Star Trek: Olson
Abbreviation: Ol
Creator(s): Dragonboy546
Setting: 2370s-2380S
Location: Alpha Quadrant,
Pegasus galaxy
USS Phoenix
USS Olson

Star Trek: Olson ​is a fan made series created by Dragonboy546.


Star Trek: Olson takes place years after Star Trek: Nemesis that was pandered by every Star Trek fan due to it being stupid and lame and made 0 sense, the series shows the crew of the Daedalus-class battle cruiser USS Olson under the command of Colonel Tarin Veal their mission is the seek out new life and civilization but that may come under threat as a former enemies return and threat the Federation.



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Season Number of Episodes #
Olson Season 1 TBA
Olson Season 2 TBA
Olson Season 3 TBA
Olson Season 4 TBA
Olson Season 5 TBA
Olson Season 6 TBA
Olson Season 7 TBA