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Starbase Atlantis
Station image.
Class: Atlantis class
Type of Facility: starbase,
space station
Affiliation: Federation, Starfleet,
Atlantis Expedition
Location: Alpha Quadrant,
Constructed: 2379
Status: Active (2393)

Starbase Atlantis is a Federation starbase in service to Starfleet in the 24th century, Starbase Atlantis orbits M35-117. Atlantis is the second Atlantis class starbase to be built after the construction of Starbase 290.


In 2385, Shen Xiaoyi and the civilian crew of Starbase Atlantis, attempted a mutiny against the Starfleet/Starfleet Marine personnel on Starbase Atlantis. Shen demanded the Starfleet personnel leave the starbase and hand over control of the starbase to a cilivian government or she would kill the hostages starting with Captain Typhuss James Kira. (Star Trek: Kingston episode: Hostage)


Commanding officers[]

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