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This is an illustrated roster of Starfleet/former Maquis personnel assigned to the USS Voyager.

For a simpler, un-illustrated list, see USS Voyager personnel.

Crew manifest[]

name rank(s) position(s) timeframe insignia
Anderson, Lydia crewman engineer/security officer 2371[1]77[2] Uniform insignia image.
Andrews lieutenant security officer 2371[3]77[4] Uniform insignia image.
Arkinson lieutenant 237177[5]
Ashmore ensign engineer 2371[6]77 Uniform insignia image.
Ayala lieutenant junior grade (provisional) security/flight controller 2371[3]77[7] Uniform insignia image.
Ballard, Lyndsay ensign engineer d. 2374[8] Uniform insignia image.
Bartlett, J.
Baxter, Walter lieutenant engineer 2371[9]77 Uniform insignia image.
Baytart, Pablo ensign 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Bendera, Kurt crewman engineer d. 2372[10] Uniform insignia image.
Bennet ensign d. 2372 Uniform insignia image.
Berman, Rick commander
Biddle crewman 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Biessman, Kendrick crewman hazard team heavy weapon specialist d. 2376[11] Uniform insignia image.
Blackman, Bob lieutenant commander
Blain ensign
Bono, Jerry lieutenant
Boylan crewman 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Braga, Brannon commander
Bristow, Freddy lieutenant 237177
Bronowski, Doug ensign 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Brooks ensign 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Brownfield, Dick lieutenant commander
Cabot, Zayra
Canamar, Valerie
Carey, Joseph M. lieutenant assistant chief engineer 2371[3]-d. 2377[12] Uniform insignia image.
Carlson 237177
Cavit, Aaron lieutenant commander First officer d. 2371[3] Uniform insignia image.
Chakotay captain CO 2371[3]-81, 2381- Uniform insignia image.
Chamberlin, Mandy lieutenant
Chang, Austin ensign Hazard Team demolitionist 2371[11]77[13] Uniform insignia image.
Chapman, William lieutenant structural engineer 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Charnock, Ed, Jr.
Chattaway, Jay
Chell ensign Hazard Team Field Technician 2371[3]77[13] Uniform insignia image.
Joe Chess lieutenant
Chichester, John
Christenberry, Ian
Chronister, Richard lieutenant
Codron, Art
Craig, Claudia
Csatlos, Mitch crewman Hazard Team Scout 237177[11] Uniform insignia image.
Culhane ensign conn/tactical officer 2371[14]77[7] Uniform insignia image.
Curry, Dan crewman
D'Angelo, Dick lieutenant
Dalby, Kenneth crewman engineer 2371[6]77 Uniform insignia image.
Darwin, Frank crewman engineer d. 2372 Uniform insignia image.
De La Garza, Bob
De Moraes, Lisa
Dean, Doug lieutenant commander
Delaney, Jenny stellar cartography 237177[15] Uniform insignia image.
Delaney, Megan stellar cartography 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Dell crewman 237177 Uniform insignia image.
DeMeritt, Michael ensign
Doctor chief medical officer 2371[3]77[7] Uniform insignia image.
Dorado 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Doyle 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Durst, Peter lieutenant d. 2371[16] Uniform insignia image.
Eden, Afsarah captain CO d. 2381 Uniform insignia image.
Emmanuel crewman 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Farley ensign 237177
Fernandez, Kristine lieutenant
Fitzgerald lieutenant commander CMO d. 2371 Uniform insignia image.
Fitzpatrick crewman 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Fleck, Jerry ensign
Foster crewman 237177
Foster, Lester lieutenant Hazard Team Leader 2371-77[11] Uniform insignia image.
Fukai, Arlene ensign
Gallagher ensign 237177
Gennaro crewman 237177
Gerron Ral crewman 237177[6] Uniform insignia image.
Genovese, Cosmo lieutenant planetary geosciences division 237177
Gibson, Patrick crewman 237177
Gilmore, Marla crewman engineer c. 237677[17] Uniform insignia image.
Gocke, Bill lieutenant
Golwat ensign 2371[3]77[7] Uniform insignia image.
Grimes crewman 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Hamilton 237177
Hargrove lieutenant 237177
Harper ensign 237177
Harren, Mortimer crewman 2371[3]77[18] Uniform insignia image.
Henard engineer 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Henley, Mariah crewman 237177[6] Uniform insignia image.
Hickman ensign Astrophysics 237177
Hogan ensign d. 2373[19] Uniform insignia image.
Honigsberg, Alexander lieutenant chief engineer[20] d. 2371[3] Uniform insignia image.
Howard, Merri lieutenant commander
Jaworski, Michael crewman Hazard Team Scout 237177[11] Uniform insignia image.
Jackson crewman 237177
Jacobson, Phillip lieutenant
Kathryn Janeway captain CO 2371[3]77[7] Uniform insignia image.
Jurot, Juliet ensign Hazard Team Field Medic 2371[21]77[13] Uniform insignia image.
Jarvin 2371[3]77[22] Uniform insignia image.
Jarvis crewman 2371[22]77[23] Uniform insignia image.
Jenkins, Tricia ensign Helmsman 237177[24] Uniform insignia image.
Jetal, Ahni ensign Pilot d. 2373[25] Uniform insignia image.
Jonas, Michael crewman engineer 2371[3]-d. 2372[26] Uniform insignia image.
Jones crewman 237177
Jor crewman engineer 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Kaplan ensign 237177
