lure the horde of zombies towards the nitroglycerin. Turning into his metal form Heywood ignited the explosives and killed all the zombies in the explosion. The Legends reunited and gave General Grant the information that would help him save the war. Jax said his name was Henry Scott to restore the history. General Grant spoke with Sara and spoke about how Heywood had told him she had some trouble putting her people in harm's way. He gave her some advice and referred to his own experience as a military commander and that he was now willing to make the decisions because he believed in his men.

Summit at the White House[edit | edit source]

At the ship Stein and Jax argued as Jax believed they could reshape history for the better. Sara told them that their job was to protect history not change it. Using a device of Heywood the team found out a change in history was about to occur in 1987. The team realized this moment was vulnerable as the INF treaty was signed which ended the cold war. Sara planned that Palmer and Vixen would seek the help of the JSA who had a training base in Washington.

The Legends arrive at the state dinner

Sara, Rory, Stein and Jax infiltrated the White House. As they realized Damien Darhk was there as the President's advisor Sara shut off her com wanting to assassinate him. As she pulled out a knife she got caught by a secret service agent who wanted to detain her. Rory knocked the agent out and Palmer tried to persuade her that this would be unwise. As more secret service agents showed up Palmer and Rory engaged them in a firefight. The team was forced to retreat and went back to the ship.

Stein and Jax criticized her for trying to kill Darhk which would have massive changes in history. The team realized that it was probably the other time traveler that had made Darhk to become an advisor to the president. Stein mentioned that both Sara and Vixen should stay focused on their mission of protecting history. Sara told them that Laurel resurrected her and that she wanted to protect her from Darhk as well. The team tracked down Darhk and Sara wanted to stay back to avoid clashing with Darhk. Palmer and Rory tracked him while Darhk met with a Russian in the park, plotting a plan to blow up the treaty. A young Stein stumbled into their meeting. Stein talked to Damien who stabbed him as he found out Damien was conspiring with the Russian KGB agent. The current Stein also fell down with a stabbing wound. The team put both Stein's under treatment from Gideon who restored their injuries. The older Stein argued with his younger self that he had left Clarissa.

Todd helped them to infiltrate the state diner where Damien would be present. Sara told Palmer and Stein she would try to stay on course as Stein told her she had now become a captain and was not just an assassin anymore. At the diner Sara and Vixen spoke and Sara asked if she would kill Rex's killer if she would find him. Vixen told her she was a member of the JSA and she was not a vigilante. The team found out Damien was meeting in the basements of the White House. As Darhk made the deal the Legends confronted him, ending up in a fight with the KGB agents and the H.I.V.E. soldiers. As they realized Damien had planted explosives Sara ordered Ray to detonate them. Sara chased Darhk but got stopped by a massive Russian. Sara was able to topple the Russian and found Darhk who had been cornered by Vixen and Todd.

Darhk shot at Vixen forcing Todd to shield her and ending up injured while doing so. Sara disarmed Darhk and confronted him. He recognized her from New York 1942 and mentioned he believed her to not have aged because of the Lazarus Pit. A fascinated Darhk wondered how she could be so angry since he could not remember having done anything to her. Sara told him she would not kill him but that all his schemes about the Ark and his operation Genesis would fail and he would suffer as his wife would die and he would lose his senses. As she spoke, a speedster suddenly picked up Darhk and raced away. Sara showed Heywood she had swiped the item Darhk had received from the Russians. Both of them hugged and the team reunited at the ship.

Back in the West[edit | edit source]

At the ship the team spoke about the situation with Darhk and that he worked together with the Speedster. The team realized the amulet looked a lot like the one from the Nazis. Heywood deduced the Amulet was at least several thousand years old but there was not a single reference about it. Sara told him that since he was the librarian he could do some more research to the amulet. The machine noticed another time-quake in Arizona 1874. As the Legends investigated they found several outlaws preparing to hang Hex. Heywood confronted the outlaws and they began to shoot at him. As Hex hung on the rope Sara used a rifle to shoot the rope and avoid him getting choked to death.

The Legends approach Jonah Hex and Nate Heywood

Sara talked with Hex and told him that history had changed and he was never supposed to hang. They informed him Rip was missing and Sara was now acting like captain. Heywood told the team Turnbull was now controlling large amounts of land which was a change in history. The team went to the town and Sara send Rory in the saloon to have fun, knowing he would cause massive amounts of problems which would lure Turnbull. Sara told Maya to make sure Rory would draw Turnbull to the street for a fight. She then ordered Heywood, Jax and Palmer to infiltrate the base of Turnbull as tax collectors.

Sara spoke with Hex and learned that he had a personal problem with Turnbull. Vixen told Sara Rory and Turnbull had became friends and were now drinking together. An enraged Hex went to the saloon to take down Turnbull. Turnbull wanted to shoot him but Sara disarmed him with a whip and a massive brawl ensued between the Legends and the patrons which were all on Turnbull's side. Sara wanted to retreat as Turnbull used Dwarfstar ammunition during the firefight. Rory confronted Turnbull who shot at him. Heywood shielded Rory but got heavily injured as the bullet pierced his metal skin.

The Legends brought Heywood back to the ship where Gideon began to nurse him. Sara was angry at Hex for having started a fight and not following her plan. He explained to her that Turnbull burned his entire village and Hex had been the only survivor. Sara told him that she had a vendetta as well but that she would help him take down Turnbull, she mentioned that screwing up is an essential part of survival. Palmer explained that Turnbull is using the railroad to transport Dwarfstar material and that Turnbull wanted to blow up a pass to avoid the army invading his country.

Sara was sceptical about their changes but Palmer told them that courage was the mastery of fear. Sara told Heywood, Jax and Palmer to block the train and they would take down Turnbull. Covering her face Sara infiltrated the camp of Turnbull having pretended she had captured Hex. Turnbull explained to Hex that him killing innocent people was long time ago and he had a large purpose now. As the mine got blown up Hex violently beat down Turnbull however he decided to spare him to face justice. At the ship, Sara and Hex shared a drink as he told her Turnbull would got to jail. Hex told her to stay out of trouble but Sara told him that was unlikely.

Invasion of the Dominators[edit | edit source]

The Legends received a message from Felicity in 2389, asking for their help. Nate and Amaya stayed in the Waverider while the rest met with Team Arrow and Team Flash in Central City. Barry introduced them to Kara Danvers/Supergirl, an alien superheroine from Earth-38. The group exchanged names and they learned that an alien species called the Dominators had landed on Earth. The heroes took a vote on who should be in charge and selected Oliver, but he preferred that Barry should be the leader on this one. The team sparred against Kara to prepare themselves against the Dominators. Kara easily defeated them, turning Sara on.

Sara after finding out Barry changed the timeline

Barry later confessed to the teams that Martin and Jax had founded a message from the future from him on the Waverider, admitting that he had made a mistake. Barry revealed he had traveled back and changed the timeline to save his mother. Undoing it caused changes in their lives, including the erasure of Sara Diggle, who was replaced with John Diggle, Jr. in the new timeline. Sara became angry and pointed out that changing the past, even with good intentions, had consequences, reflecting how she chose not to kill Darhk even though it could save Laurel.

They traced the signal the President was carrying on his person. Rory mentioned he would not call Kara Supergirl and would refer to her as Skirt if he needed her help. The teams founded the president but it was a trap and a Dominator was waiting for them. He talked with them through telepathy and then killed the president in front of them. Before the team could react he activated a device which rendered them helpless.

The teams evaluated what had happened. They mentioned that they forgave Barry for what he had done. Suddenly a Dominator ship beamed Sara, Oliver, Typhuss, Diggle, Ray, and Thea up and captured them. Strapped into a series of connected machines, Sara and the others were placed into a shared hallucination of a fake reality. In this reality, the Queen’s Gambit didn't sink and none of the other events that transpired from it had occurred. Oliver was engaged to Laurel, who was still alive. Sara and Oliver never had a secret affair, and Sara shares a strong bond with her sister.

Sara met with Laurel the night before her wedding. As the sisters caught up, Sara had an unexpected reaction to Laurel's new canary medallion, much to her confusion. At the rehearsal dinner, Sara and Laurel had drinks together while Laurel expressed her worry about Oliver's commitment in light of his recent behavior. Sara assured Laurel that Oliver loves her and joked he never got together with the former since she preferred women. Sara was then introduced to Ray, triggering memories of their time together with the Legends. Thrown off, Ray wondered if they met before but Sara brushed it off and denied it.

The next day, Sara helped Laurel get dressed for the wedding ceremony when Oliver barged in, wanting to speak with Laurel. Sara angrily warned Oliver he was lucky that she was "not a trained assassin or anything" as she left the room. Shortly after, Sara noticed Oliver, Typhuss and Diggle being attacked by Deathstroke outside in the garden. She intervened and disarmed Deathstroke of his sword before killing him with it. Sara then expressed shock about the fighting skills she possessed. Oliver and Diggle explained they were trapped in some illusion. Initially in disbelief, Sara remembered their fight against the Dominators, realizing the four of them, along with Ray and Thea, were kidnapped. They realized the exit was most likely at Smoak Technologies, a place that should not exist in this world. That evening, Sara spoke with Ray and helped him begin to regain his memories. Sara then tried to talk to Thea, only to realize she already knew about the fake reality and didn't want to abandon it, despite Oliver's pleas. The group then prepared to leave without Thea.

Sara bids goodbye to Laurel in the Dominators' reality

In the garden, they were suddenly confronted by enemies from their pasts: Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk, Deathstroke, a H.I.V.E. Ghost, and a Mirakuru-enhanced soldier. Thea then joined the group, having changed her mind. They attacked their former foes and Sara engaged Damien in combat as he taunted her about killing Laurel. After killing Malcolm, Thea shot one of his arrows towards Sara, who used it to stab Damien through the stomach, killing him. Once the heroes won the battle, Laurel ventured outside and asked Sara what was going on. Sara sadly explained she needed to leave. Laurel tried to plead with her to stay but Sara refused, admitting they couldn't fix this. She hugged Laurel before departing in tears.

The heroes arrived at Smoak Technologies, where they discovered a glowing portal. Upon escaping the hallucination, they found themselves on the Dominators' mothership. Oliver used a weapon to fend off some approaching Dominators while the team fled. They were able to hijack a ship with Thea's help and flew away. A multitude of Dominator ships attempted to recapture them but the Waverider showed up and brought them to safety. Sara took Diggle to the medical bay to heal his gunshot wound. Gideon translated some Dominator speech Ray heard and the heroes realized the extraterrestrials were building a weapon in preparation of their attack on Earth.

Back at the base, the teams went through what had happened. Oliver opted that they perhaps could capture a Dominator for questioning. Nate told them that at Redmond, Oregon in 1951, there was an attack on the United States Army by the Dominators and they could travel back in time to kidnap one. Felicity, Mick, Nate, Cisco, and Amaya would travel in time to 1951 while Sara, Oliver, Typhuss, Ray, Diggle, and Barry would meet with the new president, Susan Brayden. However, several SCIS agents showed up instead.

Oliver asked their leader who he was but he mentioned that he would kill them if they would learn who he was. As the agents drew their weapons Barry disarmed them. After a quick fight the team defeated them and they questioned the leader. He mentioned that the aliens consider Meta-humans like Barry as a future threat. The leader told them that in 1951 they had left but because Barry had interfered with time he had broken the truce with the Dominators, who now wanted to take him. If Barry would surrender himself to the Dominators they would leave the world in peace. The team learned from the Dominator captured by the others that they would use a weapon that would kill all meta-humans if Barry would not surrender himself.

A large group of Dominators ships began to appear on different places on Earth. Sara told the team to contact the Dominators. Cisco learned that by saving the Dominator in the past, he himself had interfered with the timeline.

The group stopped Barry from leaving and inspired him to stay with them. Sara and Cisco used the Waverider to intercept the Dominator ship carrying the bomb that would kill all meta-humans. The other teams engaged the Dominators on the ground and Barry began to plant devices on them that would incapacitate them. Sara and Cisco stopped the bomb and Stein and Jax were able to transform it into water. The teams were able to defeat the Dominators and chase them away. In a secret meeting, Susan gave a speech honoring the heroes in front of a secluded audience. Sara and Mick commented on Susan's attractiveness.

The teams had a celebration party together, for which Sara brought her own alcohol. Afterwards, Oliver and Sara talked about how all of this had started with the two of them. Sara asked Oliver if perhaps it would've been better if they had not boarded the Queen’s Gambit. Oliver noted that in a certain way, the Dominators' reality was a gift since it probably showed how their lives would have been like. The two embraced and parted ways.

Gangs in Chicago[edit | edit source]

Sara found out Ray and Nate were wrecking the cargo hold during their training sessions and told them to stop it. She explained to Jax that it was probably some form of sibling rivalry. The alarm sounded and Gideon announced another time aberration. The disturbance was in 1927 in Chicago. Rory remarked that there was no drinking at the time. However Heywood explained there was a lot of illegal gambling, drinking and prostitution. The time checked out the place looking for the disturbance. Sara told Stein to stop Eliot Ness who was being escorted by two officers wanting to kill him. Stein got distracted and Sara was upset. The team learned that the timeline had changed and instead of getting arrested Capone would become a politician. The team raced to the dock where Capone dropped his enemies in the river. Confronting Capone and his gangster squad the team swiftly send them on the run and Vixen saved Ness from drowning.

Gideon restored Ness's brain damage and they learned Gideon had also helped Rory. The team decided one of them had to impersonate Ness and perform the actions he did. Sara decided Heywood would perform this. Rory did not wanted to go undercover as he was done playing dress up. Sara decided Rory would stay on the ship while Sara, Jax and Stein would go undercover in the club of Capone. Sara went undercover as a waitress while Stein and Jax pretended to be customers. Stein tried unsuccessfully to buy an alcoholic drink but got a club soda. Damien Darhk confronted them. Before Sara was able to do something the Speedster overpowered her and took her away in just a split second. Sara woke up tied down to a chair together with Stein. Malcolm came in and told Sara that he offered to change the past if she would give him the amulet.

He explained to her that him blowing up the Queen's Gambit had set everything in motion. If that would change she could live a normal life and all the events on Lian Yu, League of Assassins and the death of Laurel would be avoided. Sara told him she was meant for this and that changing time would not be an option for her. Saying that the timeline was sacred. Malcolm told her that if she would change it she would never knew it. Sara told that she would take a real nightmare over a fake dream. Stein was impressed by her discipline and she told him that he had been a good teacher for her. Sara questioned Stein about his strange behavior and he explained that by giving his younger self advice he now had a daughter.

Sara mentioned his daughter was not real but he said he began to remember all the time he had spend with her. Angry Sara told him it was he who had convinced her to not change history to save Laurel. Darhk came in and told them he was going to torture them. Sara expected to be tortured but instead he took Stein away. The Legends came in and saved Sara. As they wanted to leave they got stopped by Capone and his crew. Capone explained how the only way to calm down for him was to kill people. He tried to shoot them but Heywood blocked the shots and Rory knocked him out.The Legends returned to the ship. Sara talked with Stein who was now acting strange. Heywood tried to get her away but Stein stopped them. Revealing himself to be the speedster he knocked them down and then ran off. Opening the door the speedster allowed Al Capones's goons to enter the ship.

The Legends in Chicago

Sara confronted Malcolm on the bridge who demanded her to give him the amulet. The two ended up in a fight. Malcolm pinned Sara against the central console and scolded her for not taking his offer. As he was about to kill her Sara rallied and knocked him down. Wanting to kill Malcolm he offered to give her the location of Stein if she would not kill him. Accepting his offer Sara learned the location and appeared just in time to save Stein, taking out Capone and his goons. At the ship Sara told Stein that some things are more important than the timeline and she would help him protect her family as well as his.

Finding Rip[edit | edit source]

Heywood found out the medallion was special because like the Spear of Destiny Jesus's blood got on it which made it a magical item. The team found out the Legion of Doom wanted it because it could change reality. Heywood explained that changes to reality are permanent and cannot be undone like time quakes. Heywood told them that there had been a quake in 1967 where two bikers had been beaten to death by someone trained in the ways of the League of assassins. The team traveled to the time as they realized Merlyn and Darhk were on the trail of the Spear of Destiny.

