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Team Arrow is a vigilante team dedicated to catching criminals and stopping crime in Star City. The current leader of the team is Sara Lance/White Canary, who is filling in the role as leader after the death of Oliver.

Known members[]

Current members[]

  • Sara Lance/White Canary (leader; field agent)
  • Dinah Drake/Black Canary (interrogator and field agent)
  • Felicity Smoak/Overwatch (mission control, computer hacker/operator and occasional tech support)
  • Typhuss James Halliwell/Red Arrow (second-in-command, archer and field agent)
  • Tommy Merlyn/Green Arrow (archer and field agent)
  • Thea Queen/Speedy (part-time member; archer and field agent)
  • Nyssa Raatko/Nyssa al Ghul (archer and field agent)
  • Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress (archer and field agent)
  • Laurel Lance/Black Siren (field agent)
  • Tess Luthor/Watchtower (second tech support)

Former members[]

  • Oliver Queen/Green Arrow (founder, leader, archer, stealth, infiltration and field agent; deceased)
  • John Diggle/Spartan (second-in-command, marksman, and field agent; deceased)
  • Quentin Lance (legal support as Mayor of Star City and occasional field agent; former SCIS informant)
  • Chloe Sullivan/Watchtower (second tech support)