Kaplan, Marie ensign Pilot d. 2373[27] Uniform insignia image.
Kim, Harry S.L. Lieutentant security chief/tactical officer c.2371[3] Uniform insignia image.
Kyoto ensign 237177
Lang ensign Security officer 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Laird, Elizabeth crewman Hazard Team scout 2371[11]77[13] Uniform insignia image.
Lang, Timothy Technician Security officer d. 2377 Uniform insignia image.
Larson crewman 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Lauritson, Peter lieutenant commander
Lathrop, Kenn crewman Hazard Team Intel and Operations d. 2376 Uniform insignia image.
Lessing, Noah crewman c. 2376[17]77 Uniform insignia image.
Lewis crewman 237177
Livingston, David lieutenant commander
Longo, Joe lieutenant
Lowry-Johnson, Junie
Lyman, J.
MacAlister ensign 237177
Macormak ensign 237177
Madalone, Dennis
Mannus ensign 237177
Martin ensign Transporter Operator d. 2373[28] Uniform insignia image.
Mayer, Michael
McCarthy, Dennis
McGarry, L.
McKenzie, William crewman engineer 2371[29]77[2] Uniform insignia image.
McMann crewman 237177
Mees, James lieutenant commander
Mendez crewman 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Mitchell crewman junction operator 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Molina ensign Security 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Moore, Tom lieutenant
Moore, Tom
Morrow, James crewman c. 237677 Uniform insignia image.
Mulcahey ensign 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Munro, Alexander lieutenant Hazard Team 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Murphy ensign Science division officer 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Murphy ensign Security officer 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Murphy, Telsia ensign Hazard Team Scout/Sniper 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Nelson, Jeffrey crewman Hazard Team Weapons Specialist 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Nesterowicz, John ensign
Nesterowicz, John lieutenant 237177
Nicoletti, Susan lieutenant engineer 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Nozawa, Kashimuro ensign Transporter Operator 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Odell, Thomas ensign Hazard Team Scout 237177 Uniform insignia image.
O'Donnell 237177
Orlando, David 237177
Overdiek, Diane lieutenant
Oviedo, Perfecto crewman Hazard Team Quartermaster 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Paris, Thomas Eugene lieutenant commander XO 2371[3]-77, 2378- Uniform insignia image.
Parsons, Michael ensign 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Peets, Bill lieutenant 237177
Peterson, Sandra 237177
Piller, Michael lieutenant commander
Platt, Jerry 237177
Porter, Amanda 237177
Quizzlink, Charlie 237177
Rand, Josh lieutenant Security officer 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Reynolds, Tony 237177
Robertson 237177
Rockefeller, Keith 237177
Rogers 237177
Rollins lieutenant 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Rosa, George 237177
Rossi, David 237177
Rush, Marvin lieuenant/lieutenant commander 237177
Russell lieuenant 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Ryson ensign 237177
Schoolcraft, John 237177
Seaborn, S. 237177
Sena, Sandra 237177
Seska ensign engineer 2371 Uniform insignia image.
Seven of Nine c. 2374[30]77
Sharr, Renlay ensign 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Shimizu, Suzi lieutenant 237177
Simmons, Adele ensign/lieutenant 237177
Sims, Alan lieutenant 237177
Smutko, Alex lieutenant 237177
Sofin, Brian crewman c. 237677 Uniform insignia image.
Speckman, Gary 237177
Stadi, Veronica lieutenant Helmsman d. 2371[3] 110x
Sternbach, Rick 237177
Stimson, Mark lieutenant 237177
Stipes, David 237177
Stradling, Michael 237177
Strickler ensign engineer 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Suder, Lon crewman engineer 237173 Uniform insignia image.
Surma, Ron 237177
Swift 237177
Swinn ensign engineer 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Tabor ensign engineer 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Tal Celes crewman Sensor analyst 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Tassoni, Angelo c. 237677 Uniform insignia image.
Taylor, Jeri 237177
Telfer, William crewman 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Thompson crewman security 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Thoms, Bill 237177
Thorpe, Jim 237177
Torres, B'Elanna lieutenant, junior grade Chief Engineer 2371[3]77 Uniform insignia image.
Trumari 237177
Tuvix lieutenant chief of security/tactical officer d. 2372 Uniform insignia image.
Tuvok lieutenant commander chief of security/tactical officer 2371[3]-77 Uniform insignia image.
U'Lanai 237177
Vorik lieutenant chief engineer 237181 Uniform insignia image.
Weiss lieutenant 237177
White 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Wildman, Samantha ensign xenobiologist 237177 File:Blu Ens 2371.png
Yacobian, Brad 237177
Yosa crewman engineer 237177 Uniform insignia image.
Young, Charles 237177
Ziegler, T. 237177