The team found Rip Hunter who was confronted by Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn. They engaged them in combat. Sara ordered the team to take Rip away however he did not seemed to recognize them and refused to follow them. As the cops showed up the team retreated back to the ship while Rip was arrested. At the ship the team talked about how it was possible Rip did not remember them. They realized Rip most likely had the spear of Destiny and they had to bust him out of jail before the Legion got to him.

Stein posed as a psychiatrist while Rory and Sara acted as nurses while they infiltrated the police station. Rip panicked as he saw them and did not recognized them. Sara tried to calm him down but as he kept screaming Rory knocked him out and they transported him away. The group was forced to escape through the backdoor as Merlyn and Darhk entered the police station. Rip woke up and freaked out. As Rip did not believed them he was stunned when the Waverider disappeared in front of him. Merlyn and Darhk caught up to them but the Legends were able to escape with the Waverider.

At the ship the Legends learned that Rip's neurological system had been reprogrammed and he now had another identity. The Legends learned that this was impossible with any existing technology. Gideon told them Rip had retrieved a piece of wood before his disappearance and the team realized this could be a piece of the spear. The team learned that since George Lucas had now stopped filmmaking he would never make Star Wars and Indiana Jones. This resulted in Heywood and Palmer losing their knowledge, since it was George Lucas's movies that inspired them to start their careers.

Sara talked to Rip Hunter and tried to remind him how he had inspired him. Rip told them what she told him sounded just like the screenplay he was writing. Jax mentioned how his screenplay seemed to give hints to where the spear could be. Vixen, Palmer and Heywood went to George Lucas to talk with him however they ended up captured and forced to the garbage dump where the spear was. Sara and Jax showed up just in time as Darhk was about to shoot one of the captured Legends. Sara engaged Darhk in single combat, though he had the upper hand.

Legends vs Legion

As she was about to get defeated the other Legends retrieved their abilities and came to their aid. Using their combined powers and abilities they were able to turn the tide of the battle. Reverse Flash showed up and knocked them down. As they were about to get killed Rip showed up and seemed to remember who he was again. He tried to shoot at Reverse Flash but his gun jammed. Rip ordered the Waverider to shoot at the Legion of Doom while the Legends retreated. Sara and the others went on board but the Speedster was able to snatch Rip away and take him away. Without a choice, the Legends flew away. Later, Sara was blaming herself for not having been able to save Rip. Jax told her that she was capable of doing everything she put her mind to and that they would find a way to retrieve Rip.

Vixen wanted to find out who the speedster was while Rory wanted to trade the amulet for Rip. The team went to Star City 2390 where Stein's daughter could help them figure out the medallion. They deduced the speedster was from the future and needed the spear to change reality. Heywood suggested the speedster could be a temporal time aberration and he constantly had to flee to avoid getting erased. Stein mentioned how it could be Eobard Thawne and that he was still alive. As the team waited for Gideon to find another piece of the spear they noticed another time aberration. In 1776 George Washington had been killed and England had won the war. Sara realized it was a trap but they had no choice but to intervene. They learned that Washington was in Pennsylvania on Christmas Eve at the time of his murder.

Washington, Sara and Mick encounter Rip

The team infiltrated the house and Sara had a short conversation with Washington. Redcoats wielding modern weaponry attacked the house and the team engaged them. Suddenly an EMP like weapon shot down all their weapons and Rory's weapon was no longer working and Palmer was trapped in his miniature state. Sara and Rory managed to get him out of the house however they were confronted by Rip Hunter. Rip shot Sara in the stomach and left her to die as she fell to the ground and began to bleed out.while he and a band of redcoats took Rory and Washington away. Jax brought Sara to the ship but because of the EMP the ship's technology was not working. Jax and Martin tried to stop the bleeding using a towel but without Gideon this was hard as they couldn't get the bullet out. Sara explained Rip had turned on them and told Jax he was now in charge before She lost consciousness. Martin tried to stabilise her while Jax went to work.

Stein later was able to remove the bullet from her and once the bleeding had stopped and she was stitched up she began to wake up but Rip managed to break in the ship. As Sara woke up Rip attacked Stein and began to strangle sara in an attempt to force Jax in telling him where the piece of the spear was. Jax tried to make him stop hurting Sara and reminded him of who he was. Rip seemed surprised Jax expected him to care about her. sara struggled weakly to get him of her but he tightened his hand around her neck crushing Sara's windpipe and stopping her breathing. once Stein woke up realized Just in time Sara could still be saved. He started CPR. As the power went back on Gideon was able to recuperate and heal Sara as her brain cells were still functioning.

Sara chased an enraged Jax who had just cornered Rip and was about to shoot him. Sara told Jax not to kill as it was Christmas and they should try to be their best selves. Jax lowered the gun and Rip walked off with the spear. The rest of the team had saved Washington and restored the timeline. Rory had inspired Washington so much that he called him the perfect American and had made a statue for him. The team celebrated Christmas together. Sara gave a rousing speech and told them they were not just a team but family. And they would defeat the Legion since no one fights like family.

Camelot[edit | edit source]

Sara and the team found another disturbance in Detroit 3000. As they arrived they found the killed Doctor Midnight who had written RIP on the floor with his own blood. The team wondered about what had happened. Maya blamed Sara for letting Rip escape. Sara said her team went for tactics but Maya told her that this perhaps why they lose so much. Gideon found out the other fragment of the spear was in England 507. The group prepared to move but Heywood complained that their clothing was not correct. As they went through the forest they got surrounded by knights led by Queen Guinevere. Using his knowledge of King Arthur stories Palmer identified the knights as belonging to Camelot.

The Legends enter the court of Camelot

The group identified themselves as friendly and got brought before King Arthur. King Arthur was suspicious of their intentions and summoned Merlyn to identify if they were speaking the truth. Merlyn was revealed to be Stargirl. At the ship Stargirl told them they had received a final mission from Rip Hunter. He gave them all a piece of the spear of destiny and then spread them out through different time periods. Stargirl told them she had decided to aid King Arthur and his knights of the round table.


During a banquet Sara complimented Guinevere on how she had ambushed Sara in the forest. Guinevere explained that she was a warrior before a queen. As King Arthur returned he suddenly took Stargirl hostage. Damien Darhk and Rip revealed themselves and explained that they had used a device to keep Arthur under control. They demanded the fragment of the spear. Guinevere broke free and a massive fight ensued. During the fight Arthur killed Sir Galahad. Demian threatened to make Arthur kill himself if they would not stop. He told them to hand them the spear soon or he would come at them with an army of knights under his control.

Sara explained to Guinevere that Arthur was being controlled and that he could be freed. Guinevere was uncertain and confused. Sara explained that it could be hard to suddenly become the leader but that Guinevere was capable of solving this. Maya decided to steal the fragment of the spear against Stargirl's wishes. Sara asked if she really wanted to betray her former teammate. Maya used her amulet to pull the sword out of the stone and it was revealed the piece of the spear was at the tip of the sword. Stargirl came in and a conflict started between Maya and Stargirl. Sara was able to convince them to stop. The group learned Palmer had decided to aid Guinevere in battle. They understood he was going to become a legendary knight but was going to die on the battlefield. Sara wanted to leave this time period but Rory disagreed and wanted to aid Palmer. The group convinced Sara to aid Guinevere in her fight against the controlled King Arthur.

Sara told Rory, Stein and Jax to find a way to stop the mind controlling device. Sara, Heywood and Maya joined the massive battle and fought the army of knights led by Rip and Darhk. As Rory stopped the mind control King Arthur recovered and attacked Rip. He was able to kill his horse and severely injure Rip. Damien abandoned Rip but was chased down by Palmer. As Rip was close to dying Sara stood over him and took him to the Waverider. Palmer fought Damian but got shot. However it was revealed he had hit suit under his armor which allowed him to survive the blast.

Sara said goodbye to the queen. Who said they owed Sara Lance a lot. Sara kissed the queen goodbye and the team left. Infiltrating the facility the team failed to turn Stein as he broke the energy blaster when it got pointed at him. Thawne was alarmed and prepared to destroy the spear in front of them. However, before he was able to Snart, Rory, Merlyn and Darhk showed up and stopped him. Thawne tried to convince him that he was right but Snart blasted him and a massive fight ensued. Sara managed to get a hold of the spear but was attacked by Merlyn. After a fight Merlyn disarmed her and Rory got the spear. Both sides tried to convince Rory to hand them the spear. Rory blamed Snart for treating him like his underling and handed Vixen the spear.

Retrieving Rip Hunter[edit | edit source]

At the ship Heywood noted how important their work was. His grandfather could get killed by the Legion of Doom and they would be able to change reality itself if they would get the spear. Rip was able to make Gideon obey him. As Gideon locked the ship down the team managed to regroup and Sara ordered them to capture Rip while she and Jax would try to regain control over the ship. They managed to regain control but it caused the ship to crash. Gideon informed them that they were in the Cathasius period since it had been the oldest destination the ship had ever visited. In order to leave the team would have to find the delineator that had been lost during the crash. Sara send Palmer, Heywood and Maya to retrieve it.

Sara wanted to regain the old Rip and Rory told them that the Timemasters used a method cognitive intrustion to brainwash people and they could reverse effect it on Rip. Two people would have to enter his brain and would have to find the old Rip. Sara decided she would go alone however Jax insisted he would join her. The two entered the mind of Rip and moved through the Waverider. They saw Vandal Savage's soldiers move through the ship and armed themselves. Sara then got confronted by a duplicate of herself that knocked down Jax.

Sara fought her duplicate in an intense fight however the duplicate managed to defeat her. As the duplicate was about to deliver a finishing blow Jax shot the duplicate with his blaster and knocked her out. The two continued their search through the ship and encountered evil versions of Palmer and Rory. Sara told Jax to keep going while she would hold them off. She tried to fight them, managing to briefly fend of Ray before quickly beating Rory, knocking him to the ground with a kick. She then turned her attention back to the evil version of Ray, though he used the strength of his Atom armour to detain her. Sara told Ray that it was all just a hallucination and not real.

Ray knocked her out and locked her up in a cell with Rip. Sara learned that the real Rip was locked in his cell while his brain was ruled by an evil version of himself. She managed to convince him to fight back and that he was able to control his brain. They managed to break out of the cell and found Jax and Gideon in her human form. Sara remarked how Gideon looked hot and the group prepared to leave. They got confronted by evil Jax and evil Sara. Sara fought her evil duplicate again while Jax fought his. As they fought Sara was outmatched as the duplicate used the same techniques as Sara. Sara nearly got her neck snapped but was able to escape her hold. The two kept fighting and the duplicate told her it was hopeless. Sara was able to beat her and said that they were real. Jax and Sara found Rip but got again confronted by their duplicates. Rip was able to regain control of his mind and forced the duplicates away. The team managed to safely escape Rip's mind. In the ship they managed to repair everything and reflected on what had happened. Rip thanked Sara for what she had done and apologized for what had done while under the Legion's influence. The team met on the bridge and prepared to find the next piece of the spear.

Sara and the group found out that Rip had put Commander Steel in 1965. The group traveled to the moment where they had separated but were unable to find him. Vixen told the group that Steel would be hard to find since he was an expert in camouflage and concealment. The team deduced that commander Steele would aim for a job that allowed him to e adventurous as well as patriotic. They found out he had managed to become the head of the NASA program in 1970.

Sara decided that they would infiltrate NASA. Rip found Steele but he decked him as he was furious about having lost his family because of Rip's mission. Commander Steel explained how he had hidden the piece of the spear on the moon. The team learned that the Apollo 13 had not exploded and was moving towards the moon. Sara and the team realized history had changed and went after the Apollo 13 with the Waverider. Jax and Stein stayed on NASA posing as English specialists. Ray infiltrated Apollo 13 and realized Thawne was onboard and had sedated the other astronauts. Thawne and Ray engaged in a fight in which the ship was damaged and crashed on the moon. Sara ordered Jax to cut the feed or NASA would see what was happening on the ship.

Ray managed to overpower Thawne with his suit and recovered the piece of the spear. The Waverider got hit by a rain of meteoroids as they shielded the Apollo 13. Sara and Rip got in a heated argument about past decisions but then the meteorites damaged the ship. Ray worked together with Thawne and was able to restore the ship. As they entered the Waverider Sara and the team locked Thawne up. The Waverider's launch system went offline and the team had a hard time solving the problem. Ray asked Thawne for advice and he told him how they could solve the problem. The team was distrustful of Thawne but Rip asked Sara to make the decision as she was the captain of the Waverider now. Sara asked Ray if he trusted Thawne after which they decided to follow his advice. As they landed one of them had to open the door manually in order for the ship to not crash as they entered the atmosphere.

Sara wanted to do it but Rip insisted he would do it himself. Commander Steel had already moved to the door and asked what he needed to do. Heywood begged Steel to let him do it as opening the door would suck him out and kill him. Steel asked Heywood to tell his son he loved him and then opened the door, which sucked him out. As they landed Thawne used his super speed to escape the ship and left. Sara talked with Rip who admitted it was hard to see she had become a better captain than he ever was. He realized he now had to find out who he was and Sara replied he was an outcast much like them. The two shared a drink together.

One spear to rule them all[edit | edit source]

The team reflected on their situation. Rip told the team that the Legion of Doom had their base of operations at the Vanishing Point.

Sara with Mick Rory at the Vanishing Point

The team infiltrated the Vanishing Point and used the pieces of the spear to find the remaining piece in possession of the Legion.

Rory had a moment of emotion as he was reminded of Snart, who had sacrificed himself for the others. Sara comforted him and told him he had died to save them all.

Sara after retrieving the Spear of Destiny

Jax managed to find the piece and the team escaped before Thawne realized they were there. At the ship the spear reunited itself and Rip explained that the pieces of the spear were longing to each other and were meant to be whole. Rip explained that they should not touch the spear as it would try to make them use it. It would draw on their weaknesses, desires and regrets. Rory asked them what was wrong on it as they all desired this. Rip told them absolute power corrupts and that is why they tried to destroy it. Rory burned the spear but it remained unscathed. Rip told them they had been unable to destroy it.

An inscription on the spear revealed it could be undone by the blood of Jesus like it had been born from. The Legends deduced that they would need the blood of Jezus Christ. Rip told them they could not interfere with the life of Jesus, as it was one of the crucial moments in history which could not be interfered with. Heywood suggested another option and told them that Tolkien had found out a knight Gwain had obtained the blood of Jesus Christ and had been buried with it in Northern France. The Legends traveled to Northern France 1916. The team traveled there and Sara coordinated them from the ship as they looked for Tolkien in the campments of the allied forces. Vixen was distracted by all the wounded and dying soldiers.

Heywood and Rip found Tolkien and brough him to the ship where they healed him from his fever. Heywood and Rip told them that their group was on a journey to destroy an object that threatened everyone. Sara talked with Vixen who was shocked by learning that her village would get burned to the ground and her daughter would turn in a refugee. Sara explained that her granddaughter would become a hero. Rory became angry as he had seen Snart and the spear was calling him to change destiny. Sara stopped him and told the team they would go to a church where the knight was burried. However they got confronted by Damien and Snart who had been brought back from the past.

Jax was angry at Rory who had spoke to Snart earlier about their plan to destroy the spear as he had believed he was an illusion. The team expressed concern that Rory would switch sides to the legion because of his friend Snart. Tolkien had took a map from the grave which revealed the location of the blood. However, there was a massive battle on the location. Vixen came in with the spear and said she wanted to use the spear to change reality. Rory supports her but Sara explained that the spear was just too much power to wield and that is why they had to destroy it. Rory, Rip, Jax, Stein and Palmer supporter her and Vixen hesitantly agreed. The Legends tried to agree a truce between the Germans and British however it was not working.

As the British charged at the German trenches Sara, Vixen, Rory and Heywood moved as well.

