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Star Trek: Helena
USS Voyager.jpg
Abbreviation: ST:Hel
Original media: episodes
Creator(s): Jarvis Davidson
Setting: 2370s to early 2380s
Location: USS Helena
The USS Helena in the 2370s

Star Trek: Helena is a fan fiction series that takes place in the late 2370s to early 2380s, following the adventures of Captain Jason Tyson and the crew of the USS Helena, a Intrepid-class starship, as the Federation struggles against an alien race from a distance part of the universe known as the Ori.


The year is 2378 and the Federation is enjoying peace time and recovery and celebrating the return of the crew of the Starship USS Voyager last year, with the launch of the USS Helena under the command of Captain Jason Tyson. And an old enemy threats the Federation and her allies.



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Seasons: 7


Season One - 2377-2378[]

Main article: Star Trek: Helena (season 1). After the end of the Dominion War peace has been restored to the Federation and her allies, as clean up is beginning and ships are adventuring back into the Alpha and Beta Quadrants the USS Helena is being finished her refits. And her new Captain isn't sure about commanding such a powerful vessel as the Helena but when Captain Tyson is ordered to head out to the Cardassia sector to oversee the reconstruction of their fleet to make sure they're following the treaty guidelines.

Season Two - 2379[]

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Season 3- 2380[]

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Season 4- 2381[]

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Season 5- 2382[]

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Season 6- 2383[]

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Season 7- 2384[]

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