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USS Daedalus
Daedy In Space 11.jpg
The Daedalus in 2379
Class: Daedalus-class
Registry: NCC-729631
Affiliation: Federation, Starfleet
Commander: Steven Caldwell
Launched: 2379
Status: Active (2393)

The USS Daedalus (NCC-729631) was the first 304 produced by the Federation in 2379, and the second generation of interstellar capital ship developed by the Federation, assigned to the Fast Attack Wing. Commanded by Colonel Steven Caldwell, her standard mission was to ferry equipment and personnel between Earth and Starbase Atlantis, assisting the expedition team there as needed. In 2381, it participated in the Battle of Vulcan against the Borg.

Alternate realities[]

The Battle of M35-117

  • In an alternate reality, an alternate Daedalus was commanded by Colonel Sobel. The ship was equipped with the Alternate reality drive, which allowed the ship to shift to several parallel universes (including ours). Sobel was eventually forced to abandon the ship and left a message, hoping that her people would find her and her crew. The ship had also jumped over M35-117 in this reality. This Daedalus ended up having two versions of the team trapped on it: one died of starvation, while the other managed to figure out how to put the drive in reverse and abandoned ship when this Daedalus returned to their reality. In their time on board the ship, they encountered a reality where Starbase Atlantis wasn't at M35-117 for whatever reason, a reality in which an alien race attacked Starbase Atlantis but were stopped when the team took out their weapons with quantum phasers and were later saved by a F-302 fighter-interceptor attack launched by that Starbase Atlantis, a red giant sun and an asteroid field where M35-117 had been destroyed millions of years ago by an impact.
  • In one of the alternate realities encountered by the Daedalus that Colonel John Sheppard and his team were on, Daedalus was destroyed in 2381 during a battle with the Asurans.