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USS Aegis
USS Aegis.jpg
Class: Aegis-class cruiser
Registry: NX-1787
Affiliation: Federation
Commander: Kelly Martin (2259)
Launched: 2259
Status: Active (2261)

In the Kelvin timeline, the USS Aegis (NX-1787) was a Federation starship active in the 23rd century, prototype of the Aegis-class cruiser in service to Starfleet in the 2250s decade. (Star Trek: Aegis)

Construction history[]

Laying the keel[]

Plans for a new type of starship were being thought of by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers in 2240, and they came up with the original design of the Constitution-class ships but streamline it a bit, so they came up with the USS Aegis as the first of her class. (Star Trek: Aegis)


In 2245, the Aegis was being constructed at Starbase Yorktown during the Nero events that caused the destruction of 8 Federation starships and a squadron of Klingon battle cruisers, after the destruction of the homeworld of the Vulcans was destroyed by Nero and the red matter that came from the future. Starfleet has commissioned the USS Aegis to explore the uncharted Trench along Klingon space. (Star Trek: Aegis)

Service history[]

Searching for a new world for the Vulcans[]

In 2259, after the events that happened to Vulcan Starfleet commissioned the Aegis with the mission to search for a suitable world for the Vulcans to live after what happened to their world during the Nero events, Starfleet gave command of the Aegis to newly promoted Captain Kelly Martin the daughter of Commander John Martin and Paige Halliwell-Martin and task her with the mission of finding a suitable world that won't be disturbed by the Klingons that the Vulcans can live on. (Star Trek: Aegis)

Technical information[]

Bridge design[]

The Corps of Engineers wanted to construct the bridge of the Aegis is a different design than the Constitution-class vessels, whose bridges were constructed before the ship was built, both the helm and weapon's consoles are still where they are in the Constitution class but there is now an engineering console and two more consoles on both the left and right of the bridge. (Star Trek: Aegis)

Crew manifest[]

Commanding officer[]

Executive officer[]

Chief of Security/Weapon's officer[]

Helm/Nav officer[]

  • Lieutenant Roy Morris (2259-present)

Chief medical officer[]

  • Doctor Christine Holley (2259-present)

Chief engineer[]