Events of Note
2151 Enterprise NX-01, the first warp five ship of human design, launches. What follows is a new era in human exploration and involvement in the affairs of the galaxy. (ENT begins)
2153 The events of the Xindi Incident unfold, in which the Xindi Council launches a surprise attack on Earth that kills seven million people. Earth's response ends in a diplomatic resolution when the Enterprise NX-01 assists in resolving internal Xindi political conflict.
2155 The xenophobic terrorist group Terra Prime attempt an attack on Starfleet Command in an effort to force all aliens from the Sol system. They fail, paving the way to closer human-alien relations. (ENT ends)
The USS Defiant NCC-1764 is seized from Tholians control by Terran Empire of the Mirror Universe. The ensuing internal power struggle in the Empire ends with the founding of the Sato Dynasty.
2155 The Earth-Romulan War begins
2160 The Earth-Romulan War ends
2161 The United Federation of Planets is founded.


Events of Note
2245 The Starfleet ship USS Enterprise NCC-1701 is launched from the San Francisco Fleet Yards and named after one of the most famous ships in human history. Captain Robert April assumes command.
2254 The USS Defiant NCC-1764 is launched.
The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 encounters the Talosians. The danger of their mission results in the Federation imposing General Order 7, forbidding anyone from approaching or making contact with the planet, under penalty of death (The Cage)
2256 The First Klingon-Federation War begins with the Battle of the Binary Stars. Starfleet suffers heavier losses, but the Klingon figurehead T'Kuvma dies. (DISCO begins)
2257 The Klingon-Federation War ends.
2265 USS Enterprise NCC-1701 crosses the Galactic Barrier (TOS begins)
2268 The USS Defiant NCC-1764 vanishes.
2269 After a mission to Camus II, the USS Enterprise narrowly averts a mutiny when it is discovered Captain Kirk has been replaced by an impostor (TOS ends)
2273 A mysterious energy cloud later identified as V’ger attacks Federation holdings, but is turned back after diplomatic engagement with the Enterprise (The Motion Picture)
2285 The Genesis Device is stolen by Khan Noonien Singh and detonated inside the Mutara Nebula, forming a new planet, Genesis (Wrath of Khan)
The Genesis planet is found to be highly unstable and tears itself apart soon after its creation (Search for Spock)
The USS Enterprise NCC-1701 is lost over Genesis.
Earth is attacked by a probe attempting to communicate with life in Earth's oceans. A world-ending catastrophe is averted only when their message is responded to by humpback whales (The Voyage Home)
2286 Launch of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A
The USS Enterprise visits the Centre of the Galaxy (The Final Frontier)
2293 The detonation of Praxis, a Klingon moon, throws the Klingon Empire into chaos. However, the resulting First Khitomer Accord brings peace between the Federation and Klingons (The Undiscovered Country)
USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A retired.
Launch of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B (Generations)


Events of Note
2325 USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B retired.
Launch of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C.
2344 The USS Enterprise assists a Klingon outpost on Narendra III, under attack by the Romulan Star Empire. While the Enterprise was lost, the act of self-sacrifice earned the respect of the Klingon Empire and ushered in a new era of peace and cooperation between the Empire and the Federation.
2347 Hostilities break out between the Federation and the Cardassian Union in the Federation-Cardassian War. These initial conflicts include the Cardassian attack on Setlik III.
2364 The Federation makes first contact with a representative of the Q Continuum (TNG begins)
2366 A truce between the Federation and Cardassia is reached. Though hostilities of the last six years have been on the scale of minor skirmishes, this ends the conflict and begins the several-year process towards a treaty.
2367 The Klingon Civil War begins as the House of Duras challenges the installation of Gowron as Chancellor.
2368 The Klingon Civil War ends with the defeat of the forces of Duras and the discovery of the House of Duras's Romulan backing.
2369 The crew of Deep Space 9 discover a stable wormhole connecting to the Gamma Quadrant in close proximity to the planet Bajor (DS9 begins)


