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Degra, a Xindi-Primate in the 2150s
Planet of origin: Xindus
Affiliation: Xindi Council
(until 2311)

United Federation of Planets

Warp capable: Yes
Classification: humanoid
Sexes: male, female
Distinctive Features:
ridges on their cheek bones, no eyebrows
Racial Sub-divisions:
skin variations

The Xindi-Primates were a species of Xindi. They, like the other six species, evolved on the planet Xindus.

The Primates were seen as fair, honest and trustworthy by other Xindi. However, they were not seen as being very resilient.

They were also the most intellectual species of Xindi and therefore one of their own, Degra, was assigned to develop the weapon to destroy Earth. However, this intelligence also helped in convincing Degra that the Guardians' promises were empty.

Degra and his associate were the Primate representatives to the Xindi Council.


The primates were seen as being apelike, and were closely similar to the humans of Earth. Like humans, the Xindi-Primates had skin that varied in complexion and most of the Primates had ten fingers. They had, like all the other Xindi species, distinctive ridges on their cheek bones. They also had larger foreheads but no eyebrows.


The Primates were the dominant species on Xindus for eons before the destruction of their homeworld. They were the second species to evolve with a high intelligence, preceded by only the Aquatics. In their time as the dominant species, the Primates ruthlessly oppressed the other species, earning the hatred of the others, particularly the Reptilians and the Insectoids. Following the destruction of their home world, the Primates were seen as being the most talented, fair, honest and trustworthy engineers.

They were represented on the Xindi Council by Degra and Mallora. In 2153, Degra designed the weapon that attacked Earth.