With an impressive speech Stein was able to create a temporary truce and make the fighting stop. As they found the blood Damien and Snart showed up and Rory was in doubt what to do. Sara wanted to take the spear and fight Damien however Rory refused to give it to her. Rory changed sides and gave the spear to Snart. He offered Vixen to join him but she refused. As the Legends wanted to attack Snart threw a grenade which caused the fight to continue. As Snart, Damien and Rory were moved away Rory mentioned he was sorry.

The team fled and Vixen was angry at Sara that they had not used the spear. The team realized they had never truly trusted Rory and this might have caused him to betray them.

New reality[edit | edit source]

The Legion had changed reality using the spear and Sara and Vixen were now working as Darhk’s personal enforcers. Darhk was now mayor of Star City and they had killed many vigilantes including Green Arrow, Red Arrow, Spartan, Wild Dog, The Flash, Black Canary, Ragman. Capturing Felicity Smoak after a lengthy chase they brought her before Darhk and executed her. Darhk ordered the couple to find Rory who had a change of heart and had turned against the legion. Tracking Rory down they fought him, Heywood and Palmer. During the fight Heywood tried to convince them but Maya and Sara were not impressed and kept trying to kill them. Maya fled the scene and Sara got shot with an energy gun that restored the effects of the spear.

Turning back to normal the group talked about how they could get Amaya back. Sara feigned to still side with the Legion of Doom and made her way to City Hall. With Leonard, Merlyn, and Damien present Sara tried to leave with Amaya. However a suspicious Damien decided to test Sara by asking her which of the heroes were her favorite kill. Damien gloated about how he had enjoyed killing Laurel, just as he did in the original reality. Sara lost control and angrily attacked him. Damien used his magic to restrain Sara and ordered Amaya to kill her. However, Sara was able to shoot Amaya with the memory gun, restoring her memory. The two fled the office and regrouped with the other Legends.

As Damien spoke about how he had enjoyed killing Laurel Sara lost control and attacked him. Damien used his magic powers to control her and ordered Vixen to kill her. Sara was able to shoot Vixen with the energy blaster and turned her normal. The two fled the office and regrouped with the other Legends.

The team retrieved Jax and found out Thawne was working on technology to destroy the spear in order to make sure this reality could not be changed. The team prepared to steal the spear. Sara offered her apologies to Vixen as her reluctance to use the spear had caused this situation. The team still blamed Rory for what he had done and refused to take him along on their mission to retrieve the spear.

Eobard destroys the Spear of Destiny

As Amaya tried to use the spear to fix reality, Leonard froze her with his cold gun and smashed her body to pieces, much to the team's devastation. A recovered Thawne took the spear from Leonard and threw it into the reactor, destroying it. Thawne gloated that this reality was now permanent but that he would not kill the Legends, as he enjoyed leaving them trapped in this world without them having any change of doing something about it. Thawne then allowed them to leave the facility. Back at Nate's mother's house, the team reflected on the situation and thought about how to find a solution. They realized that traveling back in time to 1916 to aid their past selves might be their only option.

Confrontation with themselves[edit | edit source]

The team contacted Rip and the Waverider who were revealed to have been shrimped down to function as a paperweight on a desk. The team broke into Thawne’s lab in order to retrieve the exo-suit of Palmer. They got confronted by Damien Darhk but Rory was able to knock him out. Using Palmer’s suit they were able to bring the Waverider back to normal size again. The team returned to France 1916 in order to stop themselves. Rip was sceptical and mentioned that if they would get in contact with themselves they could risk destroying the timeline itself.

Jax asked what would happen if their former selves would destroy the spear to avoid the changed reality. Rip replied that if that would happen their current selves would no longer exist anymore and they would wipe themselves out.

Sara said that in order to save the world they would have to save themselves. Palmer was able to get to the blood of Christ but was confronted by Thawne who destroyed the vile of blood. Sara told Palmer to run but Thawne killed him by ripping his heart out. Rip stopped Sara as she wanted to move in and told her Palmer was dead. At the Waverider Rory calmed them down and said that Ray was just an aberration and still alive in 1916. Sara told the team they should steal the spear from their past selves.

Trying to avoid contact with their former selves Sara send Rip, Heywood and Rory into the Waverider of their former selves to steal the spear.

The former Sara confronted the three of them as they walked into the ship but they talked their way out of it and went for the spear. The three former selves came for the ship and Sara tried to stop them from entering the ship to avoid them confronting their future selves. Former Sara found out that future Sara was talking to them and ordered the three to attack her.

The future selves explained to their past selves what had gone wrong and that they had decided to stop themselves in order to stop the alternate reality. Future Sara spoke to her past Sara who was angry that she had made this happen. Past Sara asked why she should not use the spear but future Sara said it was too dangerous to use.

The Waverider got attacked by Snart, Malcolm and Darhk and as they tried to make a time jump they created a timestorm that caused the ship to crash. The future team prepared to fight the Legion so the past team could escape towards the other Waverider. During the confrontation Future, Rory, Jex and Heywood ended up killed. Sara fought Darhk in a swordfight and was able to knock him out. As they got to the ship Thawne showed up with several past versions of himself. The team was losing badly against the speedsters but Sara was encouraged by Rip that she was strong enough and used the spear.

Sara reunites with Laurel when using the Spear's powers

Using the spear, Sara received a vision of Laurel at the latter's apartment, where they just had a movie night. Quickly realizing this wasn't real, Sara expressed her belief of being "damaged", realizing that her experiences with the Queen's Gambit, Lian Yu, League of Assassins, and Laurel's attack could all be undone with the spear's powers. However, Laurel affirmed that Sara wouldn't change reality, with her past suffering having led to this moment. She explained that the spear needed someone who would to do the right thing. Sara tearfully pointed out that doing the right thing meant she will never get her sister back, but Laurel promised she's "never too far away". The two embraced and Sara returned to reality.

Thawne took the spear from her and prepared to erase all of them existence. However Sara told him that she had changed destiny a little bit and made Thawne unable to use the spear. As Thawn wanted to kill her Black Flash attacked him and killed him. Thawne as well as the spear ceased to exist and disappeared. Future Sara spoke to her past self and told them that Legends never die. She then disappeared as well leaving Sara and her team behind to fix things.

Sara returns Damien Darhk to his place in time

As the Legends returned the Legion of Doom's members to their time periods, Sara personally brought Damien back to Florida in 1987, where Thawne had plucked him from. Damien pointed out to Sara that if he were to follow his original path, then it would lead to him attacking her sister. However, Sara was unfazed by his words and knew she made the right choice, explaining that she and Laurel have both accepted the latter's attack. When Damien wondered how she could possibly know that, Sara just smiled in response as she used a Memory flasher to wipe his memories of the future.

The Legends travel to Aruba before crash landing in an alternate Los Angeles 2390

After returning to the Waverider, Sara caught Rip trying to sneak off the ship. Rip explained he is planning to take a leave since the team is working just fine without him and he is unable to teach them anything more. Sara gave him permission to depart. With the Legion of Doom defeated, Rory suggested the team go to Aruba to celebrate. As they made to jump, the Waverider suddenly flew around uncontrollably in the timestream before crashing at Los Angeles in 2390. Seeing futuristic buildings and dinosaurs, a shocked Sara realized they "broke time".

Returning to normal life[edit | edit source]

As the Legends tried to figure out how to fix the now disheveled timeline they were nearly attacked by a T-Rex only for it to run into a portal leading back to its own time period. Various portals soon opened up with Rip himself stepping out of one to explain to the group that their services were no longer needed as Rip revealed to them that in the time that he had left ( which Sara pointed out was only 15 minutes ago but 5 years for him) that he had established the Time Bureau a more organized and professional team able to fix time anachronism without the extra damage the Legends usually caused and relieved them of their duties along with the ship. Six months later Sara got herself declared legally undead again and began working at a department store in Star City where she found herself despising both her boring and routine job and her unbearable manager who she fantasized about killing constantly.

Back in action[edit | edit source]

While working Sara got called by Rory who was on Aruba and had just met with Julius Caesar. Sara instantly quit her job and went looking for the other Legends. She met Heywood and Palmer who were also unhappy with their lives and the three decided to hunt the time anachronisms down in order to prove themselves to Rip. Sara used a badge she had stolen from an agent with whom she had slept with to find the base of the Time Bureau. As they entered they immediately got threatened by agent Ava Sharpe and several other agents. Sara taunted Ava her hostile attitude and then disarmed her from her gun. Rip Hunter was able to calm everyone down and the Legends explained they had found a time anachronism. Rip informed them about the Time Bureau and revealed that the Waverider was now used to train new agents. The group then went to the control room to look for Julius Caesar.

A group of Time Bureau was sent through a portal and managed to retrieve Rory but a guest dressed like Caesar instead of the real one. Rip expressed his disappointment towards Sara and mentioned that the Legends were no longer useful. They were like using a chainsaw during brain surgery. Sara and the Legends found out that Caesar still was in Aruba and stole the Waverider from the Bureau. They got Stein and Jax back and the Legends decided they wanted to restore the timeline again, mostly because they were bored with their normal lives. They then tracked Caesar to a party. Sara fought Caesar in single combat and was able to easily beat him despite him wielding a sword.

Sara challenges Julius Caesar

At the ship the Legends doubted if they should Caesar back to his place in history or to the Time Bureau. Sara had a talk with Caesar who was humiliated by his defeat at her hands. She asked advice and he gave her an inspiring speech about chasing greatness. Sara changed her mind and the Legends brought Caesar back to the place where he had gone missing after erasing his mind. Back at the ship they found at the timeline had drastically changed as Caesar had now conquered the entire world. Heywood realized Caesar had stolen his history book and had used it to his advantage to rule the world. Rip, Ava Sharpe and several agents entered the ship and told them they would fix it. Rip scolded her for trying to solve it herself and told her the Time Bureau was better than them.

Ava Sharpe and several agents tried to remove the history book but Sara recognized it as a trap and Ava got captured by Caesar. The Legends performed a rescue mission and Sara fought side by side with Ava against the Roman legions. After they solved the situation and restored history, Ava replied that she still thought them to be incompetent. Sara and Rip agreed that the Legends would hunt anachronisms down. Sara and Rory shared a drink as they celebrated that he was joining them again.

Fixing Anachronisms[edit | edit source]

Palmer found out an application to his suit that allowed him to shrink objects and organisms. The Legends looked at several anachronism, Sara wanted an easy one because Ava Sharpe would want to see them fail so they took an anachronism in Wisconsin 1870 in the circus. They explored the circus and found out the anachronism was a sabertooth tiger. As Ray tried to shrink it he accidentally enlarged it and the now massive tiger broke free and escaped in the woods. As a result, the anachronism grew worse. Sara decided to retrieve Amaya from 1942 so she could help them take down the sabertooth. The Legends welcomed Amaya back but there was still tension between her and Heywood.

P.T. Barnum's circus

Sara and Amaya tracked down the sabertooth, shrunk it and brought it back to the ship. When they returned they found Heywood sleeping while the rest was gone. They went back to the circus where Sara spotted someone watching them. Sara took him down and it was revealed to be Gary, an agent of the Time Bureau. Sara questioned Gary at the Waverider and he admitted agent Sharpe had send him to spy on them. Sara forced Gary to hide the situation from Sharpe however she did not believed him. Ava Sharpe entered the ship and Sara confronted her while Stein and Rory went to save the other Legends. Ava told her she was there to arrest Sara and her team. Sara antagonized Ava but the agent was shown to not be impressed, mentioning that she knew all about Sara.

Ava drew a baton and demanded Sara to surrender. Sara pulled out her twin batons and both women engaged in a stick fight. Sara nearly ended up overpowered by the highly skilled agent but was able to evenly match her. After a lengthy fight both women ended up collapsing in exhaustion. They took a break and shared a drink while they recovered. The sabertooth tiger attacked Ava but Sara saved her using a time courier. Angry Ava had a slip of the tongue as she said it was stupid for Rip to think the Legends could help them fight a certain enemy.

The other Legends solved the situation with the circus and Ava admitted Sara had done well. Sara questioned Ava about what the Time Bureau was fighting against however Ava refused to tell more. Amaya admitted to the other Legends that she was no longer in charge and was getting violent when using the amulet. Amaya said she would stay with them until she had solved it. Sara mentioned the Time Bureau was afraid of something bad, however the Legends laughed as there possibly could not be anything worse than Vandal Savage or Reverse Flash.

The Waverider picked up a distress signal from the Time Bureau agent Gary in 2442, which Sara decided to find and rescue him. Upon meeting him, he was distressed to find out that it was the Legends answering instead of his intended target Agent Sharpe. Ultimately he agreed to work with them, revealing that he was sent to arrest an unauthorized time traveler, but found himself way over his head. Sara, Ray, Nate and Mick located the assassin's target, Zari Tomaz, there they tried to convince her to work with them but she evaded them setting a drone to attack them, they ultimately defeated the drone and the A.R.G.U.S. agents that followed after it. Sara and the rest of the team looked up about Zari and was impressed with her background, Sara asked Mick where he thought she would go and he correctly guessed at his old bar, though he was distressed at what happened to his old bar. They encountered Zari again and this time were able to convince her to leave with them unfortunately the assassin had caught up to them and she and Sara had a fight, despite her skill Sara was outmatched by the assassin and had Mick cause a bar fight to escape.

Sara and the team returned to the Waverider with Zari, to protect her but Gary was not pleased by the new arrival and accidentally revealed to her about them being on a timeship. Zari though agreed to work with them if they helped her get her brother out of the A.R.G.U.S. prison. They agreed, but it was a ruse as Zari used it to get her family totem before escaping. Sara was displeased on being manipulated as well as Nate being high due to his efforts in helping Amaya get her totem in control. Eventually the team located Zari who was being trailed by Ray, but before they could do anything they are approached by a Time Bureau, captained by Agent Sharpe, Sara correctly guesses that it was Gary that told her and he leaves them fearing for his life. Sara and Sharpe bicker back and forth, which leads to Sharpe firing on the Waverider.

Zari uses her totem to fly away in a tornado

Sara pissed agrees to give them the location of the assassin, who had caught up with Zari & Ray, but this was ruse as they time jump to the time stream. Sara sends Amaya, Jax & Mick to the jump ship to help Zari & Ray, while she distracted Agent Sharpe. She plays a game of chicken with Sharpe, which leads to Sharpe exiting the time stream. After the rescue of Zari & Ray, Sara is talking to Gideon about the Time Bureau but are contacted to by Sharpe. Sharpe tells Sara that any favors that they had thanks to Rip is over and that should they encounter her again they will be arrested and sent to the outskirts of time. Gideon soon calls her a bitch which Sara agrees with, she has the ship return to 2442.

Dominator queen traps Sara in webs

Ray attempts to do a team building exercise much to the chagrin of the rest of the crew, when he disappears. They find out that Ray was killed when he was eight and they travel back to 2343, there Ray returns. The team attempts to find out what happened to little Ray and discover that he had found a baby Dominator, who named Gumball. When another ship entered 2343, Sara went to investigate, believing it was the Time Bureau, she was attacked by the mother Dominator. The Dominator wrapped her in a cocoon, she tried to reason with the Dominator, but it instead read her mind. Sara awakens later on and sends Amaya and Nate to Ray's house while she gets back to the Waverider, unfortunately Mick, Jax and Stein had taken the Waverider to 2390 so Stein can witness the birth of his grandson.

Sara and the Legends wearing their suits for Halloween

She awaits for the rest of the team and is prepared to fight the mother Dominator, but both Rays, Zari and Gumball arrive where Gumball is reunited with his mother. The team watches as little Ray says goodbye to Gumball and he leaves with his mother. Sara tears up at this but covers it by agreeing that she and him had alien good in their eyes. Sara and the team then gathered with little Ray for Halloween in their outfits.

