The Archer is at high warp on course for Starbase 24.

Captain's log stardate 53778.4. We're on course for Starbase 24 with supplies and to meet the new ambassador to the Federation-Klingon Alliance, on a personal note this will be the first time my First officer has seen his family since he joined Starfleet.

In his quarters H'mepc is working out with his bat'leth and then the doors chimed he stops and turns to them.

Enter H'mepc says as he looks at his weapon.

Captain Martin walks into the quarters as he snaps to attention.

Captain forgive me I was suppose to be on the bridge Commander H'mepc says as he looks at Kelly.

She raised her hand.

It's all right H'mepc we'll be along the border within the hour I just want to offer you a chance to take a shuttle to see your family on the homeworld Kelly says as she looks at him.

He looks at her.

I'm fine Captain I've not spoken to my father in years he thinks I've brought shame to my house by joining Starfleet instead of the Klingon Defense Force, my mother and I we're still talking but my father he's a different one to get to see his son be what he always wanted me to be H'mepc says as he looks at Kelly.

Kelly looks at him then the com activates.

Bridge to Captain Martin Lieutenant Mason says over the com.

Kelly tapped her combadge.

Go ahead Howard what's up Kelly says as she looks at H'mepc.

Ma'am we're receiving a data burst from Starfleet Command ordering us to the Klingon homeworld after we drop off the supplies at Starbase 24, it's about Commander H'mepc's father he's dead Lieutenant Mason says over the com.

Both Kelly and H'mepc are shocked about this.