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The Android
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The Android
Full name: The Android
Nickname(s): The Android
Known aliases: Kiva Ehrens
Species: android
Gender: Female
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark blonde
Affiliation: Raza crew
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Bounty hunter
Assignment: Raza
For the mirror universe counterpart, see The Android (mirror).

The Android, also known as Kiva Ehrens, is a female android who lives in the 24th century and a member of the Raza's crew.

Physical appearance[]

The Android is tall with dark blond hair which is kept in a bun atop her head. She has a pale complexion with a tattoo on her neck. She has a slim, muscular build and brown eyes. The Android met another android exhibiting human traits after attempting to shoplift a toothbrush for one of her crewmates. She accompanied him to a gathering of similarly unusual androids, and was given an upgrade chip to make her more human.