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Telepathy was the ability to hear a person's thoughts, or send messages through the use of the mind. This ability was granted through the use of the Psionic field. It is unknown if all species use this, as it cannot explain telekinesis.

In the 23rd century, it was theorized that all sentient creatures were in fact telepathic but that only a small proportion had learnt to use this ability.

The Ferengi were resistant to most forms of telepathy.

Telepathic techniques and abilities[]

  • Mind meld - A form a touch telepathy used by Vulcans in which individuals minds are linked and effectively become a single entity.
  • Telepathic illusions - The Talosians, powerful telepaths are capable of producing telepathic illusions which can place affected individuals in whole new worlds, doing almost anything. They can also use this ability to manipulate perceptions of the real world, giving the image that something isn't damaged, for example.