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Planet of origin: Xindus
Affiliation: Xindi Council
(until 2311),
United Federation of Planets
Warp capable: Yes
Classification: humanoid, marsupial, mammalian
Sexes: male, female
Distinctive Features:
ridges on their cheek bones

The Xindi-Arboreals were one of si sentient Xindi species to evolve on the planet Xindus. They were a humanoid species of marsupial mammalian species.


The Arboreals evolved from creatures resembling Earth sloths. They were among the last four species to evolve intelligence, after the Xindi-Aquatics and Xindi-Primates

Like the Primates, the Arboreals were a mammalian species. An Arboreal was usually covered with fur-like hair and had distinct ridges on the nose and cheekbones. The hair cover extended to the back of the hands. A clefted bulge was an element of the cheekbone ridges shared among the sentient Xindi species. (ENT episode: "The Xindi")

The shape of the facial ridge could vary among individuals. Arboreals could be bald or hairless. Females lacked the beard. If their ridges were less pronounced, female Arboreals could resemble Xindi-Primates. 

Unlike the Primates, the Arboreals were marsupials, meaning they carried their newborn young in a pouch after birth. 

Arboreals walked on three-toed, plantigrade feet. 


Arboreals were uncomfortable with large bodies of water. (ENT episode: "Countdown")

Both Arboreals and Primates were generally peaceful, and less warlike than the Xindi-Reptilians and Xindi-Insectoids. Thus, the relations between the two mammalian Xindi species were better than between the other species. (ENT episodes: "The Xindi", "The Shipment", "Countdown")

However, all other Xindi species considered the Arboreals more lethargic. In fact, the Arboreals were more relaxed and benefitted from an extremely calm demeanor. The typical strengths of an Arboreal included self-control, being insightful, submitting to reason, and maintaining a calm under pressure. 

Arboreal lore referred to a fear of Arboreals to be captured by Xindi-Avians.One surviving story was about the Arboreal J'Acov climbing trees and encountering an annoyed Avian, on the last day of Xindus. 

Typically Arboreal clothing included two distinct outfits. Council members like Narsanyala Jannar wore a light brown uniform with chest gear and stacked belts. Workers like Gralik Surr wore a light grey uniform, also with a stacked belt. (ENT episodes: "The Xindi", "The Shipment")


All six Xindi species evolved on Xindus, in the galaxy's Beta Quadrant. The Aquatics and Primates were the first two Xindi species to evolve intelligence. (Adventures RPG module: Beta Quadrant Sourcebook)

In the 20th century, around the 1930s, a century-long Xindi Civil War engulfed Xindus.

Gralik Surr's grandfather remembered that during this time, Xindi-Avian swarms would cloud the sky.

In the 2030s decade, an alliance between the Reptilians and Insectoids used weapons that caused the disintegration of the planet. The Xindi species embarked on the Great Diaspora but the Avians became extinct. (ENT episode: "The Shipment")

The Xindi Council was formed between the species to avoid further bloodshed among the Xindi. Each surviving Xindi culture received two seats in the council. (ENT episodes: "The Xindi", "The Council")

In the 22nd century, the Council fell under the sway of the transdimensional Sphere Builders, who manipulated the Xindi into believing the Humans of Earth would destroy the new Xindi homeworld 400 years in the future. (ENT episode: "The Council")

In the 2150s, Narsanyala Jannar was one of the two Arboreal representatives in the Council. (ENT novel: Last Full Measure)

During the conflict between Xindi and Humans, beginning in 2153, Humans first encountered the Arboreals on Gralik's planet. Gralik Surr refined the kemocite used in the construction of the Xindi weapons. Surr was appalled by the genocide perpetrated against Humanity. Captain Jonathan Archer of the United Earth starship Enterprise and Surr came to an understanding. This marked the first step towards a potential peaceful resolution of the conflict. (ENT episode: "The Shipment")

Archer, with the assistance of the Primate Degra, and against the influence of Reptilian leader Dolim, gained the support of the Arboreals, Primates and Aquatics in the Council when they presented proof of the Sphere Builders' manipulation of the Xindi. (ENT episode: "The Council")

With the death of Dolim and the destruction of Weapon Zero in Earth's orbit, the Xindi conflict ended. (ENT episode: "Countdown")

In 2311, New Xindus became a member of the Federation. (ST reference: Federation: The First 150 Years)

In the early 25th century, the Xindi were generally reclusive members of the Federation. (STO - Solanae Dyson Sphere mission: "Surface Tension")

However, from the year 2410 onwards, duty officers of all five remaining Xindi species began serving on Khitomer Alliance ships. (STO - Klingon War mission: "Welcome to Earth Spacedock", duty officer system)


In the 22nd century, the Arboreals were proficient at refining the dangerous element kemocite. The Arboreals who labored there sold the kemocite to many species. (ENT episode: "The Shipment")

Arboreal ships also included a vessel that was small, incapable of outmatching an Osaarian merchant ship, and contained a component that had Xindi writing on it. This Xindi craft also carried fuel, supplies, and the Xindi database. (ENT episodes: "Anomaly", "Extinction")

Hand-held technology used by the Arboreals included a type of scanner. (ENT episode: "The Shipment")

Their spacecraft included the Xindi-Arboreal landing craft and the larger Pralim-class starship. (ENT episodes: "Extinction", "Countdown")

Two Arboreals sat on the Xindi Council. Arboreals wore belts that seemed to indicate their rank. For example, Gralik Durr's assistants wore two belts while he himself wore three. Jannar wore five belts. (ENT episodes: "The Xindi", "Rajiin", "The Council")

Relatively speaking, Xindi-Arboreal starships were not very powerful; a Xindi-Reptilian starship patrol could easily destroy three Arboreal ships.

Known Xindi-Arboreals[]

Sorted by last name:

  • Kelti Aruu
  • Settia Coji
  • J'Acov (literary character)
  • Narsanyala Jannar
  • Sartis Krett
  • Tuula Sajita
  • Celijo Settra
  • Galik Surr
  • Jalik Surr
  • Ruul Tarr
  • Kilal Trennit


The Arboreal refinery workers who were assigned to the kemocite mining facility typically wore a long-sleeved, predominantly pale green uniform jumpsuit, with beige trim accents. A wide, brown belt with three strips wrapped all the way round the waist, fastened in three places with a vertical series of three metallic buckles. Each of the suits' shoulders was emblazoned with a red and white mining colony uniform patch showing Xindi iconography. Each shoulder patch consisted of a red-colored triangle with rounded sides, containing a white background on which was a red, three-pointed icon centered with rounded blade shapes wheeling out from its points and a white Xindi icon in the middle. Arboreals wore belts that seemed to indicate their rank. For example, Gralik Durr's assistants wore two belts while he himself wore three. Jannar wore five belts. (ENT episodes: "The Xindi", "The Shipment", "Extinction")