The threat of Mallus[edit | edit source]

Nate is able to find a connection with the anachronisms when it concerns the assassin, they travel to 1895 where bodies drained of blood hinting to a vampire. The team find out about a body appearing out of nowhere, they are reunited with Rip, who tells them of a threat called Mallus, something that he has been chasing for five years, he asks for the Legends help, in which they agree if Rip gets the Time Bureau of their backs, they agree and work together. They attempt to have Nate act as bait, but as they try to rescue him they are duped into attacking the wrong target. Eventually they find out Nate's location and enter. Sara and Rip are able to locate Nate as well as the body of Damien Darhk, realizing that the vampire attacks are really the workings of a cult in hopes to bring Darhk back to life. Sara plans to destroy Darhk's body, but Rip locks the team in the Waverider as he wants to use the resurrection as a way to confront Mallus. Sara has the Waverider fire on the cargo bay doors, so they can escape. They are unfortunately too late and Darhk has been resurrected. Sara tries to fight Darhk but due to his magical powers, she can't get near him, fortunately they escape death when he and his daughter flee. Angry at Rip's betrayal, she secretly contacts Agent Sharpe and the Time Bureau and tells them where to find Rip. After confronting Rip and cutting all ties with him, she has the Time Bureau enter and arrest Rip. Agent Sharpe thanks her and tells her that the Legends are free to fly the skies. Before he is taken away Rip tells Sara that Mallus is getting stronger and that the Legends will be needed to fight the coming battle.

Helen escapes with the Legends

After Rip's arrest, Sara made it her mission not to become like him, having Nate have a shower after he lost track of time. Later on after detecting an anachronism, she and Nate felt an explosion and when Ray, Jax and Stein entered she was slightly annoyed to discover that Jax and Stein had switched bodies. The rest of the team arrived with her revealing that a time displaced woman has caused Hollywood Studios to start an out right war with each other. Sara sends Nate, Amaya and Zari to do recon, where they discover that the time displaced woman is in fact Helen of Troy. The team attempts to get her out of the grasps of the studios when they encounter Damien Dahrk, before Sara and Zari could attack, he uses his magic to stop them. He disarms Sara only to reveal that he is there to parlay. He and Sara talk, where he tells her to stop fixing the anachronisms and return to 2390 or he will kill every member of her team leaving her for last. A fight between Mick, Nate and Ray begins due to the allure of Helen that leads to the team going back to the Waverider. Realizing the effect that Helen leaves me, Sara decides that her, Amaya and Zari will remove Helen from the studio, they are successful when Helen is joyed by the fact that three women are powerful warriors. After returning her to the Waverider, they are dismayed that due to her involvement in the time-stream, the technologies in the Waverider have disappeared. Stein (in Jax's body) is attacked by Damien and Nora Dahrk, but Sara, Jax (in Stein's body), Mick, Ray and Nate save him. Sara challenges Damien to a sword fight league rules, with no magic, Damien agrees and the two are evenly matched, but Sara proves the better and defeats Damian, but before she can kill him, Nora uses her magic on Sara, Sara chastises Damien, but he reveals that Nora is his daughter. Nora drains most of Sara's energy and life-force from her body but Firestorm (in Stein's body) attacks her and Damien throwing them away and causing them to retreat. Sara though is left unconscious and extremely weak and is taken back to the Waverider by Ray where Gideon is forced to put Sara in a medical coma for a few days so she can heal and regain her energy that was taken out of her. this left the Waverider without a Captain. A few days later Gideon had taken Sara of all medication that was keeping her unconscious but she still hadn't woken up. While the team were on a mission at Vietnam in 1967, they encounter Gorilla Grodd who finds out about them being time travelers. He manages to get on the outside of the ship and uses his powers to control Sara's body. He tries to use Sara to hurt Stein but she is knocked out by Isaac Newton, with a frying pan. She eventually wakes up awhile later and is back to herself, and is reunited with the team who are having thanksgiving pie. she tells the team that Gideon gave her a clean bill of health but Sara wasn't sure about a large bump on her head. it seems she doesn't remember where she got it from and probably thinks she hit her head on the floor when she passed out after Nora attacked her.

Crisis on Earth-X[edit | edit source]

While at England 1183AD, Sara, Jax, Stein and Mick are dealing with soldiers, when Sara asks if they have RSVP'd for Barry and Iris's wedding, they deal with the soldiers and then leave for Central City. There Sara meets Kara's adopted sister Alex Danvers, and they bond with drinks. Soon enough the two end up missing Joe's speech by kissing passionately. They go to a hotel room where they have sex at least three times. Alex discovering what she has done tries to sneak out but falls out of bed, while Sara doesn't wake up but she is aware of what happened as she asks Alex how she was, pretty much revealing what happened between her and Alex to Kara. Sara attends the wedding when it is crashed by Nazi soldiers led by Dark Arrow, Overgirl and Prometheus. Sara and Alex team up to take down several Nazis and they have a fight with Prometheus. Ultimately Sara and Alex overpower Prometheus, and take him prisoner. After taking Prometheus to S.T.A.R. Labs, they discover that this Prometheus is actually Tommy Merlyn. It is here they discover that they are not dealing with anachronisms but alternative versions of people they know from Earth-X, a world where the Nazis won World War 2. After discovering the location of Overgirl, due to her poisoned immune system, Sara along with Green Arrow, Flash, Firestorm, Supergirl, and Alex attack the location where they come face to face with an army of Nazis along with Reverse Flash and Overgirl. The team have the battle won until Metallo arrives and uses his power to knock out Supergirl, this allows Overgirl and Reverse Flash to knock out the rest of the team. The group find out that Overgirl is dying and they plan to extract Supergirl's heart to cure her, Metallo then knocks them out again. They wake up finding themselves in a prison yard and discover that they are on Earth-X.

Sara saying to the team "For the Professor"

There they meet Ray Terrill and the Earth-X version of Quentin Lance, he sees Sara and talks to her, questioning her why she is imprisoned, she admits to him that she is bisexual, which makes him reveal that his version of Sara was similar and so he killed her. He then had Sara, the rest of the team and Ray taken to be executed, the team tried to escape, but the collars they were wearing were shock collars. The team are almost executed when Leo Snart, the Earth-X version of Sara's former teammate/enemy Leonard Snart, rescued them. The team made it to the Rebellion base, in which they discovered that the rebellion was led by the Earth-X version of Winn Schott, who is against the team trying to take the base which holds the gateway to Earth-1, Alex tries to convince him but he refuses. Sara finds Alex trying to find a weapon and the two talk, Alex admits that she is worried about Kara and that if she hadn't been distracted by Sara, she would be safe. Sara then mentions that she knows what it is like in her shoes, telling Alex about the death of Laurel, Alex then mentions that she wants to go back to her Earth and find Maggie, and Sara confesses that she is still in love with Nyssa and wants to go back to her. She then mentions that Alex should trust her instincts. After Ray and Snart convinces Winn to allow them to assault the base, Sara and Alex team up with each other facing off against the Nazis, they are successful in taking the base, but Martin is wounded, they return to Earth-1 and save everyone, and destroying Metallo. Unfortunately Martin's wounds are too much and after taken the cure to separate himself and Jax from each other, he dies. Sara walks in to the med bay to find Jax crying over a dead Martin. Sara goes to Martin's body and kisses his forehead, as Jax leaves the Waverider to inform Clarissa and Lily of Martin's death, Sara and Oliver rally the team to face off with Dark Arrow and his Nazi army. Once again Sara and Alex work together to face off with the Nazis, and they are successful in defeating them. After the death of Dark Arrow and Overgirl, the team goes to Martin's funeral and say their goodbyes to him. Sara and Alex say goodbye, both admitting to each other that maybe there is someone else out there for them, Mick interrupts them and tells Sara that the Waverider is ready, Sara says her final goodbye to Alex and leaves with Mick, who questions her if she had sex with Alex, she responds by slapping the back of his head.

Meeting Mallus and an old acquaintance[edit | edit source]

After Martin Stein's death, the whole Legends team fell distraught, with the newly joining member Leo Snart trying to counsel the team members, with little progress. When the ship was suddenly hit by a time quake, Sara organized the crew to put away their feelings concerning Martin's death and to tackle the Level 12 anachronism. The Legends found its location at a Viking settlement in 1000 AD's Vinland, where they discovered a young Martin Stein, trapped by the Vikings. Jax rushed to save Stein and the group escaped, but it turned out that, along with Martin, the anachronism brought the Beebo toy that he had gotten for Lily to 1000 AD. Freydis, the sister of Leif Eriksson and the co-leader of their clan, would interpret the toy's words as a way to start a war of conquest in North America, turning "Vinland" into "New Valhalla". Sara was then contacted by Ava Sharpe, easily deducing that she is calling to tell the Legends off for messing up, but it turned out that Ava has also called to give her condolences over Martin's death. Sara asked for Ava's help and Ava became convinced to help the Legends when she called Christmas "Beebo Day", showing that the anachronism was swiftly altering the timeline. Ava joined the team and they entered the Viking settlement undercover dressed as an adventuring Viking clan. On Leif Eriksson's Yuletide feast, Sara and Ava entered a drinking contest against two Viking men, asking for a chance to see Beebo if they win. After they won, the Viking men were greatly impressed, asking whom the two women are married to, joking about killing off their supposed husbands and proposing to Ava and Sara. Ava, however, told the Vikings that she's "not a husband type", piquing Sara's interest. Before anything else could happen, Freydis brought out Mick who tried to steal Beebo and its offering of booze, and demanded for Mick to be executed on a pyre as a sacrifice to Beebo. During the execution, Sara ordered Leo to use his cold gun to douse the flames, which Ava then tried to play out as "Beebo's mercy" to distract the Vikings. Unfortunately, Amaya accidentally hugged Beebo enough for the toy to speak, which caused the Vikings to attack the team. Sara and Ava teamed up against Freydis, only to get outmatched and disarmed by the Viking lady. However, they managed to stop her when Freydis got distracted by Beebo. Angered at the whole situation, Mick burned Beebo, allowing Leif to convince Freydis to believe that Beebo was a false god. Just as the anachronism seemed to be over, Ava mentioned Odin Day, showing that Christmas wasn't saved yet. Suddenly, Damien Darhk and Nora Darhk arrive pretending to be Odin and a Valkyrie, demanding worship with a mighty show of lightning bolts. The Vikings bowed down to their "old gods", after which Sara ordered to team to retreat. Ava questioned Sara's decision to retreat, after which Sara admitted that facing the Dahrks is suicide without careful planning, asking Ava to contact the Time Bureau and bring in some back-up.

Sara in the Waverider

Sara met up with Ava, who revealed to her that the Time Bureau wouldn't sanction the mission and ordered Ava to return. Ava then revealed to Sara that Rip has been incarcerated by the Bureau and that Grodd survived Vietnam and has been time traveling, assisting the Darhks' machinations. She apologized to Sara before returning to the Time Bureau. Afterwards, Sara gathered the team and told them that no back-up would come and offered to deal with the Dahrks alone, asking the rest of them to return to 2017. The team refused to leave Sara and tried to work out a plan to defeat the Dahrks. Sara confronted Damien Dahrk, with Nate and Zari pretending to be her Viking captors, allowing the team to attack Damien, with Sara trying to shoot him with a crossbow, but Darhk managing to catch the crossbow bolt. Before he could do any further harm to the Legends, he sensed Nora being taken down and left to attend to his daughter. As Damien tried to teleport himself and Nora away Sara grabbed onto him, allowing the teleportation to take her along with them. She arrived in a desolated area with no sign of the Dahrk's but she heard the voice of Mallus. As she turned, a hand was seen in the reflection of her eyes grabbing for her, but before it could happen she was pulled out of there by Ava, who has returned to save her. After returning to the Waverider, Sara told Ava what she felt about the threat of Mallus, after which Ava decided to report to the Time Bureau about the discovery and Rip Hunter being right, even though it might get her in trouble. She and Sara then parted ways on amicable terms.

Sara worked out that Jax tried to stop Martin's death by using a loophole, the same way Zari Tomaz used for Helen of Troy. Unfortunately, it was not successful, as young Martin refused to cheat death and burned the letter. Jax then decided that staying on the Waverider without Stein is not good for him and planned to leave, and while Sara was unhappy about this, she understood his reasons. He asked her not to tell the others about his leave of absence, to which Sara pretended to listen, but in actuality gathered the team decide to surprise Jax with a Christmas party. Jax thanked the team and they celebrated with each other, with Sara calling Jax her little brother. The two returned to 2390 where they bid each other goodbyes, but as soon as Sara returned to the ship, she found John Constantine on the ship. John reminded Sara how he restored her soul and asked Sara for a favor, as he encountered a young girl possessed by a demon who knew Sara's name.

Sara meeting Constantine on the Waverider

Sara introduced Constantine to the rest of the Legends before she and Nate informed Constantine of the name of the demon he was dealing with, Mallus. Sara insisted that the Legends help Constantine, while he was unhappy about this he begrudging agreed to it. Sara was then contacted by Ava Sharpe who informed her that she had yet to get a meeting with Director Bennett and had been barred from seeing Rip in prison. Sara joked about sharing a wine which Ava laughed about before ending the conversation, unknowing this conversation was witnessed by Leo who pointed out to Sara how Ava has a crush on Sara. Sara, Leo and Constantine go to the Asylum to meet the little girl Emily who is possessed by Mallus, but upon getting there they find out that she is actually Nora Dahrk. Constantine brought out Mallus but found his spells ineffective against Mallus who transported the three to 1969.

Sara kissing Constantine

Sara found herself being plagued with visions courtesy of Mallus, Constantine was able to banish them away and the two talked about their past and sins. The two flirt with one another leading to the two having sex. After their encounter they saved Leo from being lobotomized, and Sara decided to travel to Mallus spirit world again to use the connection to power up the same transportation spell that was used to send them to the past. While there she encountered Nora, who was currently being possessed by Mallus and was able to convince her to fight Mallus allowing Nora to free herself. Sara then completed the spell and transported herself, Leo and Constantine back to the present. The trio returned to the Waverider where Sara and Constantine part ways thanking each other. Sara contacted Ava in hopes of meeting up but Ava informed her that she found out that Rip Hunter has escaped from prison.

Romance in the air[edit | edit source]

Sara and the rest of the Legends except Zari went to 1970 to stop an anachronism in which Napoleon got his hands on a piece of music "Waterloo", they were successful in getting it and returned to the Waverider but discovered problems due to Zari adding a simulation to Gideon's programming which caused Gideon to go offline. Angry at this Sara ordered Zari to fix it, but Zari would talk back which led to the two butting heads eventually Zari did what she was told but ended up spilling volatile time fluid onto her which almost killed her. She was placed into the med-bay in which Gideon put her into a simulation where she would repeat the same hour.

In the simulation, Zari discovered from Ray that Mallus could have the potential to possess Sara so the two spied on her where they discovered her talking with Ava in the jump ship through communication. The two talked about being in charge in which the two flirted with one another. When Ava offered to come over, Sara attempted to back track when she heard Zari and Ray whispered, believed them to be a fly and swatted them with her paper killing them. Eventually due to the number of times she has been looping, Zari attempted to kill herself but failed due to no bullets. She confessed to Sara what was happening and Sara believed her. The team attempted to find out where the bomb is that has destroyed the Waverider and discovered Gary Green in the trash compactor. When Mick destroyed the looping device, Gary revealed to the team that the bomb came on board with them, after a comment by Mick, Sara worked out that the bomb was in the music they bought on and found the bomb. Zari took the bomb and sealed herself into the captain's cabin and told the team of what she learned. She told Sara that she should ask out Ava and thanked everyone for being a family to her. The bomb reached zero in which Zari discovered about the simulation from Gideon who approached her in her human form.

Sara and Ray were with Zari when she awoke and she informed them of what happened to her. She convinced them when she had Ray reveal to Sara what John Constantine told him about her and Mallus and if he took over her they should kill her. She agreed with the plan and told them they would need help. Sara then offered Zari to a coffee, in which the two conversed, Zari then pushed Sara to ask out Ava, while Sara mentioned how her past romances have never gone well, Zari mentioned how when there is a chance at love to take it. This leads to Sara calling Ava and the two talked and laughed with one another.

