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Emblem of United Earth Starfleet Command, including UESPA's name

The United Earth Space Probe Agency (abbreviated UESPA) was a part of the United Earth government which was responsible for space exploration.


UESPA evolved, in part, from the United Earth AeroNav Forces of the early 21st century.

In 2067, UESPA launched the Friendship One probe toward the Delta Quadrant, as part of a series of unmanned exploration.

By the 2130s the United Earth Starfleet had taken UESPA's place as Earth's leading exploratory agency, but the two would continue to cooperate.

UESPA personnel also aided in the construction of the Enterprise in 2150.

After the founding of the Federation, UESPA became one of the five sub-commands of the new Federation Starfleet. UESPA was responsible for the exploratory division of the new Starfleet; the USS Enterprise was part of this division.

UESPA continued to help control Starfleet vessels into the 2260s. James T. Kirk reported the destruction of the USS Antares to UESPA.

Later, Kirk informed John Christopher that UESPA was the USS Enterprise's operating authority.

Wheeler Stinson studied accounts of the first days of UESPA.

Alternate realities[]

In one alternate timeline, the Qu was a UESPA vessel prior to its capture by Klingons.

In another alternate universe, UESPA became a purely military organization after several other powers established the Interstellar Coalition. They operated the UESS Enterprise in the 2260s.