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Star Trek: The New Generations

Star Trek: The New Generations is an alternate universe novel that is set in the 24th century and the year 2380-2386, where it tells the struggle of the Federation against the Cardassian Union in a war.


Star Trek: The New Generations took place years after the events of Nemesis. The series depicted a war between the Federation and the Cardassian Union, wanting revenge for the losses that they suffered during the Dominion War and for Starfleet not surrendering to the Dominion.

As with the original Star Trek, TNG was still very much about exploration, "boldly going where no one has gone before". Similarly, the plots captured the adventures of the crew of a starship, namely the dreadnought refit USS Enterprise-D. Despite the apparent similarities with the original series, the creators of TNG were adamant about creating a bold, independent vision of the future. The public did not widely accept the show on its own terms until the airing of "The Best of Both Worlds", which marked a shift towards higher drama, serious plot lines, and a less episodic nature.



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Season One[]

Season Two[]

  • Season Two (2381)

Season Three[]

  • Season Three (2382)

Season Four[]

  • Season Four (2383)

Season Five[]

  • Season Five (2384)

Season Six[]

  • Season Six (2385)

Season Seven[]

  • Season Seven (2386)


  • Orphans of War -
  • Operation Beta Shield -


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