Sara decided to take Zari's advice and asked Ava out on a date, and allowed the team to retrieve the Fire Totem from Detroit while she was gone. However, Sara only told them that she had business at Star City and nothing else, not realizing that the team was already aware of her plans with Ava. Sara arrived first and waited for Ava who eventually arrived. The two complemented one another and began discussing work before Ava suggested avoiding the topic in an attempt at normalcy, which Sara agreed to. They eventually got a table and while Sara told Ava about her and Laurel's relationship, she realized that Ava already knew about them which prompted Ava to admit she had read Sara's file. In an attempt to know more about Sara, Ava asked her when in her life she was the most embarrassed. During the story, Ava noticed that Sara was getting a call and allowed her to answer it. Even after listening to the voicemail from Gideon relaying the Legends mission to retrieve the Earth Totem, Sara chose to ignore the situation and continue with the date. Inevitably their date was derailed when Gary showed up, forcing Ava to "go to the bathroom", and Sara witnessing the Waverider falling out of the sky through the restaurant window. After learning of her team's current situation, Sara left leaving only money on the table for dinner. Sara sadly returned to the Waverider and began preparing to retrieve the rest of her team in 1717 until Ava came to the ship to confront her. The two traded barbs until Sara admitted to Ava that she can't ever be normal, which prompted Ava to tell her she doesn't want Sara to be normal. This led to the two giving into their desires and kissing one another for the first time. The kiss was cut short however, when Blackbeard and his pirates appeared on the bridge. A fight immediately broke out with Sara and Ava easily defeating Blackbeard's men and the man himself surrendering quickly. Sara and Ava shared a drink from a bottle whose label changed to a picture of Amaya as a pirate right before their eyes, something both women decided to leave alone. After talking through the issues brought up before, both agreed to another date involving Genghis Khan instead of a boring restaurant. Ava then asked if Sara had a room where the two had sex and spend the night together.

The next morning Sara and Ava shared breakfast together and the Legends found out that Ray was missing. Gary called them and showed them a message that revealed Palmer was kidnapped by the Darhks. Rip and West showed up and Ava confronted them about their crimes and humiliating Gary in the process. Sara wanted to say Ava and she were together but Ava stopped her and said they were working together. Rip apologized for his mistakes and the Legends greeted him and West. Sara ordered the Legends to track down Ray while Ava went back to the bureau to access their resources. Sara spend her time throwing knives at pictures of Darhk when Ava came in. The two discussed their efforts of finding Ray and then kissed each other which got spotted by Rip.

Legends team meeting

The Legends detected a timequake in 1962 and managed to find Palmer there. The group retrieved Palmer and they learned that he had managed to retrieve the secret to cold fusion and that West had retrieved the totem. The Legends contacted director Bennett about that the fabric of time was about to get destroyed and Mallus would escape. However, as they contacted him they saw Grodd appear and seemingly kill him. The death of Bennett made Ava Sharpe the highest official in the time bureau and put her in charge. Sara complimented West on his contributions during the mission but he mentioned he did not feel at ease here, as he had made a wrong first impression. Sara explained that they all had made multiple mistakes and were known for making the wrong impressions which made him a perfect fit.

The team checked out new anachronisms when Sara noticed Heywood's hair was changed as well as several other changes including the name of Rory's rat Axel. The team found out that in Memphis 1954 a change had occurred and Elvis Presley and rock had never hit mainstream. The Legends decided to check it out and went to the church where Elvis's father was preaching. The Legends witnessed Elvis play but were a bit disappointed by his performance as it was a bit calm. Zari her totem reacted to the music of Elvis's guitar. The team found out that Elvis's guitar contained the death totem. West took the guitar using his super speed however the team realized that they still had to make sure Elvis would perform his songs to keep history intact. Amaya and Heywood went to deliver a new guitar to Elvis while Sara and Ray checked out the guitar containing the death totem. Sara and Ray encountered the ghost of the death twin brother of Elvis who attacked them and fled with the guitar. The team managed to calm down the ghost of Jesse by mentioning they knew Elvis.

Ray and Sara talk in his lab

Sara learned from Constantine that it was the death totem and it was the most volatile of the totems. Heywood mentioned that Elvis needed the death totem to keep his connection intact with Jesse and make his breakthrough. Ray then performed a memorial for the rat Axel. Sara and Rory reluctantly joined the ceremony but only because they could drink. Sara then performed a small speech in which she mentioned Axel could perhaps have been the best of them. Elvis played the audition and it was on the radio, however, it raised the dead and the ghost of Axel began to run around. Elvis accepted the loss of his brother and managed to give the ghosts peace. Back at the ship Heywood's haircut was back as history was restored. Ray revealed that he had made boxes to store the totems so they could not cause harm.

While sleeping with Ava Sara experienced nightmares. As she woke up Ava comforted her and told her she had been saying John's name in her sleep. Sara told Ava who John was and admitted she had slept with him once during their travel to the sixties. As she told Ava it was three weeks ago Ava was shocked but Sara told her it was before Ava was her girlfriend. Sara told Ava that John was not like her and the two began to kiss but were interrupted by Gideon who said Sara was needed on the bridge.

Darkness Inside[edit | edit source]

As the anachronisms were stacking up Sara decided the Legends would split up in teams to take down more anachronisms at once. Zari and Amaya were sent to retrieve the Mona Lisa. Sara was going to get Einstein from the ice age. Sara got drawn by the death totem and as she opened the box and was confronted by a version of herself after she died. The version of herself told her to take the totem as it would allow her to defeat Mallus and bring her sister back to life. Sara took the totem and was getting controlled by Mallus. Her appearance changed, getting white hair, dark eyes and using a variety of mystical powers. She attacked Ray and badly injured him.

Sara possessed by Mallus

She was then confronted by Amaya and Rory whom she engaged in a fight. She dislocated Amaya's knee and knocked them both out. As she was about to kill them they got saved by West who transported them away. Sara made the Waverider lock itself down to avoid the Legends escaping. Ava called and was surprised by Sara's appearance. Sara ignored her and walked off while the Waverider shut down. Wally attempted to apprehend her but Sara created an illusion to confuse him and make him feel guilty about his relationship with Jesse. As Wally mentioned how he had got over his relationship with Jesse Sara revealed herself and used the anti-speedster gun and telekinesis to swiftly knock him out and capture him.

Sara as Zari's brother

Sara then took on the form of Zari's brother to distract Zari. Zari managed to ignore the illusion and Sara attacked her. As Sara was about to kill her Zari managed to get through to Sara's inner self. Sara was able to stop herself from killing Zari. Sara was in a dark place where Nora told her that despite her resistance Malus would control her eventually. Malus then regained control of Sara's body dislocated Zari's wrist and knocked her out.

Nora and Sara in Mallus's dimension

Sara talked to Nora who told her that Oliver killing her father made her become like this. Nora told Sara they were alike as darkness had always been a part of both of them. Sara was reminded of her time with the League of Assassins where she killed a man begging for mercy in front of his daughter. Nora told Sara that she could not erase her path and that she should just embrace it. Nora told Sara she was born to wield the death totem for Mallus. On the ship Sara confronted Nate while posing as his grandfather. She blamed him for making his grandfather sacrifice himself instead of letting him go back to his family. She then proceeded by brutally beating him up.

Sara got confronted by Ava, Gary and Constantine. Malus attempted to trick Constantine but when it failed tried to kill him. Sara then got confronted by Rory who was now wielding the fire totem. Rory used the power of his totem to knock Sara down. Sara told Nora that a life without pain and regret was not for her and that she would not be a demon's lackey. She then woke up and recovered then talked with Constantine and told him he could perhaps join their team. Constantine told her he preferred this path alone but that she was not alone and that she should be grateful for having Ava. Sara told the Legends she was sorry and that Mallus had tried to recruit her using her deepest fears. Sara spoke with Ava and told her that the dark version was actually her and that there is a dark side in her and deep down she is death. Sara told Ava she was wonderful and that she did not deserve anyone like Ava. Sara broke up with Ava as she did not want to hurt her.

Shocking Revelations[edit | edit source]

After breaking up with Ava, Sara decided to take a few days away and promoted Amaya to interim Captain, Ray attempted to find out the truth believing her decision is due to being possessed by Mallus, but when Gary arrived and asked about Ava, Sara admitted to them that she and Ava broke up much to the chagrin of Gary, when he revealed to them that Ava has been missing for the last few days Sara decided to look for her. They decided to see Ava's parents but when they told them about a story of Ava, Sara threatened them revealing that the story they told was wrong as Ava had told her the story when they were dating. The couple admitted to the ruse and revealed themselves to being actors, that they were paid to pretend to be Ava's parents when she came round. Sara, Ray and Gary returned to the Time Bureau where they encountered Ava, who questioned them why they were there, they managed to avoid the subject and Ava is cold towards Sara, unknown to Ava, Sara snatches her time courier and they searched through Ava's history and looked at her first mission in Vancouver, 2413 which had been a no fly zone for anyone in the Time Bureau. Sara and the others hijacks the Bureau's Time Ship and goes to Vancouver, 2413. Having arrived there, they are shocked to see Ava, there followed by many other versions of Ava, Sara is shocked and called it hell, though she admitted to having had a dream about it. Ray discovered a sign which revealed that Ava is a clone, they decided to break into the AVA Corporation and discovered all about the clones, one of the clones attacks them but they easily subdue it. Suddenly Ava arrived and confronted them about stealing the Time Ship and her time courier, she questioned what the place was, but Sara told her that she knows her secret, but when Ava sees one of the clones, she faints in pure shock which revealed to Sara that Ava had no knowledge of the clones. After Ava awakened, Sara and the others decided to leave but found a group of Ava clones awaiting them, Ava is shocked in which Sara talked to her telling her she is her own person. This allowed Ava to help them until they are exposed to the other clones, a fight ensures with Sara and Ava teaming up to defeat the clones. They escaped to the Waverider, in which Sara correctly guesses that the reason why Ava has no knowledge of the clones is because it was wiped from her memories as well as the files on the Time Bureau, and questioned Ava about who recruited her to the Time Bureau, Ava said Rip revealing that Rip has known the entire time, Sara agreed that she will help Ava discover the truth.

Confrontation with Mallus[edit | edit source]

Heywood alerted the team that the jumpship was stolen and Amaya had used it to travel to 1998. The team received a distress call from Rip that Grodd was going after Barack Obama in 1979. Nora offered to look for a loophole for Amaya to save her family. Sara led Rory and Palmer to save Obama. The team shrunk Grodd and kept him captured into a glass. Sara met Rip and Darhk found them and told them he wanted to work together with them. The team used a spell and a magic circle to keep Darhk trapped but Palmer had some trouble applying the spell. Darhk gave them the Water Totem as a gesture of trust and then activated the magic circle. Palmer asked Darhk to choke him with his power and they confirmed the circle worked. Darhk explained that he wanted to save his daughter and that he would help them take down Mallus. Sara ordered Rory to kill Darhk as she did not trust him. However Rip and Ava told them to remain calm and think things through.

Ava spoke to Sara who told her that she had not killed Darhk because the mission was more important. Sara asked why she was not angry about Rip deceiving her. Ava told her that she was prioritizing the mission but Sara replied that she was just denying her own personal problems.

Sara walked off and spoke to Barack Obama in 1979 and explained everything that had happened to her. Obama told her that her response to the situation is human and that Ava was sticking to rules and regulations but he thought the Legends were better equipped to handle this than the Bureau. Sara thanked him and wiped Obama's memory of their conversation. Sara talked to Darhk and told him she did not believe him and did not trust him and she would kill him after this mission, however she was willing to work with him and after that she would kill him. Darhk agreed to these terms. Darhk and the team went through the situation. Palmer made a plan to fly into Nora's ear and they could try to imitate Mallus and give her orders. The team heard Rory watch Lord of the Rings and saw John Noble portraying Denethor. Palmer managed to make John say the lines to command Nora and they recorded it. Palmer used this to deceive Nora and Darhk led her to the Waverider. Nora got trapped in a magic circle and Darhk apologized to her because his ambitions had made Nora a victim.

The Legends and Damien Darhk attempt to release Mallus

Sara spoke to Darhk and she asked where his heart was when he attacked Laurel. Darhk explained that his actions were unforgivable but at the moment he never had been aware of the pain he caused. Sara said that they could not make their deeds undone. Darhk told her that even the worst could become whole again and complimented her on how she had turned from an assassin to a Legend. Sara told him it was not enough but Darhk told her that she should stop blaming herself for having been taken over by the Death totem because she had resisted its power because of love. The team looked for loopholes to save Amaya's village but realized there were non. Sara suggested they perhaps should Mallus out and kill him. The team was against it but Darhk suggested he could also wield the totem as he also had been brought to the death. Sara gave Darhk the totem. Ava was against it and walked away. Sara tried to persuade Ava but she said that since she was a clone she had a hard time trusting her feelings. Sara kissed Ava and told her she loved her however Ava walked away saying there was no me to love. The team assembled and armed themselves with the totems. Heywood got the earth totem, Palmer got the water totem.

As Esi defended the village from the warlords the timeline changed but the Legends found out Darhk betrayed them and had released Grodd to destroy the village. The Legends engaged Darhk but he used his totem to fend them off. Darhk explained that he just wanted to save his daughter. Darhk allowed Nora to escape and attacked Palmer but Sara stabbed him in the back and they took his totem. Nora then transformed fully into Mallus.

Legends see Mallus

The team attacked Mallus but were unable to defeat it and were forced to retreat. Rip took the time drive and made it unstable, he lured Mallus towards him as he prepared to blow himself and Mallus up to slow Mallus down, sacrificing himself in the process. Sara talked to Rip who told her he was proud on them and that he hoped that they would all live up to the name Legends. As they said goodbye Rip blew himself up when Mallus moved towards him. The team mourned and reconsidered their options. Sara told them they would bring to a place where Mallus could not find them. They decided to hide in Salvation in the old west in 1874. Sara talked to the captive Darhk and told him he had messed up and that he should not be killed but live the rest of his life knowing that he destroyed Nora. The team went to the local salon and talked over their problems while drinking. They met Jonah Hex who now had became the sheriff. Sara told him that they were here to avoid trouble. The town then got invaded by Blackbeard, Julius Caesar and Freydis who were controlled by Mallus. Rory wandered why he had send these three instead of getting here himself and the team opted Mallus might still be recovering. After a lengthy discussion on how to pronounce Mallus's name Caesar interrupted and said that they should hand them the totems or they would invade the town. Amaya found out that the totem bearers should work together to defeat Mallus by creating a being of light that would fight the time demon.

The team made a circle and attempted to create the being of light. Amaya told Sara she would have to use the death totem or the being would not be complete, Rory comforted her that he would kill her if she got possessed again. The team tried to create the warrior and realized they were telepathically connected. They tried to make the warrior but because of their doubt they created a failure. Ava showed up with Helen of Troy, Kuasa and Jax to aid them. Ava convinced Sara and the team that they were worthy to wield the totems as they had helped so many people. Having traveled in the past Palmer and Darhk saved Nora and Darhk took Nora's place to save her and sacrifice himself. The team prepared for the final confrontation as pirates, romans and Vikings marched into the town. Sara gave a rousing speech and then confronted Mallus's troops led by Freydis, Blackbeard and Caesar. A massive fight ensued between the legends and the troops.

Beebo beats Mallus up

The Legends used their totems to make their creature of light which appeared in the form of a huge Beebo. Beebo engaged Mallus in a brutal back and forth fight. Beebo eventually destroyed Mallus with a bodyslam and as Beebo disappeared the Legends walked out of the dust. The team celebrated and Sara noted that Rip would have been proud. They handed the totems to Kuasa and Sara said goodbye to Ava.

Aruba[edit | edit source]

The team went to Aruba for a break and relaxed on the beach.

Dragon head

Gary and Constantine showed up and Constantine told them that a new danger was looming - the creatures that were released from Mallus's realm throughout time.

Another death in the family[edit | edit source]

Laurel and Sara mourning Quentin's death

Sara was contacted by Laurel's Earth-2 counterpart (whom had recently become Quentin’s surrogate daughter), who told her that her father was shot and is currently in the hospital. She came to the Starling General Hospital, and met Laurel face to face for the first time. She asked her how her father was, and Laurel told her that he's in surgery. When Sara asked her if she is like her Laurel, Laurel said that she's hardly at all, visibly disappointed at herself.