Events of Note
2370 The Federation-Cardassian Treaty formally ends the Federation-Cardassian War, following the cessation of hostilities three years earlier with the Federation-Cardassian Armistice of 2367, and creates the Demilitarized Zone along the border.
A group of Federation and former Federation colony worlds declare unofficial war on the Cardassian Union after rejecting the treaty, calling themselves the Maquis. Starfleet Command designates Maquis members to be traitors, while the Cardassian Union deems them terrorists.
The USS Enterprise-D prevents an anti-time eruption at the Devron system from causing untold chaos in the galaxy (TNG ends).
The Alpha Quadrant makes first contact with the Dominion when citizens of the Federation and Ferengi Alliance are captured by the Jem’hadar. The subsequent rescue mission is successful, but the USS Odyssey is destroyed.
2371 The USS Voyager goes missing on assignment hunting a Maquis cell in the Badlands. (VOY begins)
The Cardassian Obsidian Order and the Romulan Tal Shiar attempt a preemptive joint strike against the Dominion in the Battle of the Omarian Nebula. The battle is the first major engagement with the Dominion, and it ends disastrously for the Cardassian/Romulan task force.
The USS Enterprise-D is destroyed over Veridian III (Generations)
2372 The Klingon Empire invades the Cardassian Union, convinced their government has been infiltrated by Dominion Changeling agents. The Federation objects to this action, causing the Empire’s withdrawal from the Khitomer Accords.
The Antwerp Conference is bombed by the Dominion. The subsequent tightening of Federation security leads to an attempted coup by Admiral Leyton.
War breaks out between the Klingon Empire and the Federation with the Empire’s annexation of the Archanis Sector.
2373 The Borg invade the Federation but are halted at the Battle of Sector 001 (First Contact).
Starfleet forms the Fourth Fleet to counter developing strategic threats to the Federation. Initially intended as a technologically cutting-edge fighting force preparing for future incursions from the Borg, its remit is soon changed and expanded in response to rising aggression by the Dominion.
The Cardassian Union joins the Dominion, and soon after eradicates the Maquis resistance movement. The Dominion sign non-aggression treaties with several powers, including the Romulan Star Empire, the Tholians, Miradorn, and Bajorans.
The Khitomer Accords are reinstated between the Federation and Klingon Empire.
The Dominion War begins with the Battle of Deep Space 9, where the Dominion take control of the Bajor sector and the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant.
2374 The USS Voyager, formally declared lost with all hands, is discovered to have been stranded in the Delta Quadrant when the crew establishes contact with the USS Prometheus NX-74913.
The Federation suffers heavy losses in the early months of the Dominion War, most notably with the decimation of the Seventh Fleet at the Tyra system.
The Klingon-Federation Alliance agrees that better strategic and tactical cooperation between their forces is needed. The Fourth Fleet is assigned as the Starfleet wing of the primary joint force with the Klingon Defence Force for the rest of the Dominion War.
Deep Space 9 and the Bajoran wormhole are retaken in Operation Return, a successful undertaking between joint allied forces, including vessels of the Fourth Fleet.
The Federation is defeated at the Battle of Betazed when the Dominion launches a surprise assault that successfully captures the planet.
The Dominion murder of a Romulan senator breaches their cease-fire with the Star Empire, who soon joins the war on the side of the Federation and Klingon Alliance.
The Alliance launches their first major offensive with the First Battle of Chin’toka. While ultimately successful, heavy losses prevent further advances beyond this beachhead in Cardassian space.
2375 Admiral Matthew Dougherty of Starfleet and the Son'a attempt a forced relocation of the Ba'ku in order to harvest the metaphasic radiation from their planet's rings. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the USS Enterprise-E crew stage a rebellion, and convince the Federation Council to allow the Ba'ku to remain on their planet (Insurrection).
The Breen Confederacy becomes formally allied with the Dominion, and launches a devastating surprise attack against San Francisco and Starfleet Headquarters.
The Second Battle of Chin’toka drives the Alliance out of Cardassian territory, aided by Breen energy dampening technology.
Legate Damar forms and leads a rebellion to drive Dominion occupation and Breen influence from his people’s worlds. In his rallying speech, he cites the losses of seven million Cardassian soldiers in the war.
General Martok assumes leadership of the Klingon Empire after Chancellor Gowron is killed in a duel.
Zek is succeeded as Grand Nagus of the Ferengi Alliance by Rom.
Damar’s rebellion is crushed. The Cardassian settlement Lakarian City, population two million, is destroyed by the Dominion as punishment for this insurrection.
The Federation, Klingon, and Romulan Alliance win the Battle of Cardassia and extract a complete Dominion surrender.
Cardassian forces turn on the Dominion at a crucial point in the Battle of Cardassia. Further retaliation from the Dominion comes with the order of the absolute eradication of the Cardassian people. An early casualty estimation puts the Cardassian dead at eight hundred million.
The Dominion War comes to an end with the Treaty of Bajor. It includes the complete withdrawal of Dominion forces from the Alpha Quadrant and the return of all Dominion-occupied Alpha Quadrant territory to its previous sovereign powers. The Breen-Dominion Alliance ends and the Cardassians return to being an autonomous power (DS9 ends).
2376 Federation assistance to the Cardassian Union begins. This places certain restrictions upon the Union, unable to consider expansion towards Federation territory as it remains reliant upon Starfleet assistance. Bajor officially joins the Federation. Integration of Bajoran Militia officers into Starfleet begins.
2377 The USS Voyager returns to the Alpha Quadrant after destroying a Borg transwarp hub, dealing a significant blow to the Borg Collective (VOY ends)
2378 The Romulan Senate is assassinated and an officer named Shinzon is narrowly prevented by Romulan and Starfleet forces from staging a coup d'etat (Nemesis)


