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Planet of origin: Xindus
Affiliation: Xindi Council
(until 2311)
United Federation of Planets
Warp capable: Yes
Classification: reptilian humanoid
Sexes: male, female

The Xindi-Reptilians were a species of Xindi. They were the most aggressive species of the Xindi.


Xindi-Reptilian faces were scaly and highly textured, including many small wrinkles and ridges. The Reptilians had yellow to brown-colored scales with multiple spikes coming out of their heads and little tusks, one on either side of the face, protruding from close to the mouth. They had yellow eyes with slitted vertical pupils, and were cold blooded. Like other Xindi, they had a characteristic facial feature, involving a small indentation and a series of little bumps on their cheek bones. (ENT: "The Xindi", et al.) Reptilians' brains had neural pathways that were virtually identical to those of Xindi-Primate brains. (ENT episode: "Stratagem")

Xindi-Reptilians were also stronger and had greater stamina than Humans. For example, they were not affected by phase pistols set on stun and survived direct hits from MACO particle weapons without suffering any immediately noticeable ill effects from such weapons, apart from being pushed slightly back. (ENT episode: "Rajiin", ENT episode: "Carpenter Street")

Reptilians were carnivorous. Living food, like small rodent-like creatures, were part of their diet. (ENT episode: "Zero Hour")


Reptilians were perceived as being untrustworthy and impatient by the other Xindi species. (ENT: "The Shipment") A common Reptilian saying was "Patience is for the dead." Nevertheless, the Reptilians were usually the first choice for when force was needed. (ENT episode: "Azati Prime")

With their easily provoked and opinionated nature, Xindi-Insectoids often sided with the Reptilians on certain issues. (ENT episode: "The Xindi", et al.)

They sometimes even shared ships with each other. Reptilian soldiers were surgically implanted with a "suicide gland" that secreted a neurotoxin if they were captured. (ENT episode: "Rajiin")

The Reptilians were the species of Xindi that seemed to be most interested in destroying the planet Earth. The Reptilians lived out a militaristic lifestyle and hoped to ultimately rule over all the other species of Xindi. (ENT episode: "Rajiin")

Reptilians preferred to be on or near the ground as opposed to up in the air. (ENT episode: "The Council")


The Reptilians, like the other Xindi species, evolved on the planet Xindus in the Delphic Expanse. In the the 2030s, during their civil war, the Reptilians made an alliance with the Insectoids. In one of their last desperate actions during their Civil War, the Reptilians and Insectoids planted explosives under Xindus's eight largest seismic fissures. This had the unintentional result of destroying Xindus due to its high geological instability. They like the other species, except the Avians, went into space as part of the "Great Diaspora". (ENT episodes: "The Xindi", "The Shipment"; ST reference: Federation: The First 150 Years)


Reptilian weapons used eel-like power cells. Their biorifles worked on a rotating modulation that self-destructed when accessed by other species. They also used a type of ray gun. (ENT episodes: "The Shipment", "Carpenter Street"

The Reptilians also used thermal chambers on board their ships, due to their cold-blooded metabolisms. Commander Guruk Dolim was the Reptilian representative on the Xindi Council until 2154. (ENT episode: "The Council")