Star Trek: Ares
Abbreviation: ST:Are
Original media: Episodes
Creator(s): Dragonboy546
Setting: 2370s
Location: Alpha Quadrant,
Beta Quadrant

Star Trek: Ares​ is a planned Star Trek fan series in development since 2014, where the crew of the Federation starship USS Ares under the command of Captain Marcia Taylor and her crew are exploring the Alpha Quadrant.


The year is 2376 and the United Federation of Planets is enjoying peace time with their allies the Klingon Empire and keeping their peace treaty with the Cardassian Union, helping them recover from the brutal war.



​Also StarringEdit

  • Delena Lusk as Ensign/Lieutenant Junior Grade/Lieutenant Kara Carlson-Ship's chief conn officer
  • Jeremy Regan as Lieutenant Commander Kyle Clarkson-Ship's chief engineer
  • TBA as Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander Sito Jaxa-Ship's chief operations officer
  • Kevin Regan as Lieutenant Wesley Crusher-Ship's chief of security, tactical officer
  • Becky Elliot as Lieutenant/Lieutenant Commander T'Mir-Ship's chief science officer
  • Jacob Elliot as Doctor Steven Carlson-Ship's chief medical officer
  • TBA as Lieutenant Commander Audrey Hunter-Ship's chief strategic operations officer

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Season Number of Episodes #
Ares Season 1 22
Ares Season 2 20
Ares Season 3 20
Ares Season 4 20
Ares Season 5 20
Ares Season 6 20
Ares Season 7 20