The two were headed to Quentin's room and noticed Oliver being taken by SCIS agents into custody after admitting that he's the Green Arrow. Suddenly, Dr. Elisa Schwartz entered the scene and told the crew that the surgery failed and Quentin died. Both Sara and Laurel started to cry, and Oliver told her that he's sorry before he left with the agents. As Oliver left the scene, Sara hugged Felicity.

Sara and Laurel later cried and mourned over Quentin's body.

Hunting magical creatures[edit | edit source]

The Legends removed an aberration interfering with a tour of The Beatles. After the mission, Sara tried to cheer the Legends up as they were a bit demotivated after facing the same problems as usual while Constantine had mentioned they would battle magical creatures. The Legends received a message from Ava, who summoned them at the headquarters of the Time Bureau. When they arrived, a party was thrown at the Team Bureau for their honor because of the team's accomplishments. Ava apologized to Sara as she knew her girlfriend did not like surprises. However, a delighted Sara declared she liked this one and both women sought some privacy.

After they spend the night together at Ava’s apartment, Sara was about to leave but Ava asked that she stay, stumbling through asking Sara to move in with her. After some awkwardness, Sara happily agreed, stating she was ready to live together with Ava. Sara went downstairs to get them another bottle of wine and found Constantine. He revealed to Sara that various magical creatures had escaped when she had released Malus and were now running loose throughout the timeline. Constantine insisted they had to capture them, but Sara protested that her team had not found anything. Constantine then left bones of a saint that would reveal when a magical creature would be around. As Ava came downstairs, Sara informed her that Constantine was just leaving. Ava asked if she should be worried but Sara assured her there was nothing going on between them. The two got the bottle and returned to bed. However, Sara noticed the bones moving.

The Legends went to Woodstock in 1969, where a time anachronism had caused the Woodstock massacre, killing thousands and ending the hippie movement. After some research, they found out a unicorn was killing hippies. Sara went to Constantine and told him he was right. After some arguing, Constantine agreed to help her.

Constantine advised Sara to inform Ava about the magical creatures. Sara told him she wanted to keep it secret as their relationship was great right now and she did not wanted to create tension. Sara told him she was not ready to turn her back on life and isolate herself like he did.

Constantine found out that they had to lure the unicorn using a virgin. They used Gary who despite a night with Constantine was still a virgin. As the unicorn showed up, Constantine used magic to send the unicorn back to hell. The unicorn was able to bite Gary’s nipple off, but Constantine managed to send it away. When Sara returned, she saw Ava had hung her medals up on the wall. Sara confessed to Ava that she had released monsters into the world and was afraid to tell her because Ava was so proud of her. Ava told her she already knew about this as Gary had told her about this. Ava told Sara that she thought she was amazing and that she loved her no matter what. Sara told her that right now she should wait with moving in together as her team needed her right now. However she agreed with Ava that they should let their relationship evolve.

Sara later visited Constantine and tried to convince him to join the Legends. However, he refused. Before leaving, Sara noted Constantine was more pessimistic than usual and something must have happened to him.

Unfortunately, after Legends suspect traitors in the Time Bureau and discover Hank Heywood's machinations when a fugitive escaped and later died, Sara and Ava break up one more time.

Sara with the Legends

During her confrontation with Sunjay, a fugitive who used Kamadeva's ashes to cause love, Sara always loves Ava during her sex dream caused by Sunjay. She is captivated along with Charlie by Zari using the ashes but Mona stops Zari's wedding with Sunjay, saving them all.

Soon after, Ava is kidnapped by Neron because he wants to possesse her body to Tabitha and takes over the Time Bureau. But Sara succeeds to save Ava and they reconciled.

Sara survives at the final battle against Neron and Tabitha, then continue her relationship with Ava.

Lost Canary[edit | edit source]

Sara and Laurel talks at Quentin's grave

While Dinah aims to bring Earth-2 Laurel in, Felicity refuses to give up on her and tries everything to get through to her, even summoning Sara for help. Sara, Typhuss and Dinah face Shadow Thief and eventually manage to make Laurel regret it and try to be good again.

Anti-Monitor Crisis[edit | edit source]

Going to Earth-16[edit | edit source]

Sara and Ray on game night

On December 10, 2392, Sara and Ray Palmer were at a bar in Star City, where they participated in a game night. In the last question of the night, which was "what was the last song recorded by Janis Joplin", Sara and Ray were convinced that their answer ("Mercedes Benz") would be the correct one, but the presenter announced that the Legends lost. Ray revealed that when they went to Woodstock in 2391, the late singer noticed Ray in his suit, causing the story to be changed and the song "Little Robot Man", Janis' nickname for Ray, to be his last composition. At that moment, Lyla Michaels, wearing a blue suit, appeared on a table. Although Sara questioned her about her dress, Lyla did not answer and covered her and Ray in white light. Lyla, now called the Harbinger, revealed to Sara and Ray about the Anti-Monitor Crisis, an event that would destroy all the Earths in the multiverse. She and Ray, alongside Barry Allen, were dispatched to reconnoiter.

Upon being taken to Earth-38, Sara, Ray and Barry prevented Supergirl from destroying a quantum tower that had emerged in the center of National City. The Harbinger explained that this was the Monitor's plan as a "last line of defense", where the tower would delay antimatter and prevent it from reaching Earth, while also finding out about the existence of the Anti-Monitor and its goal of destroying the towers. Brainiac-5 located the capsule of Superman's son and Lois Lane, revealing that the baby was in Star City 2411 on Earth-16, making Sara and Ray realize that they traveled to an alternate universe on their first adventures. Sara volunteered to accompany Lois, saying she knew the terrain. Before leaving, she talked to Oliver, saying that she had seen many forms of Oliver, but that she would never think to see "Oliver the father too". They both agreed that this was strange, but said that it matched their friend.

Sara, Brainy and Lois in the Earth-16 Arrowcave

On Earth-16, the trio arrived at the former Green Arrow base, where Brainiac-5 had found Jonathan's signatures. Although Brainy did not understand why Oliver "kidnapped a baby", Sara explained that the man believed he was saving him. Suddenly, Brainy was taken by surprise and a rope was tied around his body. Sara drew her staff and Earth-16 Oliver revealed himself. Although he tried to talk to the man, Oliver kept attacking her repeatedly until he realized that this was Sara. When asked how she was alive, Sara responded by saying that this was a "long story", and Lois, carrying her son, thanked Oliver for saving her son. When Oliver said he blamed himself for taking her doppelganger to Gambit, Sara made a speech explaining that "it was her choice", and that on her Earth this journey "triggered endless events" and was happy to be traveling through time, explaining that entering Queen's Gambit with Oliver "was destiny". The meeting was shortened by Brainy, warning her that they should return. He opened a gap with an interdimensional extrapolator, where before leaving Sara reminded him that he was "a good man in all Earths" and jumped through the portal.

Oliver dies

Back on Earth-1, Sara, Brainy and Lois went through a breach. Seeing Oliver lying on a seriously injured stretcher, she ran towards him. Although he was lying, Oliver assured him that "everything was fine". Sara watched Oliver say goodbye to his daughter on his last breaths. After his death, the Monitor revealed that this was not the death he had predicted for Queen. Pariah added that things were changing, and everything was doomed.

Trying to resurrect Oliver[edit | edit source]

Sara, Kate and Kara drinking in honor of Oliver

After Oliver's death, the heroes went to the S.T.A.R. Labs in Central City. Sara, Kara and Kate Kane were drinking in honor of the deceased hero. When Kara said that Oliver sacrificing herself for her and Barry was a mistake, Sara pointed out that her sacrifice had saved "a billion more people", and that this was not a mistake, saying that Oliver died the way he lived: one hero. At this moment, the Harbinger appeared in a flash of light and Sara greeted her. She heard Ray and the Monitor discuss "kidnapping" Waverider, even though the rest of the Legends were still on the ship. Sara then revealed that she had promised her team that they would never again "participate in another crossover". The Harbinger said the team was not needed, and that there was a multiverse all over with several Waveriders for them to use. She then left for another Earth in a flash of light.

Sara trying to convince Mia

Sara needs John to promise her

After discovering to be a Paragon, specifically the "Paragon of Destiny", Sara discovered that Mia and Barry planned to use a Lazarus Pit to resurrect Oliver. Sara tried to warn Mia about the consequences after using a Pit, but she ignored Lance's message and revealed that Nyssa had said everything necessary about the Pit, as well as everything she "needed to know" about Lance. Looking for a sure way to do this, Sara looked for John Constantine to help them find an existing Lazarus Pit in the multiverse, since all of Earth-1 had been destroyed by Thea and Nyssa. After Constantine created a map of the multiverse, they found a single Earth with a Pit. Before they left, Sara made Constantine promise to bring Oliver back.

Sara on Earth-18

In North Dakota of Earth-18, the group found the Lazarus Pit in a cave. While Constantine and Barry returned to Waverider to bring Oliver's body, Sara and Mia remained in the cave to clean it up. Sara tried to persuade Mia to give up on the plan, albeit to no avail, and said that the daughter was very similar to her father in taking no for an answer, but she inherited her mother's intelligence. Suddenly, the two women were confronted by the Jonah Hex doppelganger. After a match, Sara and Mia managed to beat him in teamwork. After Barry and Constantine arrived with Oliver's body, Sara ordered them to put it in the water of the Pit. After waiting for severe minutes, Oliver jumps out of the Pit. Although Mia tried to talk to her newly resurrected father, the man was without his soul. When he stepped forward to attack her, Sara knocked him out with a tranquilizer. After erasing it, the group tried to bring Oliver's soul back, but due to antimatter, Constantine was unable to perform the necessary spell.

The Paragons in the Vanishing Point

Although they were unable to bring Oliver's soul back, Sara took her body back to the Waverider. While in the infirmary next to him, John Diggle confronted her about her mistake. She then revealed that they intended to bring her soul the same way they did with her: go to Purgatory. She also revealed that Lyla was missing. She saw Diggle confront the Monitor about his wife's disappearance, and was also saddened to hear that she could be with her opponent. After hearing the Monitor's plan, Sara promised to take care of Oliver's body as well as update Diggle about the Harbinger while he went to Purgatory to bring Oliver's soul. Still in the infirmary, but now dressed in her suit, Sara heard Leonard call everyone to the bridge. Although she tried to go, she was surrounded by a flash of light. She revealed to the other Paragons that they were at the Vanishing Point, discovering that the Waverider, like the people on board, was destroyed by the Harbinger, controlled by the Anti-Monitor, and caught by antimatter. After that, she watched Earth-96's Superman body shine and be replaced by Lex Luthor, who had used the Book of Destiny to become the "Paragon of Truth" instead of the hero. He then asked the heroes what they would do next.

Recreating the multiverse[edit | edit source]

Paragons getting to know the Spectre

After being teleported to the Vanishing Point, Sara and the rest of the Paragons were trapped in the place with nowhere to go. In the months that followed, Sara lost her hopes of tomorrow. Upon spotting Ryan Choi and Lex, she questioned them what they were doing, discovering that the men were trying to build a teleportation machine with the debris on the spot. When Lex tested it, the device failed. Suddenly, Barry, who had disappeared, resurfaced, and Kate pulled her out of the sprinter's path. The Paragons found that Barry had gone to the Speed Force, hoping to find a way out of the scene, but found nothing. Sara and the others tried to calm him down, who wanted to return to the Speed ​​Force. Suddenly, Oliver, dressed in a green suit, appeared saying that the Speed Force was the key to saving everyone. Although it was Oliver, he confirmed that it was something more, a "spectre". He revealed that the heroes would have to go to the Dawn of Time to defeat the Anti-Monitor and prevent their antimatter universe from becoming permanent, while others would go to the planet Maltus to prevent Novu from creating his antimatter look-alike.

The Paragons in the Netherverse at the dawn of time

While taking the Paragons to the beginning of time, Barry was attacked by the Anti-Monitor and lost them by the Speed Force. Oliver used his essence to keep his friends connected, preventing them from falling from the Speed Force. Sara returned to the time when she was killed by Thea, where her body was in the Arrowcave. She "resurrected" when Barry touched her, passing electricity to her body. Upon awakening, she was surprised to see him and where he is. Before she could talk to Laurel Lance, Barry took her back to the Dawn of time. There, they discovered that the Anti-Monitor still exists even though Ryan convinced Novu of Earth-1 not to carry out the experiment. However, the doppelganger says that although they had convinced only one Novu, there were several other universes where this did not give up its arrogance. She and the other Paragons found that they were going to recreate the universe, and that they would have to wait for the right time to do so. The heroes then set off towards the confrontation and faced several shadow demons that appeared to stop them. When asked if it was "common to save the world", Sara said that she and her team "generally make things better". After the arduous confrontation, the shadow demons disappeared and the Paragons noticed a light being emitted towards the sky. They realized that Oliver had lit the spark, and now they should spread the flame. They came to the conclusion of using the last page of the Book of Destiny to "spread the flame", focusing on "Humanity, Truth, Love, Destiny, Honor, Courage and Hope".

Sara and Barry with Oliver

When the mountain exploded, Sara demanded that Barry take them there. When they arrived, they found Oliver's body lying on the floor. Barely able to speak, Oliver made them promise to take care of their family. When congratulating them for having succeeded, Sara and Barry looked up and saw a new universe being created. Sara tried to get her friend to stay with him, even though he is ready to go. Weak, Oliver said "the end is a beginning" and told Barry to remember what he had said to him, "dying is the easy part". He revealed to his companions that he was at peace, saying that "the true heroes are the ones who must continue to live", and begged them to continue saving the world and being the heroes they are, and never to stop. In his last breath, Oliver said that the new world will need both. After that, Sara and Barry cried over the corpse of their former companion. They looked up and saw the universe still being created, and both embraced when a flash of light covered them.

New multiverse[edit | edit source]

A new Earth[edit | edit source]

Sara after waking up in Star City in a new universe.

After her battle at the dawn of time, Sara woke up in an alley in Star City, confused and wondering how she got back there. She walked to the street, while at the same time receiving flashes of events during the Crisis. She took out her cell phone and called Ray, questioning him where he was. She met him at a bar and hugged him, happy to see him alive, but leaving Palmer confused. She asked him if he remembered everything that had happened, but he did not understand what she was saying and asked if there was a crossover and if they were invited. J'onn used his psychic powers to communicate with both, and as Ray approached, he was happy to see him, leaving Sara confused because her friend had not met Supergirl's Earth Martian previously. Sara then discovered that the universes (Earth-1, Earth-38 and Earth-TUD5) were combined and that only the Paragons remembered everything as it was before, and saw J'onn return Ray's memory of the events of the Crisis . Sara then left to find Oliver, believing that he had risen and returned to the universe.

The heroes discovering that a giant Beebo was attacking the city

She went to Arrowcave, hoping to find him there. Upon entering, she found her mannequin, but her suit. She was approached by Diggle, Dinah Drake and Rene Ramirez, where the three said that J'onn had stopped by and restored his memories. She tried to comfort Diggle, saying that although they died before and were now back, believing that Oliver may have returned with them. Rene revealed that they asked for Felicity's help to find him, but got no results. Still hopeful, Sara said that she couldn't find him because he was in the form of Spectre. After realizing that Oliver was gone for good, she hugged Diggle. Then Barry and Kara appeared at the scene happy that their universes were unified, saying that the entire National City and Argo were in the same universe. They then discovered that a giant Beebo was attacking the city, and wondered how this was possible. She contacted Ava and Nate, who were at the Waverider, asking them about Behrad. They confirmed that he and the totem were still on the ship, and asked her if she needed help, in which she denied claiming that she didn't want anyone "involved in this mess", but was warned that one of them was already there. While commanding the mission, she was surprised to see that Mick Rory was also there. After discovering that Beebo's attack was just a distraction, White Canary and Flash went to confront Sargon the Sorcerer, who was robbing a jewelry store. Despite praising him for the distraction, Sara said that Beebo "was off limits" and punched him, knocking him out and melting the giant Beebo.

