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Star Trek: Valiant
Abbreviation: Val
Creator(s): Dragonboy546
Setting: 2390s

location=Alpha Quadrant,
Pegasus galaxy

USS Phoenix.jpg
USS Valiant

Star Trek: Valiant also known as Valiant or ST: Valiant, is a story base series spin-off from Star Trek: Phoenix, which began airing in 2016. Created in early 2015 by Jarvis Davidson but was never launched due to troubles with laptop and other stuff that were an issue.

Background information[]

Creation of Star Trek: Valiant started in 2015 but it was never launched by the creator due to problems with computer and issues with them, but now that they've been solved the series can finally be launched starting a year after Phoenix, Earth has launched a new Daedalus-class battlecruiser USS Valiant under the command of Lieutenant Colonel William Tyson. Her mission is to seek out new life and civilization and to go boldly where no one has gone before.


The following characters are the main crew of the series but the cast is fictional and actors are not in any way related to this fan production. In story based series it is common to represent characters by real actors to advantage the image of them.


Also Starring[]

Recurring Characters[]

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Season Number of Episodes #
Valiant Season 1 22
Valiant Season 2 20
Valiant Season 3 20
Valiant Season 4 20
Valiant Season 5 20
Valiant Season 6 20
Valiant Season 7 20

Production information[]