Events of Note
2384 Tensions rise between the Federation and Romulans with reports of forced resettlement of Romulan civilians and seeming breakdowns of discipline in the navy. Fleeing citizens and defecting officers report some pending planetary crisis on Romulus.
The Romulan Star Empire admits they have learned the Romulan star is facing a sudden and unexpected supernova, expected to kill at least nine hundred million Romulans without additional aid.
Starfleet offers assistance in the resettlement of refugees, a move that proves unpopular among certain members of the Federation, including Vulcan.
2385 Starfleet assists the Romulan Star Empire in the resettlement of refugees fleeing the impending supernova of the Romulan sun. Many are placed on what is originally intended as a temporary basis on worlds of the collapsing Romulan Neutral Zone.
On April 5, synthetic workers at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards stage a sudden attack that destroys the yards and a rescue armada intended to aid the Romulans. The Martian atmosphere is set ablaze and almost 100,000 people die.
The Federation Council places a ban on synthetic lifeforms.
Federation member worlds again state their opposition to supporting the Romulan evacuation, threatening to rescind their membership. Starfleet abandons its evacuation plans.
2386 Federation withdrawal of resources reaches the Cardassian relief efforts, which finally halt. This precipitates the decline of power of the Detapa Council and a return of the military Central Command's authority, the two factions entering a shadow war for supremacy.
2387 The Romulan supernova occurs, destroying Romulus. Damage beyond the system is mitigated by the efforts of Ambassador Spock, whose ship is lost in the creation of the black hole that absorbs the supernova.
The Romulan Star Empire splits into multiple factions with the loss of Romulus. The Empire persists in a smaller form, led by the Praetor and largely supported by the navy. The Romulan Free State splits off, supported by the majority of the Tal Shiar to maintain stability. The Romulan Republic is established as a democratic faction with a small but modern military. The entirety of Romulan space is in dispute by the major factions and consistently hindered by smaller pirate, rogue or rebel factions.
2388 The Romulan Republic establishes several peace treaties with the Federation and the Klingon Empire. These positive relations would persist and define the Republic’s foreign policy.
The Sovereignty of Kahless breaks off from the Klingon Empire and opens hostilities with the Empire and Federation. Klingon insistence that the Sovereignty are an internal problem undermines Federation efforts to combat the threat.
2389 The Sovereignty of Kahless attacks and annexes multiple worlds on the Klingon-Federation border.


