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USS Enterprise
Class: Chimer-class
Affiliation: Federation, Starfleet
Commander: Geordi La Forge
Launched: 24th century
Status: Active (2380s)
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The USS Enterprise was a 24th century Federation starship, a Chimer-class cruiser in Starfleet service in around the 2380s decade. Captain Geordi La Forge was the ship's commanding officer. The Enterprise contained the consciousness from Data's positronic brain within the starship's mainframe. While a Soong-type android Data projected several holograms of himself and operated all other stations of the bridge, completely, a full complement of staff was kept elsewhere on the ship. (TNG - Waypoint comic: "Puzzles")

Service history and disposition[]

La Forge's Enterprise

Commander La Forge had retired from Starfleet in the 2380s decade. In 2385, he worked with the Soong Foundation to unlock the Data matrix in B-4's body, Data's brother. B-4 sacrificed his own matrix to allow Data's return.

In the year 2386, Data's Starfleet commission was reactivated, and he was promoted to captain. He assumed command of the Sovereign-class USS Enterprise-E and served in that capacity during the cataclysmic destruction of Romulus. (STO novel: The Needs of the Many)

Meanwhile, La Forge returned to Starfleet, too. He also received command of a starship named Enterprise. A version of Data, still wearing the Sierra uniform with captain rank pins, began serving as La Forge's first officer and computer mainframe - effectively replacing a standard crew.

A month after Data's physical form deteriorated and he was uploaded into the Enterprise, he and Geordi were sent to intercept the cube-shaped Federation shipwrecked timeship Sakurazaka, with a crew of 200, from the distant future. Any attempts at communicating failed, but they discovered it was being run by its own artificial intelligence. Data determined the vessel's repeated transmission of a code was its own future-version of the Prime Directive, the preventative cause of communication in the first place. When the Sakurazaka's artificial intelligence opened a communication with Data, it denied allowing the Enterprise to transport the crew. The Sakurazaka then set itself to self-destruct and Data attempted to beam their crew aboard the Enterprise. In order to distract the other ship, Data uploaded himself to and engaged the Sakurazaka's operating system. As the Sakurazaka exploded, taking Data with it, the Enterprise was able to escape with the other crew before the Enterprise could be destroyed as well.

The Enterprise escapes Sakurazaka's destruction

After returning to Earth, La Forge was called in front of a formal inquiry at Starfleet Headquarters. Admiral Jean-Luc Picard admonished La Forge for the loss of Data, and inquired from the captain what to do with the 200 rescued uptime Starfleet engineers. La Forge chose to lead them in a project to rebuild the Data android. (TNG - Waypoint comic: "Puzzles")

Captain Data had returned to commanding the Enterprise-E by 2390. (STO novel: The Needs of the Many)




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See also[]

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