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Terran Republic
Terran Republic symbol.
Dominant species: Terran
Location: Alpha and Beta Quadrants
Capital: Okinawa, Earth
Principal City: San Francisco, Earth
Sovereignty: 2293-2295
Military: Imperial Starfleet
System of government: Representative Democracy
Legislature: Legislature of
the Terran Republic
(Senate, Common Forum)
Seat of government: Consular Palace
Head of state: Consul of the Terran Republic (Spock)
Head of government: Consul of the Terran Republic (Spock)
Currency: credit
Language: English

The Terran Republic was the successor state to the Terran Empire in the mirror universe. It was created in 2293 by Emperor Spock, who assumed the role of Consul. Unlike the former Empire, the Republic was a representative democracy and renounced pre-emptive war as foreign policy. The freedoms and morals of the newly-formed republic were viewed as signs of weakness by its galactic neighbors, and within two years the Klingons and Cardassians formed an alliance which conquered the Republic and enslaved its population. (TOS - Mirror Universe novel: The Sorrows of Empire)


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