Events of Note
2390 The Klingon Empire formally condemns the Sovereignty of Kahless for its invasion of Federation space and joins forces with Starfleet against them.
2391 Klingon vessels assumed to be part of the Sovereignty of Kahless attack and destroy Xavier Fleet Yards.
Operation: Gatecrasher, a joint force between Starfleet and the Klingon Defense Force, liberates Federation worlds conquered by the Sovereignty. The Sovereignty’s fleets are destroyed, their leaders killed, and the Sovereignty defeated.
2394 A Klingon raiding party attacks the annual peace conference at Khitomer. At the same time, covert attacks such as cyber operations, sabotage, and terrorist bombings are inflicted on the Federation and the Klingon Empire.
Starfleet Intelligence identifies the House of Mo'Kai, aided by survivors and remaining loyalists of the Sovereignty, as responsible for these attacks. The next five years continue to be marked by this insurgency violence, subtler than the Sovereignty’s outright political aggression, by a similarly extremist Klingon faction.
2395 The Cardassian Union reopens diplomatic channels with the Federation. While commitments from the Cardassians are light, trade still reopens between the two powers.
2396 Raids of trading ships between the Federation and Cardassian Union become a commonplace threat, usually perpetrated by untraceable pirate vessels. Suspicions that Cardassian Central Command is responsible, trying to undermine the authority of and cut off resources to the Detapa Council, cannot be proven.
2398 Cargo convoys to the Cardassian Union are regularly attacked by Cardassian ships. The Federation revokes all trade agreements, blaming the Detapa Council for negligence at best, outright culpability at worst. This all but collapses the Cardassian Union's foreign trade and triggers a fresh economic crisis.
2399 The return of the True Way in the Former Demilitarized Zone causes Starfleet to reopen limited engagement with the Cardassian Union. Cooperation between both powers begins to restore stability to the afflicted region.
A Breen raid on Guardian Station and Barzan II marks a resurgence in tensions and hostilities on the border between the Federation and the Confederacy.
The Hunters of D'Ghor begin a series of raids on the Federation worlds of the Archanis Sector. With local defence forces outmatched, the Fourth Fleet is dispatched to protect the region, culminating in the Battle of Archanis.
Starfleet and Romulan Free State forces almost come to blows in orbit of the distant planet Coppelius. The situation is diffused, but leads to the revelation that the Tal Shiar were responsible for sabotaging Federation synthetic workers that went rogue in 2385, causing the Attack on Mars. The Federation Council immediately lifts the ban on synthetic life.

"I am my own beginning. My own ending."

Here is the chronological timeline of Memory Delta universe. Listed are the major events that have transpired over the last century.

Major Events include:

  • Births, deaths, and other major life/family events such as weddings and graduations.
  • Launchings, decommisionings, and destructions of fleet vessels.
  • Promotions to the rank of commander and above.
  • Notable mission events and discoveries: This is helpful when a CO asks the science officer if there's ever been a record of something like this happening before.
  • Major diplomatic or political events such as first contacts, wars declared, and treaties signed.
  • Major battles and fleet engagements.

Remember that the purpose of the timeline is to allow users to quickly see a record of major events in the Memory Delta universe to help promote continuity among missions (especially those that may involve time travel or build upon past events) and between ships.

When adding events, keep in mind whether the information you add would be useful for someone. If so, add it!

To prevent cluttering of the timeline, do not list the following:

  • Non-notable "canon" events: While a select number of major events from canon such as the destruction of Romulus and Remus are fine for context, there's no need to include every last mission of the Enterprise-D, for instance. Focus primarily on recording events from your own timeline.

2328 The Cardassian Union begins its occupation of Bajor.

The Betreka Nebula Incident starts a conflict between the Klingon Empire and the Cardassian Union that lasts from 2328 to 2346. Basul Rodul, the Rodulan homeworld, has already been occupied since 2326 and continues to be occupied at different times by the Cardassians and the Klingons for over twenty years until the Klingons are forced by the Federation to withdraw in 2349.

2344 The USS Enterprise-C is destroyed while defending the Klingon outpost on Narendra III from Romulan attack.
2347 The Setlik III massacre takes place, in which Cardassian forces raid the Federation colony on the planet.
2364 The Romulan Star Empire returns to interstellar politics after 53 years of isolation.
2367 The Battle of Wolf 359 is fought against the Borg, leading to the destruction of 39 starships and the loss of 11,000 lives.

The Federation and the Cardassian Union sign an armistice, putting an end to hostilities during the Federation-Cardassian War. A final treaty was signed in 2370.

2369 The Cardassian Union withdraws from the planet Bajor, ending nearly fifty years of occupation.
2370 First contact between the Federation and the Dominion results in the destruction of the USS Odyssey and a three year cold war between the two powers.
2373 The Borg make a second failed attempt to assimilate Earth.

An act of espionage by the Romulans launches the Yolanda Wars.

The Dominion War begins.

2374 Starfleet and the Romulans sign a peace treaty bringing an end to the Yolanda Wars.

Romulans join the Federation and Klingons in their fight against the Dominion.

2375 The Dominion War ends.
2378 Shinzon becomes the leader of the Reman people, staging a successful coup d'état against the Romulan Senate before being killed later in a conflict with the USS Enterprise-E.

