The USS Iowa (NCC-5159) was a Federation Kelvin class starship, one of the oldest in the fleet still serving proudly by the mid-24th century. The Iowa was under the command of Captain Jonathan James Halliwell during the 2330s. In 2380, the Iowa was succeeded in its name by a Galaxy-class starship, the USS Iowa.


USS Iowa in space

The USS Iowa after it launched

The Iowa was constructed at the San Francisco Fleet Yards in 2325. The Iowa launched in 2327. In 2339, Captain Jonathan James Halliwell was in command of the Iowa. In 2350, Captain Halliwell was promoted to Admiral. Admiral Halliwell commanded the Iowa until its destruction by the Romulans in 2350.

In 2350, Typhuss and his mother were on board the USS Iowa for a visit with his grandfather, Admiral Jonathan James Halliwell. Then the Iowa came under attack by a Romulan warbird. When the Romulans discovered the Iowa, they quickly charged their weapons, and the Iowa went to red alert and began fighting off torpedoes launched from the Romulan vessel. The first hit took out the warp drive and reduced main power to 38%. The second torpedo disabled the Iowa's atmospheric stabilization and collapsed its shields. The Iowa was easily overcome, Jonathan immediately ordered evasive action and the firing of all weapons, and the Iowa began taking fire from the Romulan vessel again. Typhuss took over tactical when the tactical officer was killed. Knowing that the Iowa would be no match for the onslaught of torpedoes from the Romulan ship 12 mintues later, Halliwell ordered General Order 13: the evacuation of the ship. Cadet Halliwell stayed for four or five mintues to fight the Romulan warbird before being ordered to adandon ship. Typhuss made it to the shuttle where his mother was on board.

Medical shuttle 37

Medical shuttle 37 flees the Iowa

Iowa shuttles

Shuttlecraft from the USS Iowa fleeing the Romulans in 2350

Once all shuttlecraft had been launched, Halliwell used the Iowa to cover their escape. With no other options left, he plotted a collision course, intending to use the ship's autopilot to ram the Romulan warbird. Halliwell was, however, forced to remain on the Iowa, rather than join his daughter and grandson aboard shuttle 37, when it was discovered that the warbird had destroyed the Iowa's autopilot function, leaving him to pilot the ship manually. Halliwell then piloted the ship until it rammed into the Romulan warbird, severely damaging it. The Iowa was destroyed, but Halliwell's sacrifice ensured the survival of the escaping shuttles, his sacrifice saved the lives of some 800 people, including those of his daughter and grandson. The shuttles were rescued by Starfleet a week later after the destruction of the USS Iowa.


Commanding officer

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