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Full name: Vur'naa
Species: Humanoid alien
Gender: Male
Height: Around seven feet
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: White (eyebrows)
Born: 24th century
Died: 2392
Affiliation: Der'kal Empire
Marital Status: Single
Occupation: Supreme Leader
Final Assignment: Supreme Leader
Der'kal Empire
Rank: Supreme Leader

Vur'naa a power-sensitive humanoid alien male, was a mysterious being who rose to power as Supreme Leader of the Der'kal Empire during the 24th century, he regarded the Federation as a threat to his plans and sought to complete their destruction while pursuing an agenda of galactic conquest.

Vur'naa endeavored to lure Ben, away from the good path. The newly anointed Kylo Ren, having forsaken his former persona as Ben, ultimately became Vur'naa's dark apprentice and master of the Knights of Ren. Aware of the raw and untamed power within Ren, Vur'naa believed his new disciple would succeed in destroying the Federation and therefore, the hope they inspired across the galaxy.

Under Vur'naa's rule, the Der'kal Empire forged a mighty technological war machine, intending to bring the galaxy under the control of a central government not seen since the reign of the First Der'kal Empire. At the time, it was decided by Vur'naa that the Der'kal Empire would be governed from his flagship, the Mega-class Star Dreadnought Supremacy, rather than a traditional planetary capital. Ultimately, the Separatists would come to an end in 2387 when Vur'naa allowed General Armitage Hux to fire Starkiller Base's superweapon on the entire Hosnian system, annihilating the Separatist headquarters on Hosnian Prime along with the Separatist Senate. He then oversaw the Der'kal Empire's efforts to eradicate the Federation while simultaneously using his powers to bridge the minds of Ren and Rey, a Jakku scavenger and developed a power-bond with Vur'naa's dark apprentice. After luring Rey to the Supremacy, Vur'naa ordered Ren to complete his training by executing the hero. Instead, Ren tried to kill Vur'naa but failed in the attempt, the Empire later fought the Federation on Crait and ultimately defeated the Federation but they escaped the planet to fight another day. In 2392, Vur'naa was killed by Ren, Kylo becoming the new Supreme Leader of the Der'kal Empire.