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Vice Admiral Helena Cain

Vice admiral (also known as three star admiral) is a rank of flag officer in naval services and space forces, most notably Earth Starfleet and its Federation counterpart. Vice admiral is the midlevel flag officer rank, a grade higher than a rear admiral and a grade below four star admiral and other admiral grades in most rank structures. This rank is roughly equivalent with the authority of a lieutenant general of military forces.

In military parlance, is it acceptable and normal to refer to a vice admiral simply as "admiral" in most forms of address.

In the Starfleet uniform insignia introduced in the mid-24th century, a vice admiral wore a triangular rank braid with two pips underneath as their service uniform rank insignia.

The correlation between this third admiral rank and the uniform insignia worn in TNG season 1 is because other admirals were shown wearing lower rank insignia, and the single braid insignia was the most basic one shown.

In a redesign of the admiral's service uniforms of 2365 and 2366, a new insignia of three gold pips enclosed in a rectangular gold border was worn by vice admirals, showing the origin of the "three star" name. This insignia continued into later uniform designs of the 2370s.

Positions and lists[]

United States Navy[]

  • David Farragut (19th century)

Earth Starfleet[]

  • Maxwell Forrest (2150s)

Federation Starfleet[]