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USS Polaris
USS Polaris NX NCC-85000.jpg
The Polaris in action
Class: Polaris-class
Registry: NX-85000
Affiliation: Federation,
Commander: Talas Shran
Launched: 2380
Status: Active (2393)
Polaris Rising.jpg
The Polaris over Earth in 2380

The USS Polaris (NX-85000) is the experimental prototype of the Polaris-class starship dreadnought in service to the Federation Starfleet in the late 24th century. The Polaris was commissioned in 2380 as the first of her class. The Polaris was under the command of Captain Talas Shran.


The Polaris was commissioned in 2380 as the first of her class. The Polaris serves as flagship of the Void Fleet operating out of New Midway as a final line of defense for the Federation against Pegasus powers invasion of the Milky Way outside the galaxy. The Polaris spent time as Void Command operating the extra galactic gate bridge until New Midway was online. Polaris would defend against the Super Hive incursion of 2385 with the Void Fleet. Following the battle the Polaris was refitted with additional firepower by Starbase Atlantis. The Polaris would lead Starfleet and allied forces to victory in the Asuran War


The Polaris is the first of a new range of class for deep range combat vessels. The Polaris passes the Excalibur-class as largest vessel within Starfleet. She is the test bed for many new technologies and integration of Stargate Command developed technologies into the core of Starfleet vessels in the coming years. The Polaris was built in response to the growing number of large number of super capitals produce by hostile states against the Federation as a appropriate counter measure.

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