Final Battle against the Anti-Monitor[edit | edit source]

Believing that the threat of the Anti-Monitor was over, Sara has a talk with Barry Allen. She confesses to him that she is saddened that all of her family is gone; she felt that Oliver was her last connection to her past, to before her being a costumed hero. Barry helps her by explaining that family is not necessarily biological and that the other heroes will always be there for her.

The heroes gets ready for the final battle against the Anti-Monitor

Later, Sara and Barry were attacked by a shadow demon. Sara remembered that Ryan Choi could be next, so she was saved. Sara immediately went to Central City to join the final battle alongside Wild Dog, Dreamer, Spartan, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Superman, Batwoman, Supergirl, and Alex Danvers, to stop the resurfaced Anti-Monitor from destroying everything once more.

Memorial for Oliver Queen[edit | edit source]

The memorial for Oliver Queen

Sometime later, Sara, together with the Flash, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Batwoman, Superman and Black Lightning took part at a memorial for Oliver Queen at a S.T.A.R. Labs building, after which Barry proposed the others to officially create a pact between the seven of them in order to work side-by-side more often now that they live in the same universe, so that they would be able to prevent and face any future crisis.

The seven heroes at the round table

Sara learns later, at the funeral of Oliver, that he resurrected her father Quentin, but not her sister: instead Oliver revived the former Black Siren. Sara is happy nonetheless.

After the events of Heyworld, Sara became famous, to the point of being the cover of a magazine. In early 2020, Sara and Ava met Barack Obama.

Fighting the Encores[edit | edit source]

Legends team meeting

After the crisis, Sara, Mick and Ray arrived at the Waverider and the other Legends welcomed them. Sara finds out that a guy named Kevin Harris is recording a documentary called Meet the Legends, and gets mad at Ava. After a temporal quake in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1917 hit the timeline, the Legends went to investigate and found that Grigori Rasputin was resuscitated. Then the Legends went back to the ship and planned a way to kill Rasputin. Sara went with Behrad Tarazi to fix Gideon who was failing and take the documentary guys back to 2393. While fixing Gideon, Behrad gave Sara a drawing of her with Oliver and Laurel, in honor of Oliver's recent passing.

Sara and Behrad were going to drink when they received a video call from Constantine and Gary Green, saying that Astra released the worst souls from Hell, and Rasputin was one of them. Sara and Behrad also received a video call from Rasputin who said he was going to kill the Romanov family and steal the throne, so she and Behrad decided to stop him. They disbanded Rasputin's servants and prevented the Romanovs from killing, so Rasputin hypnotized Behrad and ordered him to kill Sara. During the fight, Sara found Ava and they reconciled. Then Sara threw the small atom into Rasputin and blew it up. Afterwards, she and the Legends gave an interview to their fans, where they said that all this was a lie. They went back to the ship and Sara and Ava met John, he drank some of Rasputin's blood to perform a spell to get into hell, Sara told him to be careful.

Fight against Atropos[edit | edit source]

Going blind[edit | edit source]

After her fight against Atropos, Sara becomes blind. Sara began to realize that she could envision the future and resisted the temptation made by Marchosias to kill Gary Green. When Marchosias attacked her and Constantine, Sara used her hearing to hurt the hellhound. As Ava takes care of her girlfriend, Gideon informs them that Sara has no anomaly and she is blind for unknown reasons.

In order to gain immortality so that she would be able to work the Loom, Sara helped to create Delta Chi Sigma; though blind, Sara challenged Dionysus to beer-pong and won, giving the Legends the opportunity to drink from the Chalice of Dionysus.

Zombie apocalypse and reality change[edit | edit source]

Later, Lachesis and Atropos steal the Waverider and cause the England Zombie Apocalypse, to kill the Legends. In order to get the ship back, the Legends travel from John Constantine's house to London to get a time courier; however, they learn that they must wait for it to recharge.

As they wait, Zombies attack. Knowing that they can not win this battle, Sara and Ava kiss a last time. Even blinded, Sara fights valiantly, destroying many Zombies but unfortunately she was killed protecting her team and her girlfriend.

Reality is remade into Loomworld and Sara becomes the co-captain of the USS Faterider on the television show Star Trip, battling Dahn and the Gromulans. Thanks to Mona Wu and Gary Green in reality and Zari Tomaz in the television crossover, Sara rebels against the script given to her by Clotho and returns to lead the Legends against the Fates.

Killing a god[edit | edit source]

The Legends separated into two groups and Sara led the group that sought to destroy the Loom and restore reality to Earth-Prime. Sara found the Loom but was challenged in battle against Atropos. Sara used her precognition to survive the lethal blows from the death goddess. Suddenly, Behrad and Zari Tarazi used the Air Totem in tandem and blasted Atropos into the Loom. Since Atropos bragged that Sara got her powers from her, Sara realized that she too could pull life strings; Sara pulled the string of Atropos and mixed it with the strings that the Loom was already manipulating, causing an explosion and the defeat of the goddess.

Final battle with the Encores[edit | edit source]

Sara and Legends were forced to time-jump to four months into the future; when they returned to the museum to confront the two other Fates, they found Clotho brainwashed by Lachesis into thinking that free will was detrimental and suffering from depression. Sara and Ava tried to use their love to prove that free will was good, but Clotho was not impressed. Sara and the Legends left Clotho aboard the ship as they went to fight Lachesis who used Soul tokens to get Encores to aid her as she fled. When the Legends began to lose the battle, Clotho arrived with hell weapons turned the tide.

Kidnapped[edit | edit source]

After the Legends defeated the Fates, the Legends said goodbye to Charlie at a The Smell concert. Leaving the concert, the team was exceedingly drunk, not noticing Sara was sucked by a beam that is caused by aliens Sara, who had told a young David Bowie that she planned to ask Ava Sharpe to marry her, awakens from a cryochamber to find herself in outer space onboard an alien ship. She opens another cryochamber, freeing Spartacus; the two argue about what to do to gain freedom because of their different fighting styles, but the conflict ends when he attacks and is eaten by one of the aliens. Sara takes a more cautious approach in attacking the second alien and learns that he is Gary Green.

Learning that Gary abducted Sara because she is the "quintessential human", not for food as Spartacus, Sara wants to be returned to the Waverider so she convinces Gary into opening a wormhole to the Temporal zone. Gary's girlfriend finds Sara and a fight ensues in which Sara gets locked up again in the cryochamber. Unable to escape and about to freeze Sara gets contacted Ava. Using her wedding ring to escape Sara fights Kayla again. Sara is forced to use the cryochambers filled with other aliens to defeat her foe; the aliens flow into the temporal zone. Before Gary and Sara can get to the wormhole, it closes, leaving them stranded in time and space.

The spaceship exhausts its fuel and falls onto a planet; Sara wants to refuel the ship to get home, but Gary wants to send a distress signal and wait while playing card games. Gary warns her that they don't know if the atmosphere is breathable, but when Sara sees a dog, she calculates that it is. Following the dog, they met its owner, Amelia Earhart who allows them to eat and offers rest. Sara offers Amelia passage to Earth if she helps to refuel the ship. Suddenly, Amelia reveals herself as monstrous, causing Gary and Sara to run.

Finding herself poisoned, Sara convinces Gary to defend her against the people that seem to be pursuing them. Sara sees what appears to be Ava Sharpe and follows her until Sara is sure that it is an Ava clone, luring her somewhere. The two fight. Sara enters the place and is greeted by a man.

Possible future[edit | edit source]

In a possible future Sara, wearing her White Canary uniform and a shorter white jacket, is seen fighting alongside The Flash, The Atom and Captain Cold, though it is possible that the version of Captain Cold seen was actually his Earth-X doppelgänger against a large metallic adversary. Barry caught a glimpse of this when travelling through the Speed Force.

Personality[edit | edit source]

"I wasn't trying to be a bitch."
"The title of your autobiography."
—Sara Lance and Laurel Lance

Sara in her civilian persona.

In her adolescence, Sara Lance, much like Oliver Queen, was a person who "couldn't stay out of trouble". As the younger of the two sisters, Sara was something of a "black sheep" to Laurel Lance's "golden child"; she made unwise, reckless, often selfish decisions, such as pursuing a boy with a girlfriend while in high school, provoking physical assaults from said girlfriend and her friends in response. Sara was an outgoing, rebellious party girl and as a teenager, she got into some legal trouble, including one incident of shoplifting that her father, Quentin, made go away. Sara also embodied a somewhat petty and jealous nature; she had an affair with Oliver while he was dating Laurel behind her sister's back, even willing to ditch school to go on the Queen's Gambit with him. Sara's justification for this was retaliation against Laurel for allegedly sabotaging her crush on Oliver.

However, after her near-death experience on the Gambit and time spent with Dr. Anthony Ivo once being rescued by him, Sara became more introverted, apathetic, and cold, as well as savvy with technology and science. She even confessed to helping Ivo torture his test subjects, though only because she was secretly terrified of being the next subject. Despite Oliver being one of the reasons for her shipwreck, Sara still cared for him, to the point that when Oliver was brought aboard the Amazo, she everything to stop the crew from killing him in spite of her allegiance to Ivo. While Sara used Oliver to obtain Shado and Slade Wilson's location on Lian Yu, she became disillusioned with Ivo when he severely injured Slade, coldly murdered Shado, and threatened to torture both her and Oliver unless Sara returned to his side. After spending time with Oliver and Slade, Sara soon regained her sense of trust, loyalty, and altruism.

"And what I am is irredeemable."
"What was that word you said before?"
"'Ta-er al-Sahfer'."
"What does that mean?"
"It means 'The Canary'."
"If you're so far gone and so irredeemable... then why would they know you by such a beautiful name?
— Sara Lance and Laurel Lance

Sara as the Canary

Soon after being recruited into the League of Assassins and trained to become a warrior, Sara grew more independent, headstrong, and confident. Despite this, she never forgot her identity, still remembering and loving her family. However, Sara was afraid to reveal to them that she was alive, fearing they would reject who she had become.

Sara has a quiet, reserved demeanor, being rather haunted and burdened by her traumatic experiences and warrior lifestyle. Upon becoming the vigilante "the Canary", Sara has displayed a sense of honor as well as guilt and remorse for her past actions. She labeled herself a "murderer" for one particular assassination where she slit a beloved father's throat, which was one of the reasons she came to leave the League. During her crusade to take down men who attacked women, Sara restrained from killing the perpetrators in an attempt to atone. In spite of her past regrets though, Sara occasionally lacks a moral compass in her moments of vengeance, as she is perfectly willing to kill people who have harmed those she holds dear, such as Barton Mathis, Xavier Reed, and Helena Bertinelli, only sparing the latter two because Oliver and Laurel convinced her to.

Even over six years after the sinking of the Gambit, Sara still deeply loved Oliver and they soon rekindled their relationship once Sara was released from the League. Even after leaving the League though, Sara never stopped loving Nyssa al Ghul despite the violent cause she serves, to the point where she refused to harm Nyssa even when the latter kidnapped Sara's mother, Dinah. After returning to Starling City, Sara took in and cared for Sin like a little sister, partially because of a promise she made to Sin's father before his death on the island. Upon becoming a member of Team Arrow, Sara grew very close with John Diggle, whom she called by his nickname "Dig", Felicity Smoak and Typhuss James Kira. She was often amused by Felicity's socially-awkward babbles and bubbly nature, affectionately referring to her as "cute".

After Roy Harper went on a Mirakuru-inducted rage, injuring Sin and endangering Thea Queen, Sara was determined to kill him despite Oliver and Thea's protests. However, after Team Arrow worked to cure Roy instead, she came to regret her choice, as her reasons for wanting to Roy dead were not justified. Sara came to the conclusion a killer is what she is because the League made her to be one. As a result, she ended her relationship with Oliver, citing she cares about him too much to be with him. Sara felt that while Oliver still had a light inside him, she was lost in the shadows and couldn't come back from it, prompting her to leave Team Arrow and rejoin the League in exchange for their help in The Siege.

When Laurel discovered Sara's identity and called her a hero, Sara refuted her sister's claim, believing she was the farthest thing from it. However, when Laurel voiced her belief that Sara couldn't be known by a name as beautiful as "The Canary" if she was so irredeemable, Sara was finally inspired to try and be someone better. After saving a child from a burning building, Sara found comfort in that she was praised as a hero. Despite rejoining the League, Sara embodied a more hopeful nature, vowing not to get lost in the darkness again. She began adjusting to and accepting a new mindset in becoming a hero, joining Oliver in taking down Werner Zytle and preventing his bombing strike without killing or attempting to kill any enemies involved.

Upon being resurrected by the Lazarus Pit, Sara was separated from her soul and plagued with a feral aggression and bloodlust similar to a rabid animal. Sara immediately began trying to brutally kill Thea upon her revival since it was by the latter's unwitting hand that she died. Sara has also been shown to be aggressive towards Laurel, Quentin and Team Arrow despite their relationship, looking at them with strong hatred. All of these traits were because of the Lazarus Pit affecting her.

"I've lost a lot, most recently, my dad. The world needs a protector, someone to keep it safe. And it doesn't matter if someone's wearing a mask. All that matters is no one should have to lose their family or anyone they love."
— Sara Lance

Sara as White Canary

Even after Sara's soul was restored to her body by John Constantine, the side-effects of the Lazarus Pit remained; whenever triggered in battle, she exhibited psychological urges of her bloodlust, to the point of being unstable and unpredictable. However, Sara was horrified when she nearly beat a Kord Industries' security guard to death and immediately displayed guilt and remorse for killing a Ghost. Although Sara had previously displayed willingness to harm those who endangered her loved ones, she was haunted over the fact that she needed to kill the Ghost and couldn't restrain herself, whereas she did still know restraint even before. Sara has become seemingly against killing her enemies in general, ultimately deciding to start a new life away from Star City to cope with her bloodlust.

When Rip Hunter offered Sara a chance to join the Legends, she agreed with Nyssa and Laurel's encouragement to use her second chance at life to be a hero in the light. Sara is shown to have become far more humane, optimistic, and moral, though she often struggled with her psychological bloodlust, feeling ashamed of her desire to kill. Despite this, she persevered in trying to regain her humanity. Sara got caught up in the timeline as she retrained with the League for two years, but remembered her identity while battling Kendra Saunders. After this, Sara became even more confident in herself. She was also kind and empathetic to her teammates, offering guidance as they faced their own individual strifes. Sara developed a particularly close relationship with Leonard Snart, as they spent a lot of time talking about their lives and playing cards together. She grew to develop romantic feelings for Leonard, sharing a kiss with the latter before his sacrifice.

Over the course of her time-traveling adventures, Sara has evolved into a capable leader and was arguably Rip's right-hand woman, to the point that he even entrusted her to command the Waverider. After Rip's disappearance, Sara became the Legends' new leader, a choice acknowledged and respected by her team. Sara initially struggled somewhat with the weight of potentially putting their lives at risk, but eventually grew to trust her instincts and teammates.

After Laurel was attacked by Damien Darhk, Sara was devastated over her attack, feeling unable to cope without her sister's guidance. Sara resolved to stop her sister's attack through any means necessary, feeling she owed Laurel for resurrecting her. Sara's pursuit of revenge led her to try and force Rip into bringing her back in time to prevent her sister's attack and later kill Damien's younger self, regardless of the damage to the timeline. Sara even bitterly lashed out at her teammates when they attempted to talk her out of her vendetta. However, after Martin Stein reminded Sara that she isn't an assassin anymore and her soul is at stake just as much as the timeline, Sara ultimately chose to spare Damien in their next encounter, instead taunting him with vague facts about his future. Upon reuniting with Laurel's spirit while using the Spear of Destiny, Sara was able to make peace with her sister's attack and accept she was worthy to wield the spear.

Since embracing her role as a Legend, Sara takes pride the group's status as "outcasts and misfits", regaining her rebellious, playful, and witty disposition from her youth. While practical and serious-minded in battle, she also enjoyed indulging in the various pleasures of time-traveling to different eras. Sara frequently employs a sense of "pizazz" when instructing her team in their next mission. While dedicated to the job of maintaining the timeline, she became more willing change history for the better if possible (or required).

