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Character Image
Telek in 2259
Full name: Telek
Species: Andorian
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Andoria
Born: August 24, 2235
Affiliation: Federation
Starfleet Intelligence
Sibling(s): Tilis
At least one older brother
Occupation: Starfleet officer,
shuttle pilot
Assignment: SI Agent, USS Defiant
Rank: Lieutenant, SI agent, SI operative
Insignia: Uniform badge image. Sleeve insignia image.

Telek is a Andorian female who is an officer in Starfleet from the alternate reality influenced by Nero. She barely escaped the attack on London in 2259 that destroyed the Kelvin Memorial Archive.

Early life[]

Telek was born in 2235 on August 24th on Andoria. Her sister Tilis was born in 2225.

USS Defiant[]

In 2260, Telek was assigned to the USS Defiant, commanded by her friend Typhuss James Halliwell.

Relationships and love Interests[]


Telek has a sister called Tilis whom she is very close to, the two are opposites in many ways but are still very respecting and affectionate to one another. They do have a habit of competing with each other, since childhood, and can be really serious about 'which is better' at something.

Typhuss James Halliwell[]

Telek is strongly attracted to Typhuss James Halliwell, Captain of the USS Defiant.

Personality and traits[]

Telek is a passionate Andorian female with strong emotions, she makes friends easily and remains a very outgoing person- not shy at all about her body or what's on her mind. While working with Starfleet Intelligence she always has her own agenda to run but she also tries to make people comfortable around her. She is a very competent pilot, and has trained in Intelligence 'fieldcraft', on top of her early life experiences schooled as a 'Warrior' on Andoria. She is self-confident but also curious about what the competition can do, so has a habit of pretending to be 'innocent' and not revealing her talents until she has a sure idea of who she can trust with such information.