Laudeans of Til’ahn discover warp drive, Embassy follows 2 years later.

2380 After a series of set backs and infiltrations since the mid-2370s, the infamous Orion Syndicate is extinguished through the combined efforts of Starfleet Intelligence.
2381 A group of terrorists operating in the Haliian system bombs several cities, attempting to persuade planets on the outskirts of the Federation to declare independence.
2383 The Federation's increasing presence in the Eratis System led to conflict with the Gorn Hegemony and ultimately the Battle of Eratis and the Gorn Conflict of 2383.
2387 Four years later, the Second Battle of Eratis concluded with the capture of Deep Space 17 by the Vaadwaur. The Vaadwaur Occupation lasted until Operation Bright Star, when the station was finally liberated by Starfleet on SD 238709.19.

Later in 2387, the Hobus supernova destroyed the Romulan homeworlds of Romulus and Remus.

2388 The USS Constitution is hijacked by Armeni, a psychotic, Betazoid felon, and used to destroy the Betazoid city of Ohmallera, killing 1.2 million people.

Bajor became the newest member of the Federation, although the tumultuous events surrounding its membership became known as the Battle for Bajor.

2389 The decade ended with the Klingons invading into the Romulan Star Empire.
2390 The aftermath of the Hobus supernova was still felt at the dawn of the new decade as the ancient Iconian gateways were reactivated across the galaxy in what became known as the Gateway Crisis of 2390.
2391 First contact is made with the Kubarey by the USS Garuda.

Zalkonian Evolutionist Movement seek refuge from mass killings.

Anti-Federation group Ralaaram Ocala harass commercial traffic in response to reemergence of a plague in the Onias Sector.

A domestic terrorist group calling itself the Maquis Reborn, led by Nikael Kalre, makes itself known to Starfleet and the Federation in an attack on Deep Space 10.

Citing a lack of protection by Starfleet and other Federation forces against continued piracy and raids on transport crews, the Federation Transport Union strikes on the eve of 2392.

2392 An accident aboard the Prometheus Station begins what becomes known as the Prometheus Incident, the greatest threat to the Alpha Quadrant since the Dominion War.

Federation President Nan Bacco makes a historic state visit to the Romulan Star Empire and the new Romulan capital of Rator III.

2393 After winning the 2392 election, Narala is inaugurated as the next Federation president, succeeding Nan Bacco. Narala appoints Lily Ventu as the Federation's Secretary of the Exterior.

The quantum slipstream starliner Charles Lindbergh is hijacked by colonial extremists.

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slight misunderstanding

Trying to think of one I'm guessing the Intrepid picks up a distress call from a cargo vessel, but its a trap set by the Der'kal to destroy the ship but then as the Intrepid approaches the cargo vessel it gets trapped in the disturbance its kinda like TNG Episode Disaster.

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Callie Ferris And she wears an eyepatch. Computer, disengage self-destruct sequence. Authorization Kira, Alpha 9175 Blue.

Alpha nine one seven five blue.

Tamar Transporter chief Ensgin

Ro Laren page The Federation and the Xindi-Suliban Alliance went to war in 2379. By 2383, the Federation lost the war to the Xindi. Ro Laren joined the Alliance and became Intendant of Bajor under the Xindi. As the Alliance grew, new slaves arrived on Bajor, Terran slaves, Bajoran slaves, Andorian slaves, Vulcan slaves and Romulan slaves who were forced to work under the Xindi. Ore processing moved off-world to the orbiting facility of Terok Nor. Intendant Ro Laren is the unquestioned ruler of Bajor and the Bajoran system and she rules from her office on Terok Nor T'leesa Neras

A dog collar was then fastened around her neck

This ship was equipped with a plasma torpedo cannon. [Into a Shattered Place, Part I] Her maximum speed is Warp nine. The forward module holds the plasma torpedo cannon and can be ejected. After ejection, the ship�s maximum speed is warp nine-point-four. [Into a Shattered Place, Part II] The New Regency controlled an Alliance network used during an attack on the Terran Resistance. In 2378, Kira had succeeded Worf as Regent. She led the Alliance attack on Terok Nor. Alliance Network A group of Alliance satellites. They emitted four Tachyon beams and were self replicating. The computing power of a single unit was two point five kiloquads. New Regency controlled by network by interspace signal.

