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Xindi Council
Meeting of Xindi Council in 2153.jpg
Capital planet: Xindi Council planet

Executive (head of state): two Councillors per member species

Date of establishment: mid-21st century
Date of Federation membership: by 2311

Languages: five major languages

The Xindi Council, also known as the Xindi Ruling Council, was founded as an alliance between the five surviving Xindi species following the Xindi Civil War in the mid 21st century. The Council's primary mission was to find a new homeworld for the Xindi, after the destruction of Xindus. (ENT episodes: "The Xindi", "Stratagem"; ST reference: Star Trek Encyclopedia)


The Council was formed by a race of interdimensional beings, that were known as the Guardians, who assisted the Xindi in the genesis of the council. In reality, the so called "guardians" used the Xindi as pawns in the Temporal Cold War that sought to prevent the Federation's founding. (ENT episode: "The Council")

In the 2140s, the guardians gave the Council information that Humans would destroy their new hme in four-hundred years. Thus they agreed to have their scientist and council member Degra build a weapon to destroy Earth. They also discussed developing a bio-weapon, but rejected it. (ENT episodes: "Damage", "Rajiin", "Carpenter Street")

As the Humans of the Starfleet ship, Enterprise (NX-01) searched for the weapon, the Reptilians and Xindi-Insectoids from voting to destroy Enterprise. The patience of the Reptilians was decreased, each time a failure occurred in the weapon project. (ENT episode: "Proving Ground")

The Xindi Council was often on the verge of breaking apart. It finally did so in February 2154, when the Arboreals, Primates, and Aquatics voted to delay the launch of the weapon, based upon evidence from Jonathan Archer. The Reptilians and Insectoids walked out of the Council, stealing the weapon on their own. (ENT episode: "The Council")

The Council consisted of two representatives from each Xindi race. As of early 2154, the Council representatives from each species were as follows:

  • Arboreal: Jannar and an unknown assistant
  • Aquatic: Kiaphet Amman'sor and an unknown assistant
  • Insectoid: unknown (its name is extremely long and probably unpronouncable for humanoids), and an unknown assistant
  • Primate: Degra and an unknown assistant
  • Reptilian: Commander Guruk Dolim and an unknown assistant

The Council chamber was located in a fortress on a planet colonized by the Avians in the 19th century BC. (ENT episode: "The Council")

The Council had joined the Federation by 2311, but remained largely isolationist until the Undine stepped up their war against the Alpha and Beta Quadrant superpowers in late 2409 and early 2410. (ST reference: Federation: The First 150 Years; STO website: Dev Blogs)