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The Stargate Program is a secret military program that runs and coordinates the use of the Stargate in the United Federation of Planets. The Stargate Program is run by Stargate Command located in Cheyenne Mountain, that coordinated missions to protect the Federation from its enemies. Although originally established as a purely American body, the Program was expanded over time to include various other nations. Today, the Stargate Program is supported largely by Starfleet, but the Federation remains a driving force in determining its mandate, goals, and activities. It has come to be heralded as the single-most efficient and effective organization of its kind in the entire galaxy, surpassing all others by the sheer number and scale of its accomplishments.

The program involved many leaders and was under the command of the International Oversight Advisory and Homeworld Security under the President of the United Federation of Planets. The program is also involved with operations in the Pegasus galaxy at Starbase Atlantis, on Atlantis and the Destiny which like the Stargate Program, has members associated with both civilian life and Starfleet, Starfleet Marines and MACOs.

The program was often associated with MACOs and the Starfleet Marine Corps, Starfleet personnel and Starfleet Intelligence personnel.


The discovery of the Earth Stargate near Giza prompted the Federation along with key scientists (Catherine Langford, Dr. Daniel Jackson and others) to determine the purpose of the Stargate and how to activate it. This eventually led to the Abydos Mission, which ended with Colonel Jack O'Neill killing the Goa'uld Supreme System Lord, Ra with a bomb. The Stargate program was to be the primary objective of the Federation government but after what was essentially a failed mission to Abydos and without the help of Daniel Jackson, who remained on Abydos although others believed him to be dead, the program was shut down. The gate was then moved and eventually stored in Cheyenne Mountain.

With the program no longer active, having been completely shut down altogether and the new headquarters of Stargate Command completely empty, numerous personnel were being shipped out to various positions, leaving only a small skeleton staff composed of mostly Starfleet Marine personnel behind.

In February 2360, the Goa'uld System Lord, Apophis, one of Ra's many rivals ended up dialing Earth which saw him and his Serpent Guard troops coming through the previously dormant Stargate which landed the Goa'uld team into the empty Embarkation room much to the surprise of the group of military personnel playing poker. The troops took Lieutenant Carol Weterings prisoner after Apophis deemed her suitable enough to be a potential host for his Queen. This prompted both sides to engage in a gunfight against each other with the four male personnel who were also Weterings's colleagues being killed due to the group being ill-prepared and poorly equipped to deal with such a well-timed, planned and heavy assault. In the ensuring confusion, Apophis and his team escaped back through the Stargate with Weterings. In the aftermath of the attack, the Stargate Program was reactivated, this time on a permanent basis and on the orders of the President of the Federation, Major General George S. Hammond became the new commanding officer of Stargate Command, replacing Major General W. O. West.

To help defend the Earth from any future attacks, new teams associated with Stargate Command were also created, composed of numerous Starfleet personnel and civilians too with the head team being designated SG-1 which was placed under the command of Colonel Jack O'Neill who had been called back to active duty in the aftermath of the attack. SG-1 although originally composed of Jack, Captain Samantha Carter, Lieutenant Typhuss James Halliwell and later Dr. Daniel Jackson who joined the team after Apophis kidnapped Daniel's wife, Sha're and Daniel's brother-in-law, Skaara. Teal'c of Chulak who had defected from Apophis and also successfully helped SG-1 escape but was killed in the attack.

Eventually, the teams grew to include over 12 SG teams and over time, there have been about 25 teams on Earth.

19 years after the reactivation of the Stargate Program, the Federation were able to set up a secondary Stargate station on Starbase Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy which occurred in 2379 and since then they have gathered technology and knowledge from two galaxies which has not only gone to benefit Earth but also both the Milky Way and Pegasus Galaxies as well.

In 2381, the Stargate Program set up the Icarus project to research the mysterious 9th chevron, and in 2381 started a planned, though unintentional, third Stargate "station" on board the Ancient ship, Destiny.

For over 27 years, the program has procured a wealth of knowledge and technology that can properly defend Earth from any threat or danger while helping to free as well as defend people in both the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies from the two major threats there: the Goa'uld and the Wraith, both of whom have been enslaving various races of the two galaxies for many decades or generations. It should be noted that while the Federation-Goa'uld War which lasted for 22 years has recently come to an end, the Federation-Wraith War is still ongoing.

In addition to both the teams of Stargate Command and Atlantis being composed of both Starfleet personnel and civilians alike of the Federation numerous alien beings have been allowed to join both the SGC's main flagship team as well as the Atlantis Expedition's main flagship team, prime examples being the Bajoran woman Kira Nerys, Jonas Quinn and thief/con artist, Vala Mal Doran, all of whom joined the SGC's flagship team, SG-1 although it should be noted that although Jonas returned to his home planet after serving on SG-1 for a year, both Typhuss and Vala remain active members of SG-1 to this day while in the Pegasus Galaxy, Athosian Teyla Emmagan and Satedan Ronon Dex both joined the Atlantis Expedition's main flagship team, the First Atlantis Reconnaissance Team with both Teyla and Ronon remaining active members to this day.

Purpose of the program[]

The primary intent of the Stargate Program is exploration to procure knowledge and advanced technologies that could benefit the protection of Earth and its inhabitants from its enemies.


  • Exploration of the Milky Way Galaxy, procurement of advanced technologies, and defense of Earth and its inhabitants.
  • Exploration of other galaxies such as Pegasus and participation in interstellar diplomacy and trade on behalf of Earth.