Sara has developed a distaste for authority, particularly that which obstructs her goals; she opposed the Time Bureau's attempts to fix the anachronisms the Legends accidentally created, insisting her team was more than capable of handling the challenge. As a result, Sara quickly generated a rivalry with Agent Ava Sharpe, due to the latter's dismissal for the Legends' methods. Sara has also shown to be very protective of her team, especially when it comes to betrayal; when Rip risked the Legends' safety in an attempt to take out Mallus, Sara immediately turned him in to the Bureau. Following this, she and Ava soon found common ground and became allies, which soon led to a mutual spark between the two.

Throughout Sara's life, she displayed traits of promiscuous behavior; she often engages in sexual activities at inappropriate times and with questionable people, due to her "go with the flow" attitude. By her own admission, Sara doesn't see herself as the type to settle down and have a normal relationship with someone. However, while she is capable of doing so, Sara often allows her personal feelings of self-loathing due to her difficult past cause her to believe that she does not deserve to be with the person she is with, causing her to abruptly end her said relationship with them, as seen with Oliver and Ava. However, as Sara continues to work on moving on, she began slowly taking positive steps forward in her personal life when dating Ava. Even after discovering Ava was a genetically-engineered clone, Sara ultimately did not allow this to influence her feelings for Ava, allowing the couple to reconcile.

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

Former powers[edit | edit source]

  • Enhanced physical conditioning: Upon her resurrection by a Lazarus Pit, Sara became stronger than a normal human; she was capable of overpowering Laurel Lance and Oliver Queen simultaneously with pure brute strength. Sara even withstood being stabbed in the face with a piece of glass and shattering a glass window with her body while jumping out of it, barely slowing down. Sara lost these powers after her restitution.
  • Immortality: After drinking from the Chalice of Dionysus, Sara became immortal for 24 hours.
"Who else on your team was born to wield death?"
— Death Totem Canary
  • Abilities via Death Totem: When Mallus successfully attempted to get Sara to wield the Death Totem, she became under full control of the monstrous behemoth and gained special powers from it, until John Constantine and Ava Sharpe managed to free Sara from his realm.
    • Necromancy: The Totem allows the user to raise the spirits of the dead, although Sara never used this ability.
    • Teleportation: With the ability to teleport, Sara was able to catch some of the Legends off-guard while fighting them.
    • Telekinesis: Like Damien Darhk and Nora Darhk, Sara gained the ability to lift or attack any victim on target with dark magic.
    • Levitation: Sara gained the ability to levitate herself with no difficulties.
    • Apparitions creation: Sara managed to easily overpower Wally West, Nate Heywood, Zari Tarazi, and John Constantine through hallucinations of loved ones and relatives, in this case Jesse Quick, Henry Heywood, Behrad Tarazi, and Astra Logue respectively.
"You've lost one kind of vision, and you've gained another. Sara, you're seeing the future."
— Charlie to Sara Lance
  • Link to Atropos: After seeing Atropos' true form, which should have killed her, but didn't, Sara was linked to the Fate's essence, providing her with several abilities but also rendering her blind. The link was severed once Atropos died, restoring Sara's eyesight.
  • Precognition: After surviving seeing Atropos' true form, Sara gained the ability to see into the near future of those she touched, such as seeing that she was going to pour a drink before she actually poured it, and when the Legends attempted to retrieve Lachesis' ring, she was able to see that it would fail before it actually happened. When she awoke from her coma blind, she saw the potential deaths of her teammates at the hands of the Marchosias, however, she only received these visions when she made tactile contact with those who could have died. She used her foresight to defeat Dionysus at beer pong, despite the latter being undefeated, after she shook his hand. Before her death, yet again, Sara had a vision about her untimely demise; after she witnessed her death, she was unable to see any future past it due to her not participating in future events (because she would already have been dead). After Sara killed Atropos, Sara lost her ability to see the future as her link to Atropos was severed once the latter died.
    • Death inducement: Sara was able to pull Atropos' life string and entangled it with the many strings of the Loom. She lost this ability as her link to Atropos was severed once the latter died.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

"You are the strongest, most fearless person I've ever met, and you never back down."
Ava Sharpe
  • Peak of human physical condition: As a former assassin turned vigilante, Sara is in peak human condition. Despite her small frame, she is strong enough to easily break Al-Owal's neck and lift her own body weight while using the salmon ladder. Sara is able to throw a shot glass with enough force to knock a grown man to the ground and an arrow to kill a medieval soldier. She has also demonstrated excellent reflexes, being able to catch an arrow from the air on multiple occasions, catch the Spear of Destiny when thrown towards her, and dodge attacks from several types of weapons such as bullets, lasers, and flamethrowers.
    • Acrobatics/Free-running: Sara regularly includes acrobatics in her fighting style; she is capable of scaling buildings, running from rooftop to rooftop with ease and has been known to use a scarf to quickly descend from ceilings. During her time in Feudal Japan, Sara performed an aerial maneuver in order to dodge a samurai's sword strike and kill her opponent. She also utilized another aerial maneuver when fighting the Earth-X Nazis, demonstrating the ability to grapple onto her enemies.
    • Honed senses: Sara is able to instantly notice danger in her environment, able to pick up minute details of the Bruemberg Group employees and realize in Camelot that the team was being followed.
"Uh, shouldn't we help her?"
him I'm worried about."
Ray Palmer and Nate Heywood
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Sara is an exceptional combatant due to her experience with the League of Assassins, having gone through all the training that members of the League do. She has demonstrated the ability to defeat multiple enemies both armed and unarmed, take down a Russian mobster twice her size, outclass the highly skilled Helena Bertinelli, and subdue Oliver Queen while he was in a weakened state from being drugged. After being retrained by the League, Sara's combat skills have increased to the point where she was able to go head-on against the deadly assassin known as The Pilgrim and fight her to a stalemate. She also managed to overpower Vandal Savage and kill him in 1975, albeit Savage was weakened by the meteorite, and best Malcolm Merlyn after considerable effort. Sara was briefly able to hold her own against Overgirl, but was ultimately overpowered; due to the latter's Kryptonian powers. Sara was also able to fight on par against Earth-2 Laurel Lance with her batons as the latter wielded two combat knives and briefly overpowered her until Laurel managed to knock the former down long enough to escape, though it's possible Sara was holding back. Sara was able to best the elderly Oliver Queen of Earth-16. Sara's fighting style consists of Aikido, Boxing, Bojutsu, Kickboxing, Capoeira, Escrima, Wrestling, Kung Fu, Karate, Hapkido, Judo, Jiu-jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Ninjutsu, Savate, Tae Kwon Do and Wing Chun. On several occasions, Sara proved able to learn from earlier fights and defeats to make remarkable improvements when facing those same opponents again, as evident when she faced off against Oliver, Damien Darhk, Head Samurai, and even the goddess Atropos.
    • Weapons proficiency: As an experienced ex-League member, Sara is masterful in a variety of weapons. She is also skilled with identifying and using improvised weapons, such as part of a ceiling frame in the Queen Mansion to battle Al-Owal, an incense burner to combat Earth-X Prometheus, and a flute to fend off the crew of Edward Teach.
    • Master bo-staff/stick-fighter: Sara's weapon of choice is a pair of extendable batons that combine to form into a bo-staff and she has demonstrated great skill in both stick-fighting and bo-staff fighting. Using her staff, Sara has defeated multiple armed enemies in quick succession and has competed against other very skilled combatants such as Savage, Damien, and Oliver. Sara can also throw her batons with great accuracy, as demonstrated when she killed Barton Mathis.
    • Master swordswoman: Sara was trained in the use of swords during her time with the League. When she rejoined the organization from 1958-1960, her swordsmanship skills improved considerably. During her duel with Kendra Saunders, Sara was able to defeat her despite the latter's greater strength and having her pinned to a wall in mid-air. Sara was also able to stand up to Mick Rory, a master of combat, when he was Chronos, being able to land several killing blows on him, which were only saved by his armor at the time. In Feudal Japan, Sara was able to wield two swords at once in battle and defeat a squadron of elite samurai, one of whom was skilled enough with a blade to use it to deflect one of her knives, unscathed. Sara was also able to battle evenly with Damien, a former candidate to the title of Ra's al Ghul, twice in a sword duel and defeated him both times.
    • Master knife wielder/Knife thrower: Sara is extremely skilled at using knives in combat, as she used a small knife to disarm and easily defeat Blake, a trained swordsman. Sara is also an excellent knife thrower, as she was able to throw a knife straight into an armed woman's chest from across the room before the latter could fire at her and deprived Damien of his handgun with a shuriken before he could react. Sara has also demonstrated the ability to throw several knives in quick succession, as seen by her encounters with the Bratva, when mind-controlled by the Dominators, and in the alternate reality created by the Legion of Doom.
    • Expert markswoman: Presumably taught by her father and later the League, Sara is accomplished in the use of firearms, ranging from handguns to sniper rifles. Sara has also demonstrated proficient use of a crossbow.
      • Skilled archer: While rarely demonstrated, Sara is a proficient archer, as seen when she used Oliver's compound bow to shoot an arrow into the shoulder of one of Xavier Reed's goons.
  • High-level intellect/Expert tactician/Leader: Sara is a highly trained tactician, as she set a trap for Al-Owal and his men when they ambushed her. While a member of Team Arrow, the team often looked towards her for guidance when Oliver wasn't available. She is also very observant, able to deduce that the employees of the Bruemberg Group weren't what they claimed to be. After Rip Hunter disappeared, Sara was elected to the lead the Legends by Martin Stein, who realized that she was the team's best tactician in absence of Rip. Even Rip himself acknowledged Sara was the better leader.
    • Expert thief: Due to her dating experiences with juvenile delinquents, Sara knows how to hot-wire a car. She even successfully swiped a Time Bureau agent's badge after their fling.
    • Master interrogator/Torturer: During her time with the League, Sara learned how to extract information out of her targets in many ways, including torture. She was even personally taught by Ra's al Ghul how to kill a man slowly over a matter of days.
    • Medical knowledge: During her time with Anthony Ivo, Sara was trained in forensics, chemistry, and first aid. She is capable of treating injuries and performing minor surgeries. Sara was also able to successfully identify the diseases of William Tockman and Nate Heywood.
    • Toxicology: Due to Sara's time in the League, she is familiar with various poisons, specifically Tibetan pit viper venom.
    • Multilingual: Sara is capable of fluently speaking English, Mandarin, Araic, and Tibetan.
    • Expert driver/Pilot: Sara is highly trained driving multiple vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles. During her time with the Legends, she became capable of navigating and piloting the futuristic Waverider.
  • Singing: Sara seems to be a decent singer, as she sang frequently with Ray Palmer and Nate as the Puppets of Tomorrow in an alternate timeline.
  • Dancing: Sara is a talented dancer, as seen when she performed in a Bollywood dance number with Zari Tomaz and Charlie.
"Pain and I came to a little understanding a few years back."
— Sara Lance
  • Indomitable will/High tolerance for pain: Like most members of the League, Sara has an incredible tolerance to pain; for example, when Oliver was stitching a wound on her back, she didn't even flinch. Damien even acknowledged that torture would prove fruitless on her. Similarly, Sara has shown a very high tolerance for alcohol, having regularly out-drunk men who attempted to intoxicate her enough to have their way with her and was able to easily defeat multiple Earth-X Nazis despite being slightly hungover. She even fought efficiently while high on marijuana. Sara embodied a strong mental drive, able to resist giving into her bloodlust urges with her friends' support and overcome the demon Mallus' possession on several occasions.
  • Stealth/Infiltration/Escape artist: Sara is highly capable of entering and leaving buildings without being seen, regardless of their security. She was even able to sneak up on Malcolm, a master of stealth, who commented her skill. Sara is also able to conceal her weapons easily on her person, such as knives and batons.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

Former weaknesses[edit | edit source]

  • Bloodlust: After her resurrection by the Lazarus Pit, Sara was plagued with a bloodlust that compels her to kill, making her occasionally aggressive and violent. However, since John Constantine restored her soul, Sara not killing anyone does not deteriorate her physical condition, as her bloodlust is purely psychological. After rejoining the League for two years, she was able to gain full control over her bloodlust using herbs and meditation. By the time of Damien Darhk's resurrection, Sara's bloodlust seems to have been completely calmed as Nora Darhk was able to use the life-siphoning dark magic spell on her, a spell not normally applicable on people affected by the Lazarus Pit bloodlust, as seen with Thea Queen.
  • Blindness: Shortly after Sara started having visions, she collapsed and when she woke up she was blind. Charlie referred to it as "losing one kind of sight and gaining another". This was a side effect of her link to Atropos, and once Atropos died and the link was severed, Sara's sight was restored.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Expandable batons: As the Canary, and later White Canary, Sara uses a pair of expandable batons which could combine into a bo-staff in battle as her main weapon. Sara has also demonstrated use of smaller batons, as seen when she killed Barton Mathis.
  • Gun: After her resurrection, Sara utilized a handgun in the rescue of Ray Palmer from the Latin Building. She has since used a multitude of guns in her time with the Legends, including sniper rifles, handguns and even at one point, stealing a Time Master's energy blaster.
  • Knives: Sara has used a variety of different knives, such as using a dagger to kill Suarez in Guyana in his bed, and using at least three knives when she and Rip targeted Vandal Savage's finances to kill the mercenaries hired by him. Recently, she utilized a knife against the warriors of Feudal Japan. Knives and shurikens have become a staple in Sara's equipment, with her mostly using them in undercover work.
  • Sara Lance's motorcycle: Sara uses a motorcycle to get around Star City, when she is out on patrol as the Canary. It is unknown if this is her civilian motorbike.
  • Scarf: Like her ex-lover Nyssa, Sara uses a scarf to descend from ceilings in an acrobatic manner.
  • White Canary suit: Sara wears a white leather protective suit as the White Canary. The suit was designed for her by Cisco Ramon on Laurel Lance's request. Unlike Sara's Canary suit, the White Canary suit does not have a mask. The suit was later modified to include a white jacket. Eventually, it became a collared suit with no jacket.
  • Waverider: After Rip went missing, Sara now is the captain of the Waverider.

Former equipment[edit | edit source]

  • The Canary suit: Sara wore a black leather suit, the pants being reminiscent of fishnet stockings, when she fought crime as her former heroine alter-ego, the Canary. Along with this, she wore a mask to hide her identity from enemies (and also from friends and family, at first). Sara wore the Canary suit a couple more times after having her soul returned to her until joining the Legends, for which Laurel gave her the White Canary suit.
  • Sonic device: As the Canary, Sara used a handheld non-lethal sonic weapon to incapacitate large groups of people. The device overwhelmed the hearing of everyone in its immediate vicinity, and was also capable of shattering glass. It can also be use as an improvised explosion device; when the light on the device switches from light blue to light red, the device immediately detonates for the purpose of distraction or escape. After Sara's death, Laurel had the device modified by Cisco into the Canary Cry.
  • Sonic bracelet: When Sara briefly returned to Team Arrow to help Felicity Smoak, she used a sonic bracelet (an upgraded version of the Canary Cry) that emitted sound waves. Sara later passed on the weapon to Dinah Drake.
  • Voice filter: Sara used a voice filter when talking to those that didn't know her true identity, so she could successfully hide it. She stopped using this device after becoming White Canary.
  • Blonde wig: As the Canary, Sara wore a beach-blonde wig to hide her identity.
  • Death Totem: When Mallus successfully attempted to get Sara to wield the Death Totem, she became under full control of the monstrous behemoth and gained special powers from it, until freed from Mallus's realm. Sara used the totem again to help create a version of Beebo to defeat Mallus, this time in control of herself. Afterwards, the totem was given to Kuasa to protect.
  • Motorcycle: Sara used a motorcycle to get around Starling City when out on patrol as the Canary.
  • Scarf: Like her ex-lover, Nyssa al Ghul, Sara used a scarf to descend from ceilings in an acrobatic manner.
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