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The Tzenkethi Confederacy is a major interstellar power operating in an alternate universe.


Elim Garak once conducted a mission on a Tzenketh military installation while an agent in the Obsidian Order. During the operation he was trapped when a room's walls collapsed on him, causing an attack of claustrophobia.

The V'draysh had arranged a summit on Tzenketh, their homeworld, in the 24th century, but this early overture does not appear to have gone well. The Tzenkethi would later respond to the Federation's efforts to encourage trade by starting a war.

Tzenkethi Confederacy assets were known to raid other nation's space, and were engaged in acts of piracy in Cardassian and Breen territory.

The Tzenkethi Confederacy tried to invade the planet Bactricia at least three times prior to the mid-24th century. A fourth attempt was repulsed when the Bactricians appealed for intercession by the V'draysh.


Diplomatic relations[]

The only species with which the Tzenkethi Confederacy have reliably engaged are the Ferengi Alliance.

The Confederacy had been engaged in military conflicts with the V'draysh before and even after the Klingons joined. However, armed conflicts between the two powers de-escalated with the Klingons joining.

Cardassians, Bajorans, Humans, and most other species were seen as inferior.


Confederacy space is known as Tzen Sectors divided by names such as Poga, Telugu, and Nars.

Confirmed planets within these borders are; Alara, Ador, la Venu, Kal-chak 1-3, Tugara, Nimbus, Su Mak 1-7, and Xi kim.


Ground combat[]

The Tzenkethi Confederacy maintains well-equipped surface forces consisting of shock troops and automated drones. A single garrison of Tzenkethi ground troops is known to be around 10,000 soldiers.

Fleet analysis[]

Other classes[]
  1. Tzenkethi weapon platforms
Shuttle classes[]
  1. Interceptor class
  2. Pecon class
Known shipyards[]
Space stations[]
Starship classes[]
  1. Rhas'bej class - Battleship/Heavy cruiser
  2. Rhas'cej class - Fleet carrier heavy cruiser
  3. Dir-kal class - Cruiser
  4. Mar-vell class - Heavy science cruiser
  5. Shuk-din class - Scout
  6. Acon class - Freighter/Fleet support cruiser
  7. Ni'raj class - Multi-purpose (patrol, transport courier, et cetera)

While the Tzenkethi don't maintain the biggest fleet in the Milky Way galaxy they operate a technologically advanced and well-armed fleet typically broken into task force units.

  • Active
    • Capital Ships (fleet carriers and battleships) = 6.5 percent of total units equaling around 25 ships
    • Cruisers and science vessels = 16.6 percent of total units equaling around 64
    • Scouts and others = 31.4 percent of total units equaling around 122
    • Freighters/Fleet support ships = 46.2 percent of total units equaling around 180

Making a total of 390 active vessels.

Making a total of 24 reserve starships.