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Starfleet Security Reserve
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The Starfleet Security Reserve, or SSR, was the counterintelligence and security apparatus of Starfleet. An autonomous branch of Starfleet Intelligence, it also specialized in external intelligence gathering despite its mission of counterintelligence. It's director, who was as of 2390, Admiral Nicholas Fury, was a member of Starfleet Command. Often SSR did joint missions with Starfleet Intelligence agents.


Starfleet Security Reserve uniform[]

Melinda May's SSR uniform

The SSR has a all black leather uniform with bird like symbols on both arms on the uniform.


Clearance Level[]

Clearance Levels were used by SSR to keep order in their system and protect information that is protected by SSR.

Numeric System[]

Clearance Level 8

Color System[]

Clearance Level Red

A new security clearance system, dubbed the "Spectrum of Security" was established. Unlike the original one, which was numeric, the new one was based on colors. Colors such as orange would generally be higher clearance than red and yellow as both are encompassed by orange, but in some cases, the lower colors would have higher clearance in select areas.