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Star Trek: The New Voyages
Abbreviation: TOS
Original media: Episodes
Creator(s): Dragonboy546
Setting: 23rd century
Location: Alpha Quadrant,
USS Enterprise
USS Enterprise in space.jpg

Star Trek: The New Voyages is a Star Trek fan series in planned development since September of 2013 was created by Dragonboy546, and its set in the 23rd century telling the adventures of the crew of the Constitution-class USS Enterprise under the command of Captain John Branson continuing the five-year mission of the Enterprise that then Captain James T. Kirk started.



  • John Branson: Space The Final Frontier These are the Voyages of the Starship Enterprise, its five-year mission: To Explore Strange New Worlds To Seek Out New Life and New Civilizations to Boldly Go Where No One has Gone Before



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Season 1 (2268/2269)[]

The year is 2269 and the Federation, Starfleet are enjoying some much peace time since the forced signing of the Organian Peace Treaty of 2267, the Federation reactivates the USS Enterprise. Under the command of Captain John Branson and his new crew as they explore the Alpha Quadrant and encounter different lifeforms and civilizations and fighting the Klingon Empire and The Gorn.

Episode Name Stardate
101 Launch" 6956.1
102 Children of the Comet 6874.1
103 Rescue Unknown
104 Ambushed 6545.1
105 Under The Radar 6454.3
106 Kitumba Part 1 6450.1
107 Kitumba Part 2 6956.2
108 Blackout 6459.1
109 Under The Hammer Unknown
110 Alea Illacta Est 6878.2
111 Mad Idolatry 6875.1
112 Ex Oblivion 6987.1
113 First Duty Unknown
114 Silentium Aurem Est 6459.1
115 Training Cruise Gone Wrong 6471.6
116 New Dimensions 6458.1
117 The Storm 6459.1
118 Wargames 6478.2
'1x19 Fallen Heroes 6712.1
120 'Dictum Factum Part 1 Unknown

Season 2 (2270)[]

Episode Name Stardate
2x01 'Dictum Factum Part 2 6342.1

Season 3 (2271)[]

Episode Name Stardate
3x01 'Upgrades 6944.1

Season 4 (2272)[]

Episode Name Stardate

Season 5 (2273)[]

Episode Name Stardate

Season 6 (2274)[]

Episode Name Stardate

Season 7 (2275)[]

Episode Name Stardate

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