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USS ÜberEnterprise
UFP emblem. Starfleet.
Class: Mega-Federation starship
Registry: NCC-1701-∞
Affiliation: Mega-Federation,
Universal Fleet
Commander: James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard
Launched: 12.265
Status: Active (1,012,260)

The USS ÜberEnterprise (NCC-1701 and NCC-1701-∞) was a 13th millennium Mega-Federation starship, an exploratory vessel in Universal Fleet service from the year 12,265 onward. Its commanding officers were co-captains James T. Kirk and Jean-Luc Picard. Apart from Data Soong and his cats, the entire crew consisted of holograms. (ST - Strange New Worlds VI short story: "Our Million-Year Mission")

Service history and disposition[]

The Mega-Federation launched the ÜberEnterprise on the 10,000th anniversary of James T. Kirk's five-year mission, which had commenced in 2265. The ship was crewed by holographic replica of the USS Enterprise and USS Enterprise-D senior staff, and held a total complement of one million Photonics. Unifleet charged them with a Hundred-year mission to explore the local galactic supercluster.

The ship returned to Mega-Federation space from its extra-galactic excursion in 12,365, Unifleet agreed with co-captains Picard and Kirk to allow the Enterprise on an unlimited mission.

Over the course of hundreds of thousands of years, the Enterprise visited numerous galaxies. Kirk found that Deanna Troi and Spock worked well together when their psionic gifts were needed.

While the ÜberEnterprise continued its mission of exploration and set up proto-Federations ready to merge with the Mega-Federation eventually, the population of the Mega-Federation began to evolve into incorporeality. In 762,260, Unifleet stopped transmitting to the Enterprise when the Milky Way Galaxy population merged into the non-corporeal Convergence. The Mega-Federation ceased to exist. To maintain the mission, the Soong-breed android Data Soong faked continued orders from Unifleet, keeping the crew in the dark about losing their nation.

By 1,007,260, Soong had realized that he was stuck as the only corporeal being among a crew of holograms, and that he would be stuck like that for eternity. Soong locked himself into his quarters, began genetic engineering of his cats and focused on artistic pursuits. His friend Geordi La Forge was unable to determine the sudden character change.

In 1,009,260, the ÜberEnterprise explored galaxies in the Centaurus Supercluster and entered a phenomenon they believed to be the Barred spiral Siren Galaxy. It was only in 1,009,360 the crew realized their mapping mission turned out to be a mirage. The encounter rankled Captain Kirk even three thousand years later.

On stardate 17613341.4, in the year 1,012,260, the Enterprise performed its 50,000th galactic insertion, setting a record for Mega-Federation vessels. It had encountered the Milky Way again, 700 million lightyears from its original location, near the Boötes Supercluster. The galaxy had been moved by the Convergence to avoid a collision with the Andromeda Galaxy. The Enterprise dispatched a fleet of 50 offspring starships and its prime saucer to visit the capitals of the Mega-Federation but found its fleet snuffed out by the Convergence, costing 250,000 crewmembers. Captain Kirk led a landing party to the site of the former Unifleet Headquarters in San Francisco on Earth. Spock attempted to mind-meld with the Convergence and learned the Mega-Federation's fate. Soong out corporeality and the nature of life.

In an agreement, the Convergence allowed the Enterprise holograms to continue functioning, and transformed Soong into a biological Human. When the Enterprise resumed its mission of exploration, Soong resumed his duties on the bridge, and the Convergence trailed along "aboard" the Milky Way. (ST - Strange New Worlds VI short story: "Our Million-Year Mission")


Auxiliary craft[]



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