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Starfleet Marine Corps
Starfleet Marine Corps logo
Allegiance: Federation, Starfleet
Type: Special Assault Forces
Dates active: 2161
Headquarters: Earth
Primary Missions: planetary defense,
starship security,
Starship excursion operations
Motto: Semper Invictus
("Forever Invincible")

The Starfleet Marine Corps, or simply the Starfleet Marines, are the infantry forces of the Federation's Starfleet. Unlike the rest of Starfleet's service personnel, who used a naval ranking structure, the Marines use a rank structure based on equivalents of Earth infantry-based militaries, such as the MACOs. One early variant of the SFMC was the Starfleet Ground Attack Marines of the 2160s, a force that was considered inactive by the 24th century.


During the Four Years War (c. 2250s), Starfleet Marines landed on Laxala, and constructed plasteel huts for their bases. Marines were regularly sent to Ing in the late 23rd century to mount to flush-out anti-Federation Orion rebels, launch counter-offensives and destroy their bases of operation, but with limited success.

In 2293, the SFMC was slated to take part in Operation Retrieve. They would have landed teams on Rura Penthe and participated in a direct assault on the Klingon prison complex on that planet.

In that film, the SFMC was not spoken of in dialogue, however the Operation Retrieve command briefing did feature them. This marks the only canonical mention of the SFMC.


Starfleet Marines were trained at the Starfleet Marine Corps Academy. All Starfleet officers who accepted assignment to Starfleet Intelligence or the Security and Tactical Division of the Starfleet Support Services Section were subjected to an accelerated course of SFMC training in a holographic environmental simulator program called "The Crucible." This program had the effect of subjecting the prospective Starfleet Marine to the equivalent of four long years of SFMC training in the span of only two short weeks. The entire roster of Marine Strike Group No. 791, except for its founding officer-In-Charge, then-Lieutenant FrioDraca, received its training as Starfleet Marines in this manner.

Duty uniform[]

Standard Starfleet Marine uniform (2386)

Each member of the Starfleet Marines just as basic Starfleet officers wear a standard division uniform however all Marines do not share either command, science/medical or engineering division colors and instead wear uniforms consisting of a deep kelly green as is standard in Marine tradition.


  • Starfleet 2nd Marine Regiment
  • Starfleet 3rd Marine Division
  • Starfleet 4th Marine Regiment
  • 101st Battalion, Starfleet 4th Marine Regiment
  • Starfleet 5th Marine Regiment
  • Starfleet 7th Marine Division
  • Starfleet 8th Marine Regiment
  • Starfleet 12th Marine Regiment
  • Starfleet 13th Marine Regiment

Rank grades[]

  • Enlisted:
    • Private
    • Private First Class
    • Lance Corporal
    • Corporal
    • Sergeant
    • Staff Sergeant
    • Gunnery Sergeant
    • Master Sergeant/First Sergeant
    • Sergeant Major/Master Gunnery Sergeant
  • officer:


  • Colonel Patrick West
  • Lieutenant Colonel Jan Kincade
  • Corporal Don Abrams
  • Colonel Anchar Ahab
  • Sublieutenant B.M. Biggs
  • Captain Joachim Hartzer
  • Corporal Akiko Karuna
  • Gunnery Sergeant Ashobi Karuna
  • Private Iesu Koshinara
  • Colonel Wilhelm Mann'dela
  • Sergeant Major Mbandwe
  • Lieutenant First Class Randall Robor-Wheeler
  • Lieutenant John Rich
  • Sergeant Roger Tang
  • General Shruth