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The Second Der'kal Invasion, this conflict is also referred to as the Second Der'kal War or the Second Federation-Der'kal War, was a two-year interstellar conflict between the United Federation of Planets and the Der'kal Empire which ocurred between the years 2392 and 2394.



In 2392, Kylo Ren was able to kill his master, Vur'naa, Ren claimed the mantle of Supreme Leader and ultimately led to the second war with the Federation, four years after the Empire's defeat in the first war.

The war begins[]

The invasion begins[]

Kara Thrace and Typhuss James Kira were on a joyride in two Viper Mark VIIs when a Der'kal fleet appeared on sensors with 75 TIE fighters. Typhuss ordered Colonel Sarah Mackenzie who was in command of the USS Intrepid-A at that time to leave and warn Starfleet Command about the Der'kal fleet as they are on a direct course to Earth and that war is coming.

Battle sites[]

Major campaigns[]