Here's the whole list: Civilian time Military time

  • Midnight (12:00 AM) 0000 hrs
  • 1:00 AM 0100 hrs
  • 2:00 AM 0200 hrs
  • 3:00 AM 0300 hrs
  • 4:00 AM 0400 hrs
  • 5:00 AM 0500 hrs
  • 6:00 AM 0600 hrs
  • 7:00 AM 0700 hrs
  • 8:00 AM 0800 hrs
  • 9:00 AM 0900 hrs
  • 10:00 AM 1000 hrs
  • 11:00 AM 1100 hrs
  • 12:00 PM 1200 hrs
  • 1:00 PM 1300 hrs
  • 2:00 PM 1400 hrs
  • 3:00 PM 1500 hrs
  • 4:00 PM 1600 hrs
  • 5:00 PM 1700 hrs
  • 6:00 PM 1800 hrs
  • 7:00 PM 1900 hrs
  • 8:00 PM 2000 hrs
  • 9:00 PM 2100 hrs
  • 10:00 PM 2200 hrs
  • 11:00 PM 2300 hrs
Name Battle of Bubiyan
Conflict Persian Gulf War
Date 29 January – 2 February 1991
Place Persian Gulf
Result Coalition victory
  • Iraqi naval capabilities crippled
Template:Flagcountry Template:Flagicon Commonwealth
Template:Flagicon Cascadia
Template:Flagicon Canada
Template:Flagicon Saddam Hussein
Template:Flagicon Ali Hassan al-Majid
Template:Flagicon Norman Schwarzkopf
Template:Flagicon Peter Sazom
Template:Flagicon Kenneth Summers Template:Flagicon Karkiev Tachibana
Around 22 naval vessels of various types (Including FPB-53, FPB-70, and a TNC-45 ) Several frigates, cruisers, Lynx helicopters and CF-18 Hornets
21 naval vessels (see text) None

Magnus is bold and straightforward, brave and no-nonsense, yet she remains proudly true to her formal Victorian English sensibilities.

Magnus' past is long and colorful, as one would expect from a life lasting 274 years. However, she proves that living forever is not the best of things and finds it hard at times. She has had to bury countless friends, colleagues, and lovers, making her somewhat reluctant to let new people into her heart. She speaks a vast number of languages, including Italian, Zulu, Japanese, Cambodian, Norwegian, French, and Spanish. Helen is fluent in Latin, being that she is a medical doctor/scientist and it's her father's favorite language. Magnus is also able to understand Arabic, Hindi (has knowledge of its ancient Urdu dialect), as well as German and can identify its Bavarian dialect(s). She is also good at reading and translating other ancient and rare languages, such as Cuneiform, Sanguine vampiris script, and Praxian lexicon. On more than one occasion she is shown to be skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Magnus is abundantly seen to be very comfortable in holding and being adept at using a wide variety of weaponry, including but not limited to: pistols (revolvers and semi-automatics), rifle(s), an rpg launcher, knives (fixed blade, diving, folding, switchblade, and butterfly; includes being quite deft with a scalpel), a multitude of improvised melee weapons (spear, staff, chain, batons, and hammer; less efficient with a rock and a broken off metal bar), tranquilizer guns (semi-autos firing tranq bullets; an airsoft rifle firing tranq darts), two types of Praxian energy weapons ("whip" and "vaporizer"), and all sorts of tech gizmos that Henry whips up in his weapons lab. She was able to create a bomb/explosion out of lit stores of jet fuel, and even used the automated assist mechanism to kill intruders. With a brief glance, Magnus can specify weapons, such as Starstreak missiles.

Helen possesses is the ability to operate almost any type of vehicle; she is able to drive cars/vans/SUV(s) and motorcycle(s), pilot planes and helicopters, and can even fully command a tank (pilot and fire).

She is technologically savvy, being able to use and repair a range of analogue and digital devices, is familiar with the Sanctuary's computer system, and can perform piggy-backed hacks. She can get severely damaged and parted computer systems to operate again powered with car batteries, as well as able to boost a crashed helicopter's radio distress signal using the inside walls of the borehole of an abandoned oil rig, and can send a long-wave transmission out of old disused radios attached to solar panels. She can also quickly figure out the UI of both Praxian and Vampire technologies.

One of Helen's most impressive talents is the ability to recreate tech devices after only seeing and handling them for a brief period of time: she was able to have Henry recreate the stunner weapon she encountered in the Guardian's alternate timeline. When Helen and Will were trapped in Carentan, she was able to successfully recreate a jerry-rigged version of Adam Worth's time nodes to nullify the time dilation bubble even though she never actually physically spent time working on one of Adam's nodes (Henry and Nikola did; whom the audience can infer relayed their findings to her).

In an implanted perfect dream world, Magnus is an at-home freelance painter who doesn't show her work publicly at art galleries, but instead prefers to sell her work privately to buyers through her agent.

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