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USS Excalibur II
Ship image.
Class: Constitution-class
Registry: NCC-1705; NCC-1711; NCC-1788
Affiliation: Federation,
Launched: reference stardate 2/1808
Status: ordered scrapped on stardate 2/2003;
succeeded in name by Excelsior-class
USS Excalibur
(stardate 2/2506)

The USS Excalibur II (alternately registered as NCC-1711, NCC-1788 and NCC-1705) was a Federation starship, a Constitution-class heavy cruiser in service to Starfleet in the late 23rd century.

The Federation Ship Recognition Manual referred to this vessel as being registered NCC-1711, while the Star Trek IV Sourcebook mentioned the vessel being NCC-1788. Starfleet Command later assigned the vessel registry NCC-1705.


This is the second Constitution class vessel to hold the name Excalibur, replacing the ship lost in 2268. (Star Trek: Excalibur)

The Excalibur II was refit to the Enterprise-subclass specifications, outfitted as a command cruiser (CC), by the 2280s decade. The ship was easily modifiable with additional technology to become the advanced command cruiser (CC+).

No history or fate is established for this vessel in Starfleet Command as its name was randomly assigned to a cruiser vessel by the game software.

USS Excalibur personnel[]