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This page details Wesley Crusher (alternate universe) in the primary universe; for the Wesley Crusher (alternate universe) in the mirror universe see Wesley Crusher (alternate universe) (mirror); for the Wesley Crusher (alternate universe) in all other alternate universes see Wesley Crusher (alternate universe) (alternates).
Wesley Crusher
Character image.
Wesley Crusher in 2378
Full name: Wesley Robert Crusher
Species: Human, Traveler
Gender: Male
Born: July 29th, 2348
Affiliation: Federation, Starfleet
Mother: Beverly Crusher
Father: Jack Crusher
(deceased, 2354),
Jean-Luc Picard (stepfather)
Sibling(s): Rene Jacques Robert Francois Picard
Marital Status: Married
Spouse(s): Robin Lefler
(m. 2379)
Children: Lillian Crusher
Other relatives: Felisa Howard
(great-grandmother, deceased, 2370)
Occupation: Starfleet officer
Assignment: chief Strategic Operations officer,
USS Enterprise-D
Rank: Lieutenant
Insignia: Uniform badge insignia.
Rank insignia.
Character image.
Wesley Crusher in 2364

Wesley Robert Crusher (also known as Wesley Eugene Crusher) is a human male in the 24th century. In his youth he excelled thanks to his skill and intellect and has a promising career in Starfleet ahead of him. He is the son of Jack and Beverly Crusher, the father of Lillian Crusher. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)


Early Life[]

Starfleet Service Career[]

USS Enterprise-D[]

Starfleet Academy[]

Despite entering the Academy a few months late, Wesley managed to catch up with all assignment work and managed to make many friends, including Cadet Joshua Albert. On the advice of Captain Picard, Wesley also sought out the Academy groundskeeper, Boothby, who helped him through his early days at the Academy.

At the start of his second year at the Academy, Wesley joined Nova Squadron, an Academy flight squad led by Nicholas Locarno. Wesley also flew alongside with Joshua Albert and Sito Jaxa. In early 2368, the squad attempted to perform a Kolvoord Starburst maneuver near Titan, which resulted in all test ships being destroyed, and the death of Cadet Albert. Wesley originally went along with the others, who attempted to bury the incident, but Captain Picard forcefully persuaded him to tell the truth. As a result, Wes was reprimanded but allowed to stay in the Academy.

Wesley's roommate at the Academy during 2370 was Fred Kimbal, a young man who invented a device that would transform worthless chaseum into valuable latinum. Upon learning of the device, a team of Ferengi marauders kidnapped Wesley, whom they had mistaken for his roommate, and took him with the device to an interplanetary auction. With the help of his former Enterprise crewmates, Wesley exposed the Ferengi scheme. He was reproved for his involvement with the scheme, but his roommate Fred was expelled for creating the device. Wesley was extremely disillusioned with the shortsightedness of Starfleet, who he felt had failed his roommate.

In 2369, Wesley had a relationship with fellow Starfleet cadet Krystyna Peladon.

Later that year, returned to the Enterprise while on vacation from the Academy. While Wesley was aboard, the Enterprise was sent to the planet Megara to investigate Ferengi dealings which had seen them become more advanced, a violation of the Prime Directive.

Over the next year, Wesley became increasingly disillusioned with the Academy, with his grades slipping and his work decreasing. When Wesley returned to the Enterprise for a vacation in mid-2370 he also seemed distant and uninterested in his mother and friends. Shortly after, Wesley encountered The Traveler on Dorvan V and, after undergoing a spiritual quest, decided to leave Starfleet and conventional space-time to explore with the Traveler.

The Journey[]

Upon leaving Dorvan V, The Traveler became Wesley's mentor, and was tasked in teaching him about life as a Traveler, the power they wield, and the rules they must abide by. While The Traveler kept a tight reign on what Wesley could initially do, in 2373 Wesley altered history by erasing the Maquis, and instead created a short border war between the Federation and the Cardassian Union. The original timeline was reinstated when Agents Dulmer and Gariff Lucsly from the Federation Department of Temporal Investigations encouraged Wesley to do so.

Around the end of the Dominion War, Wesley encountered J. R. Rasmussen, a time-traveling researcher for 20th century television program, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Wesley proposed a union between them, and was flatly turned down.

In 2377, Wesley briefly boarded the USS Enterprise-E under the guise of Evan Jackson. During his stay there, he transported Commander Riker to a jazz club in 1920s Illinois as a thank you for all Riker had done for him. When Riker was returned to the Enterprise, he believed he had been in a holodeck program.

In 2378, Wesley gave advice and assistance to Starfleet Captain Chakotay when Chakotay temporarily possessed the power of the Sky Spirits.

Later that year, Wesley had learned a lot from The Traveler and, following an observation of a colony world being evacuated from Starfleet, they returned to Tau Alpha C so that Wesley could be re-born as a Traveler. Before becoming a Traveler, Wesley had to gaze into the Pool of Prophecy to undergo the final test. Inside the Pool, he witnessed the destruction of the Enterprise at the Rashanar Battle Site. Following this, he left Tau Alpha C and went to the Enterprise to successfully prevent their destruction from a shape-shifting vessel from another dimension.

In late 2378, Wesley appeared at the wedding of William Riker and Deanna Troi. Assuming it was a traditional Betazoid wedding, he appeared nude. Picard found this unacceptable, and gave him a Starfleet Lieutenant's uniform to wear to the wedding. In 2381, Wesley materialized, this time with clothes, at the wedding of his mother, Beverly Crusher, and Jean Luc Picard.

In 2384, Wesley witnesses a Machine destroying several star systems, including inhabited ones, by casting them into the black hole Abbadon. He contacts the Travelers for help but they flee, having had many unsuccessful encounters with the Machine in the past. Instead, he turns to the Enterprise-E for help.

Wesley uses his Traveler powers to transport the Enterprise to the location of the Machine. Attempts to communicate with the Machine and even sabotage it fail. After the Enterprise rescues Data from a rogue group of synthetic beings attempting to merge with the Machine, Picard, Data, and Wesley convince the Machine to work with the Travelers and repair the damage to subspace, instead of destroying galaxies as part of its grander legacy.

Return to Starfleet[]

Starfleet Service Record[]

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